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the scholars

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I woke up in a super soft bed, my hair had been plaited but little bits stuck out. I yawned, it took me a moment to remember what had occurred in the many hours prior to now. I had been stuck in the party, people kept coming to shake my hand, or to question me. I gazed lazily around my room, before getting up and going to the wardrobe. There was no trousers, but a large variety of different dresses. I picked out a long dark green dress, and changed into it. Then, I headed down for breakfast. The maids and other servants baid me good morning, as I passed.

" Good morning, Adalia " Reaver smiled

" Morning " I yawned as I sat down at the table, before taking a slice of toast.

" I have been wondering about your education, have you had any at all? " Reaver asked

" No, mom told me that having an education doesn't mean anything. All I would learn would be useless. " I took a bite after coating the toast in jam.

" Oh, well, I hope you don't mind, but the Queen has given you permission to join Andrew in his classes. " Reaver told me, I just nodded silently. " After breakfast, we will head to the castle "

" okay, dad" I agreed quietly. Reaver smiled slightly at the term.

After breakfast, we headed to the castle. I watched the scenery change as the carriage rattled over cobbled streets. I had never been to a city before, I had been born and raised in the village of Oakfield. The carriage stopped outside a giant castle, I had never see a castle before. I gazed at the building in awe.

" Come along Adalia " Reaver smiled, I followed him into the castle, the queen smiled as we approach her.

" I am glad to see you have made it. The scholar is with Andrew in the library, follow me " the queen took me to the library, then went to talk to Reaver in the throne room.

I opened the door and entered the library, it was huge. I looked around in wonder.

" Miss Adalia, I presume? " An old man asked, I saw Andrew sitting at a table.

" Yes..." I nodded shyly

"Please sit, I have just finished on the history of the heroes guild. " The man smiled

"Ok" I sat down two seats away from Andrew. The scholar gave me a quill and some paper.

" Right, write the title 'Skill' " the scholar instructed, Andrew began to write. I stared blankly at the quill, the scholar coughed" is there a problem? "

"I don't know how to write..." I admitted

" You don't know how to write! " Andrew burst out laughing. I stood up suddenly.

" I may not be able to write, but I can do many other things, I refuse to learn with an obnoxious prick of a prince who thinks he is everything and cares nothing for others feelings " I growled, I stormed out. I ran past my father and into the garden. I reached a small pond and knelt beside it. I never hated someone so much before, I despised the pampered prince!

" Adalia? " Reaver knelt next to me.

" I'm sorry Dad, I can't study with that boy. " I signed

" What did he do? " Reaver asked

" He laughed because I don't know how to write. " I told him

" It's okay, I guess it was too early to get you to start at Andrew's level. Let's go home, I am sure I will be able to find someone to teach you " Reaver helped me up. We headed back to the carriage, the queen stood by the door, I got in the carriage while Reaver went to explain to her that I was going to have a scholar at his manor. I sat in silence all the way back.

" I will start searching for a suitable scholar for you... " Reaver began

" I am useless... " I muttered to myself

" Your not " Reaver tried to reassure me

" I am, I couldn't even last an hour with that boy. " I signed " I thought we could be friends after last night "

" It's okay, I will make sure you'll show him up next time you meet" Reaver smiled. I hugged him, Reaver was frozen with shock.

" Thanks... Dad" I whispered. Reaver began to hug me back.

" It's ok, my dear " He chuckled, the carriage stopped. " Come along now, I am sure Claire will be able to teach you to write. "

" Thank you again, dad " I smiled.

A little while later, I was sitting in the corner of Reaver's study learning to write. Claire was repairing a hole in a coat, while making sure I was getting the help I needed. I had made some progress with my writing, but it still needed a lot of work. I managed to write 'Adalia' and 'Reaver', I was proud of myself.

" Can I have a look at what you have done, my dear? " Reaver asked, I got up and took the paper I had worked on to him. He looked at what I had done." Your getting there, keep up the good work " I flushed with pride. Reaver gave me the paper back." You can have a break now. You can carry on after " I nodded and left him to his work. I went into the garden, the sun shone through the lime green leaves, it was beautiful. I sat under a tree and gazed up at the sky lazily. I thought of my friends back at my mum's farm. I hoped that she was looking after them properly. I closed my eyes, and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

" Adalia? " I heard someone whisper, I opened my eyes, I saw Reaver kneeling next to me. "time to wake up"

" How long have I been asleep? " I yawned

" Only a few minutes. Come, I have something to show you " Reaver helped me up, and lead me too a small building. I realised that it was a stable with all different coloured and breeds of horses.

" Wow! " I went up to a lovely snow drop coloured Appaloosa." They're beautiful! "

" I thought you would like them. " Reaver smiled, as I patted the Appaloosa.

" I do, I have a horse at home. I called him Sky, as he reminds me of a stormy sky. " I smiled to myself, I looked at him. Reaver seemed happy that I was enjoying being with the horses.

"Where do you come from?" Reaver asked.

" Oakfield, I live on a farm. " I told him, I looked at the Appaloosa, it's eyes glittered with trust. " The only friends I had were the animals. "

" Well, You're welcome to come here any time you want. Do you know how to ride a horse? " Reaver asked

" Sort of, I know how to ride one but I haven't riden one before. " I blushed a little. I was the daughter of a rich man yet I acted and was nothing more than a poor farm girl.

" Than, it is time you learnt to. Pick out a horse you think will be the right size for you to ride. " Reaver told me, I walked along the padlocks, I stopped by a cream paint horse. It was roughly 13 hands high.

" This one " I gave it a pat.

" Ah, he is one of the new horses miss" A stable worker came over.

"Saddle him, Oliver " Reaver said

" Yes, sir" I watched as Oliver saddled the horse. When he had finished, he gave me the reins. " Here you are miss"

" Thank you " I smiled, Reaver lead me and the horse outside.

" Now, time for you to ride. " Before I knew it, he lifted me up and seated me on the saddle. " Wait there " Reaver went back into the stable, when he came out he too was riding a horse, the Appaloosa. He tied a rope to my horse's rein then tied the over end to his horse. " Right, hold on " He started off with a slow trot. I halt on tightly to the reins. We went around Millfields once before heading back home.

Later in the evening, we sat in the library. Reaver was writing, while I was trying to read a book.

" Are you ok there Adalia? " Reaver asked

" I can't read..." I admitted

"It's late now, I'll help you tomorrow " Reaver smiled, his sea blue eyes sparkled, I realized how similar we were." Off to bed with you. Have a good night sleep, I'll see you in the morning" I put the book back, I baid him good night and headed up to my room. I lay there for a while, thinking about my father. I heard so much about him, yet now I had met him, I believed that he had changed since meeting me. I pushed aside the thoughts for tomorrow and went to sleep.
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