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mother, what have you done

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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For the first time ever, I couldn't rightly guess how long the sun had been up. Maybe it was because of the amount of champagne I had drank yesterday, I was a stupid teenager who knew nothing of life. I swore on Avo and Skorm, the dark and light, too make sure I even swore on the dammed Void and whatever else never to drink alcohol again. I rubbed my head as it pounded painfully. I wearily opened my eyes to find Sunset watching me.

" Morning " I mumbled, I sat up, my hair was sticking out everywhere. I signed, I went over to my dressing table. I brushed my hair until perfect black curls fell across my pale skin. I changed into my clothes I had come in now that they had been washed, I could finally wear them again.

As I pulled my jacket over my shoulders, Phoenix knocked on my door and came in, she seemed to be surprised that I was up. She was surprised that I was fine, she thought I would have a hangover, I rolled my eyes as she laughed on the way down to breakfast. Our father was already down, he was reading a letter. We sat quietly, as he finished off reading. I saw a picture of a farm, I gasped, causing Reaver to look at me.

" Are you ok, my dear? " Reaver asked

" What does the paper say about that farm? " I pointed to the farm on the front.

" Oh, this. A woman has been found to be neglecting the animals on her farm. The farm is in Oakfield, the woman is called Miss Farnce. Reaver looked at it.

"Where has been taken? " I stood up suddenly, surprising my sister and father.

" The castle, why? " Reaver was confused

" I have to go, I'll hurry back after! " I ran off, I saddled up Midnight, Sunset flew beside us as we galloped up to the castle.

I gave Midnight's reins to the stable hand. Sunset sat on my shoulder as I ran into the castle.

" Excuse me, but where is the queen? " I asked a servant.

" In the throne room. " They pointed out a large door straight up the stairs. I raced up them 2 at a time, I slipped into the throne room. I saw my mum up for trail.

"You have neglected your animals and missed out on the taxs. Why?" The Queen asked

" I had more important things, like food to buy. I have a daughter to look after! " Mum cried.

" Lier! You spent the tax money on drinks, you always do. " I said, everyone turned to me. " What I want to know is my horse ok? "

" You know this women, Adalia? " Prince Andrew looked at me, he was wearing his royal attire.

" She is my mom, the one I told you about, your majesty " I bowed politely, I looked up at the queen. " What has happened to the animals? "

" We are yet to find a place for them " the queen said

" The grey horse is mine, I found him as a colt, can I take him to my father's, please? " I looked at her, pleadingly.

" Um, I trust you Adalia, you may have your horse. What of the other animals? " The Queen asked

" I have an idea, but I need to ask my dad. " I told her

" Um, I will wait to hear your idea." the queen turned back to my mum "What about you, um?"

"I should go, I promised to return to the manor as soon as possible." I bowed politely again.

"I will come round later to hear this Idea of yours " the queen nodded, everyone watched as I left.

I rode Midnight back to lake view manor, meeting Phoenix on the way.

" What was that about at breakfast? " She asked concerned

" That woman is my mom, I had to know what is happening to the animals." I explained

"Ah, ok. What is going to happen to them?" Phoenix nodded, understanding what I felt.

" I can have my other horse, Sky. " I smiled, Midnight snorted" I am sure you will get along with him Midnight, but the others... I have an idea but I need dad's approval. "

" What's your plan? " Phoenix looked at me questionly.

" I could build a new farm, here in Millfields. I could keep close to you and dad while doing what I am use to doing. " I smiled at the idea." What do you think? " Phoenix thought over the idea for a little while.

" I know Rea... I mean, Dad has been uncharacteristically kind too us. I don't know if he will agree" Phoenix admitted

"I know, the only other option is to leave and go back to the farm... " I signed " I just can't just leave those animals alone. "

" Well, it is worth a shot " Phoenix smiled sympathetically. I nodded silently.

When we got back to the manor, Phoenix went off into the gardens, while I waited outside his study. He was in a meeting, I paced I knew that there was a higher possibility of him refusing my idea, but as Phoenix said it is worth a shot.

" Adalia? " Reaver asked, he had left the meeting, his meeting partnets watched me wearily.

" Dad, can I ask you something? " I ignored the men watching me.

" Of cause. " He let me enter his study. I sat on the chair across from his, he sat across from me." What was wrong at breakfast? "

" That farm was my mom's " I told him, he looked surprised " I had to find out what happened to the animals "

" And? " Reaver asked

" The Queen said I can have my horse, but she is unsure about the others. " I looked down" And I was wondering if it would be possible to build a farm here. That way I could look after the animals and be close to you. " I felt my heart stuck in my throat.

" I understand that you care deeply about these creatures. But it will cause the other Nobles around here to complain. " Reaver said, I just nodded sadly. " I am sorry "

" It's okay, I am sure who ever has the animals will let me visit and help out " I smiled weakly, I got up and left. I returned to my room, I sat on the edge of my bed with my back to the door.

" Hawk? " Phoenix came in

" Well, it was worth a shot " I looked at her

" I am sorry Hawk, what about the queen. Your plan was denied " Phoenix asked

" Tell her my plan was not accepted so it doesn't matter. " I told her, she left me. Sunset watched me from her perch on top of the curtain rail. " It was worth a shot... " I muttered to myself, I couldn't help but feel my heart sink. It meant I no longer had a home with mom, I had to stay with dad. I let out a heavy sigh, I was at a dead end part of my life, or was it a rather large bump? I prayed to Avo to keep the animals safe. I stayed in my room, I didn't go down to lunch, mostly because I knew the queen was here. Also, I felt sick, I felt like someone had burned a hole in my stomach. I ended up laying down and drifting off to sleep.
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