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chapter 2 - Daddy dearest and my new friend

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I was shown to my father's study. I was wondering whether he would accept me as his daughter, from what I had heard about him, I was doubtful. I stopped outside his study and knocked, I suddenly wanted to face a group of Balverines, believing that I had a better chance of surviving them. I shook my head, riding myself of such thoughts, as Reaver said come in. I opened the door and slipped in and re closed the door. Reaver was leaning back on his chair, his boots on his desk. He watched me lazily over the top of a glass of wine as I sat down in front of him.

" So, you claim that you are my daughter... " Reaver said, it was more of a statement then a question. I nodded, unsure how to answer him. " Lost your tongue? " Reaver raised his brow.

" I am just nervous " I looked at him, he looked surprised " I have heard a lot about you, and I don't, exactly trust you, my father or not."

" Well, my dear, if it is true, and you are my daughter, there will be no need to fear me. " Reaver said, I smiled weakly. Maybe he was not as evil as I had first thought.

" How can we find out if I am your daughter? " I asked

" You have already proved that you are gifted with the ability of Skill. " Reaver sipped his wine, I knew that." and, if I am not mistaken, the ability of heroes can only be passed on to their sons and daughters. I very much doubt that you are the Queens daughter. So, you must be mine." Reaver didn't sound the slightest bit interested. I signed heavily,

I shouldn't have come here. It was a waste of my time.

" You couldn't care less about me, could you? " I looked at him sadly.

" I never said that, my dear. The truth be told, I am new to this...job. I have never had a son or daughter before. I am sure I will get the hang of it one day " Reaver said, I looked at him confused.

" What do you mean? " I asked

" I mean, my dear, you can stay here and I can try and take on the father role, or you can go home and forget about me. " Reaver explained

" I'll stay here. I don't want to go home just yet " I smiled weakly.

" Great, now let me introduce myself properly. I am Reaver, boss of Reaver industrial and ex pirate. " Reaver smirked

" I am Adalia, a hero of Skill " I felt myself glowing with pride. My daddy accepted me...

" My dear Adalia, we must have a party in honour of finding my only daughter. You will be guest of honour of cause, but we must find you some proper attire for it though... " Reaver grinned

" A party! " I gasped, I had never been to a party before.

" Surely you have been to a party before " Reaver raised his brow

" I can't say I have. Mom said she never had enough to plan a party, yet she has enough to get drunk every night " I signed

" You never had a birthday party either? " Reaver questioned, I shook my head" we must change that. How old are you? "

" 15" I replied

" when will you be 16?" Reaver got out some paper

"The 28th of this month. " I answered honestly.

" In 12 days " Reaver said to himself" We could Or not. We will have a party tonight , in your honour. Barry! " Reaver called, the ginger servant came in.

" Yes, mastew Weaver? " I giggled at his speech impediment, it was adorable.

" Get my daughter a dress for a party tonight, and send these invitations. " Reaver gave him a pile of letters.

" yes siw" Barry bowed, I followed him. He took me to a room, where I had to wait for a maid.

" Madam? " I turned to see a young maid standing in the doorway

" Yes? " I asked

" I have your dress" She gave me a gold gown, with a rose pattern sewn in black.

" Thank you " I smiled, I had never been given a dress before, and this one was beautiful. The maid bowed and went to leave." Wait, can you help me dress? I have never put on a dress before " I admitted shyly, the maid smiled and nodded. She helped me with the corset and slipped the dress over my head. She then tightened the back.

" Would you like me to do your hair too miss Adalia? " The maid, who was called Claire, asked.

" Yes, please. " I sat at a dressing table, I watched Claire work in the mirror. She brushed it, then tied it up with gold ribbon. She clipped my fringe back with a rose clip. I looked at myself in a full length mirror. I was speechless, the dress made my hair stand out, my eyes too.

" You look beautiful, miss! " Claire smiled

" Please, call me Adalia " I smiled back" Thank you for everything Claire "

" You are truly welcome, you should hurry, I believe that the party started a minute ago " Claire stepped back as I raced past, I got down to the main ballroom, it was already crowded. I fought my way through it, and I saw my father talking to the Queen of Albion and her son, Prince Andrew. I joined them.

" Ah, Adalia, that dress suites you. " Reaver smiled

" Thank you...father. " I flushed with pride.

" So, this is your daughter? " the Queen asked

" Yes, Adalia, this is the queen of Albion and her son, Prince Andrew. " Reaver introduced them to me

" It's a pleasure to meet you, your majesty " I bowed politely

" Honestly, I wasn't expecting Reaver to have a daughter " Andrew said " I always thought that if Reaver had a kid they would be a boy. "

" There is no problem with girls. I answered him defensively

"Well, I like to see a girl who knows how to handle herself. " the queen laughed, I smiled. The prince grumbled to himself. I giggled at him to myself.

" Can I have a look around the gardens please, Father? " I asked politely, Andrew watched me from the corner of his eye.

" Of cause, try not to cause any trouble" Reaver joked. I bowed then ran outside. The cold air hit my face, as I halt up the hem of my dress as I made my way down to the lake.

I sat on a bench as I looked across the misty Bower lake.

" I am sorry for what I said " I turned to see Andrew standing next to the bench.

" It's okay, I was surprised when my mum told me that Reaver was my father. I didn't believe her at first " I looked over Bower lake again.

" So, before you came here. What did you do? " Andrew sat next to me.

" I worked on my mom's farm. I was the only one who worked there though " I said, my mom wasn't the best mom in the world, but she was my only family I had known since I was born.

" Didn't your mom help? " Andrew asked

" No, she was more concerned about getting drunk every night " I signed heavily, I felt Andrew watching me.

" That's sad to hear. " He replied bluntly" I doubt Reaver will make you work here. "

" I don't mind working on my own initiative, but being forced to work is something I disagree with. " I faced him, he was smiling slightly.

" Fair enough " Andrew chuckled softly" Should we rejoin the party? ". I nodded, we headed back to the manor, I had a feeling that my life was going to get exciting.
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