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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I waited for a while but no one came for me, so I made my own way down. The halls were empty of life, I began to wonder if anyone was here at all. I opened the door that led to the ballroom, it was really dark. I made my way in slightly.

" SURPRISE! " Candles began to burn, I jumped back, I noticed that Andrew, the queen, Phoenix and Reaver stood in front of a large crowd.

" Happy birthday " The Queen smiled

" Thank you... You planned this, that's why you sent me on that picnic! " I looked at my father

" Indeed" Reaver chuckled

"I helped plan this, what do you think? " Phoenix grinned

" Thank you, all of you. This is the greatest surprise ever! " I smiled brightly. Phoenix gave me a hug.

" Happy 16th sis" She laughed, I hugged her back.

The party started, I met a lot more people than I did at the first party. I saw Phoenix taking to a guy from Millfields. I smirked slightly. I went outside to escape the crowd. I leaned against the railings, and gazed across the moonlit garden. I wondered whether my mum would come to get me when she got tired of working. I was doubtful though, she would probably come when the animals were close to death or when they were dead.

" Heya sis" Phoenix grinned, joining me.

"Hi Phoenix " I looked at her, there was a faint pink blush lightly dusted on her cheeks" So, who is he? "

" No one important " Phoenix smiled

" Oh really, you are blushing and it looked like you two got really close " I grinned knowingly.

" Fine, I'll tell you but just don't tell dad, he'll go mad. " Phoenix signed

" Cross my heart" I swore

"He's called Vincent " Phoenix said in a quiet voice "He said he wants to meet up with me sometime next week"

"That's great! " I gasped happily

" I know, I am excited " Phoenix smiled.

" Adalia? " we turned to see Andrew standing behind us.

" Yes? " I asked, Phoenix turned away grinning.

" People have started to dance, and I was wondering if you would care to dance...with me" He began to blush.

" I would love too, however I must warn you that I am a terrible dancer" I told him, taking his arm.

" Well, I'll teach you " Andrew smiled, he led me to the floor, we started off slowly. When I gained confidence, we got faster. I noticed my father and the Queen watching us. I ignored them, Andrew smiled sweetly at me. I began to blush, to be truthful, I had never been this close to a male. " you're a fast learner. " Andrew complimented

" Thanks" I blushed

"Would you like a drink? " Andrew offered" We have been dancing for a while "

" Yes, please " I nodded, Andrew and I left the dance floor and went over to a table which had a collection of drinks and snacks. We stood watching the other guests twirl around on the dance floor.

" I see you're still wearing the necklace. " Andrew said as I sipped a glass of champagne.

" Of cause, it is the the first time anyone gave me a piece of jewellery " I smiled at him, he was a little smaller than me. However, I was only tall because of my skill.

" I am happy that you like it that much " Andrew grinned, his emerald eyes sparkled happily. I turned away, blushing ferociously.

When the time came, I had to stand by the door and wish everyone a safe trip and a thank you. When everyone left, I rejoined My Father and Phoenix in the ballroom, they were piling up presents.

" Everyone has gone " I sank into a chair. I was worn out. I yawned, I was ready to go to bed. I closed my eyes.

" That was a great turn out, and you got to dance with Prince Andrew " Phoenix grinned " Bonus! "

" What is that meant to mean? " I opened one eye lazily.

" Well, you two looked really close and really cute together. " Phoenix laughed. I was not amused, by the look on Reaver's face he knew I was getting annoyed.

" You girls should go to bed. " Reaver told us" I'll have Claire take these up to your room Adalia. " Phoenix went ahead. I gave Reaver a hug.

" That was the best birthday party ever! Thank you for everything Dad" I smiled, then headed up to my room. I first had a warm bath then changed into a nightgown. I found Sunset waiting for me, her eyes watched the pile of presents that were in my room. I started at the top, opening one present at a time then putting it in carefully in the right places. I finally finished and sat down on my bed. Sunset sat on the bed frame, I yawned and lay back. I had never had so many presents before, I had been given small things such as the earrings from someone called Mrs Morris, to medium gifts like my own History of heroes book from someone called Mr Carlisle and big things like the katakana given to me by the Queen of Albion, apparently it belonged to a woman worrior from Samakand. I didn't know if it was true or not, but the hero of Bower Lake had found it, it was passed on to the queen, the hero of Bower lake's daughter. Seeing as she didn't have a daughter, she decided to give it to me, I felt it was a great honour to be given something that meant a lot to the royal family. I pulled the blankets around me. I slowly drifted off to sleep, for the first time happy with my life.
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