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the phoenix and the hawk

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I was woken by shouting, I looked out of my window. I saw a girl who was my age, she had curled hair too, but it was a dark firey red. I began to wonder if I was Reaver's only daughter, which I pretty much doubted, I grabbed my dressing gown and rushed down stairs.

" LET ME IN!" The girl yelled banging on the door. I opened it, she looked shocked.

" Can I help you? " I asked

" yeah, I want to try the wheel of misfortune! " the girl said eagerly.

" You want to prove yourself too? " I let her in.

" Too? You're Reaver's daughter? " the girl asked.

" Yep, I am. I proved myself too, he's not a bad dad. I'm Adalia by the way. " I smiled

" I'm Phoenix" the girl shook my hand.

"Who is it? " Reaver came downstairs

" Phoenix, she wants to give the wheel of misfortune a try" I smiled

" A bit early for a game isn't it? " Reaver yawned slightly" Oh well, this way " He began to head to the chamber.

" I will watch, after all, we are sort of half sisters " I smiled as we followed him.

A little while later, I was standing next to Reaver watching Phoenix fight her way through the wheel of misfortune. I tried not to laugh at Reaver's face when Phoenix started shooting. Like us, she had impeccable accuracy.

When she had completed the wheel, she stood looking up at us.

" I guess you have been told that you're my daughter too? " Reaver signed

" yes, so? " Phoenix folded her arms.

" I guess you can stay here, I will try and be a father, but as I told Adalia, I am new to this job " Reaver left, I grinned down at Phoenix, my sister.

We met in the hall, we laughed as we talked about the look on his face.

" So, how long have you been here for?" Phoenix asked me as we headed to the library.

" Only 3 days ago. I proved myself too. " I smiled, we entered the library. Reaver was working in there.

" Ah, Adalia, do you still want my help with your reading? " Reaver asked

" Your reading? " Phoenix looked at me surprised.

" I was never taught to read or write." I explained " Yes, please"

" Then go and choose a book" Reaver gestured to the walls lined with millions of books. With Phoenix's help I picked out a book, it was called the hero of Oakvale. I took it over to Reaver, who had moved to a sofa. I sat next to him, Phoenix sat next to me. " which one did you choose?"

" The hero of Oakvale. " I showed him, I saw something flash in his eyes. I wasn't sure what it was, so I just ignored it.

" That is an interesting book. " Reaver said bluntly " Now, lets see how we can help with your reading " I began to read, with both Phoenix and Reaver helping I soon got the hang of it. When I was able to read the first chapter, Reaver stopped the lesson.

" You have done quite well, you should be proud. I believe that Claire wants to carry on with your writing today " Reaver smiled, I nodded. I left Reaver to talk to Phoenix.

I spent the rest of the day with Claire working on my writing. Today I had wrote a little story about a eagle, but it was all messy, Claire thought it was amazing. At dinner she made me show it to Reaver.

" You came up with this yourself? " Reaver asked surprised, I nodded shyly " I am proud my daughter has such an imagination " Phoenix patted my shoulder, I blushed slightly.

"Hey, Phoenix, is that your real name?" I looked at her

"No, Phoenix is a nickname that has stuck, my real name is Chelsee" Phoenix smiled

" Oh" I said, Phoenix chuckled

"I will think of a nickname for you " Phoenix promised

" Thanks " I grinned, I will enjoy having a sister.

The next few days were busy. Reaver was planning something that everyone knew, but me. Phoenix gave me the nickname 'Hawk' after the Hawk in Reaver's Avory befriended me and wouldn't leave me be.

I woke up 9 days later, I signed heavily, I was now 16 years old. I felt depressed.

" Hawk, time to get up " Phoenix yelled as I heard her run past" Dad and I will be waiting for you outside!"

"outside? " I jumped up, after quickly changing into a blue dress, I raced down. Reaver stood outside holding the reins to a pure black Appaloosa. While Phoenix was trying to keep hold of a Hawk.

" Happy birthday!" they both greeted me.

" You remembered! " I smiled, I gave Reaver a hug, he patted my back.

" yes, I got you your own horse. " Reaver gave me the the reins. The horse looked at me. It's brown eyes were full of trust. I patted its neck, I noticed that it was a girl.

" Thank you, I'll call her Midnight " I smiled

" this is yours too. Dad said you couldn't have his so he brought one I could give you " Phoenix signed as the Hawk flew in circles above me.

" Thank you both! Can I go riding now, please? " I asked

" Of cause, but ask the cook for a picnic, you can stay out for the whole day, but be back before 5, ok? " Reaver told me

" ok, thank you again! " I ran inside, the cook gladly made me a picnic in a basket. I put it in a saddle bag, then rode Midnight out of the Lake view manor grounds. The Hawk was a female too, and when she flew her feathers looked like fire, so I called her Sunset. We headed along the road to Bowerstone, I saw Prince Andrew on a light grey horse.

" Great! " I grumbled, Sunset landed on my shoulder. Her feathers were smooth, I giggled as one tickled my neck.

" Adalia... " Andrew rode over

" Prince " I nodded politely to him.

" I am sorry for what happened the last time we met " He said

" I forgive you. Any way, Dad is teaching me to read and Claire is teaching me to write. I have improved a lot " I smiled

" I heard, Happy birthday too. " He grinned at the confused look on my face. " Reaver told my mum and she told me. " He explained

" Oh, well thanks " I smiled

" Mum made me get something for you, so I got this " help made me turn around, I felt a cold chain against my skin, my hand flew up to the invisible charm, it felt like a mini gun. " I had it specially made for you " I turned to face him again, my face was burning.

" Thank you... " I gazed down at the gun charm, it looked like it was made from a gem.

" Mother let me use the gem called the Archon's desire. It is one of 3 gems that belonged to the Archon. " Andrew told me" I am still searching for the others"

" It's beautiful..." I smiled " Would you like to join us on a picnic?"

" I would love too " Andrew nodded, Hawk cried causing Andrew to jump. I laughed, Andrew looked at me questionly.

" She's warning you " I smiled, Hawk kept her eye on Andrew as we searched for a picnic spot.

" How about here?" Andrew asked me as we reached the top of a hill.

" Sure, wow, you can see all of Millfields up here! " I gasped, we settled down and dug into the picnic the cook had made. By the time the sun began to set, Andrew had to head home to get ready for something. I began to make my way home with Midnight and Sunset.

When I got home, everyone rushed me into my room, which confused me greatly. I saw a gold gown on my bed, I guessed that there was a party. With a heavy sigh, I began to change.
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