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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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When I finally woke up again, I found a doctor by my bed side. I pushed myself up. Sunset let out a low cry and went to land on my shoulder, but the doctor hit her away!
" Hey! " I growled loudly, I quickly got up and was able to catch her. Unfortunately, it resulted in me falling to the floor. Sunset flew around my head, as my father and Phoenix ran in. They watched me amused as I was laughing.
" Hawk! Your ok! " Phoenix smiled
" I'm... Ok? " I repeated
" You had a terrible fever, for 3 days. " Dad said, he looked relived." we have been worried about you. "
" Well, I am better now " I smiled as Sunset landed on my shoulder.
" Yes, now let's get you something to eat. You need to catch up on your studies today "
" Yes, Dad " I nodded, Phoenix helped me up. Everyone left so I could change. I put on a plain pale white dress. I, then, joined Dad and Phoenix for breakfast.

A little while later, I was sitting in library with Claire working on my writing. I had written a poem about the phoenix.
'I am the Phoenix
The sun's almighty kin
My wings are just like fire
In my life with no sin

In my long life
500 years or more
I build my nest on high palms
And wait for minutes more

In fire, I die
But born again
From ashes from my kin
And so again
My cycle starts
And life begins once more '
I showed it to Claire, she was impressed. I worked on my writing for an extra 3 hours. Then, I had reading with dad, he too was impressed with my progress.
I decided to keep the poem for Phoenix's birthday. At dinner, I found out that Phoenix had told Dad about Vincent, and of course, he went mad.
I stayed out of their conversation, I was tempted to laugh but I knew I had to keep my mouth shut.
" What about Hawk and the Prince? " Phoenix burst out. I looked up at the sudden use of my name.
" What about me and the Prince? " I questioned
" He is allowed to flirt with you, but when it comes to me and Vincent, we are not even allowed to Speak! "Phoenix growled
" He flirts with me? " I looked at her confused, Phoenix chuckled
" You have never been a relationship have you? " She laughed
" No" I said, bluntly, taking a bite from my meal. Phoenix and Reaver continued to bicker about Vincent nt. I heard a knock on the door, no one seemed to hear it, so I got up and went to answer the door.
" Hello? " I opened the door, Prince Andrew stood there, when he saw me he sighed in relief.
" I heard you had recovered from the fever. I had to see you. " Andrew smiled
" I'm fine... Would you like to come in? " I offered, at that moment Phoenix's voice came from the dinning hall.
" why can't I? " Phoenix growled
" Well, maybe it's not a good time to... " I muttered
" What's wrong with Phoenix? " Andrew asked
" Dad found out about her and Vincent. He doesn't agree with it. " I explained
" Ah, Reaver is very protective over you two. " Andrew smiled
" Well... He is? " I looked at him in surprise.
" Yes, Mom said it is a different side of Reaver coming out. " Andrew laughed at the look on my face.
" Oh... I knew that he was a person who loved to shoot for fun, and indulge in... Um, certain activities" I said, Andrew chuckled at that "But I didn't think he had changed that much."
"Yep, any way, I was wondering if you would like to come riding with me tomorrow?" Andrew asked
" Ok, I have studies in the morning, but I can after lunch " I smiled brightly.
" I will see you then " Andrew grinned " It is great to see you back to your old self. " He left, I shut the door and rejoined Phoenix and Reaver who hadn't realised I had even got up. I sat down again and finished my meal.
" will you two just stop arguing! " I sighed, I was starting to get a headache.
"... Sorry, but... " Phoenix began
"Dad just let her go with Vincent, I mean he may be a nice guy. " I said
" See, Hawk understands
"If you want to shoot him so badly, you can just wait. You never know, he may also be evil git! " I added, Reaver leaned back, satisfied with that plan, as did Phoenix. " That is better, anyway when you two were arguing, Andrew came by " I told them
" What did he want? " Phoenix asked
" He asked me to go riding with him tomorrow, after lunch " I said
" I told you! " Phoenix grinned knowingly.
" Shut up! " I grumbled, Phoenix's grinned widened. I rolled my eyes.
" um, Queen Vanessa said she would send some men around to bring your horse, Sky I believe, here. " Reaver said thoughtfully.
" Great! I hope he is ok. " I smiled thinking of my strong storm-coloured Stallion.
" I am sure he is, Now, it is late. Off to bed" Reaver told us " Good night you two. "
"Night Dad " We said and went up to our rooms. I fell asleep under Sunset's protective eye.

I was rudely awaken by a horse neighing loudly, I got up and went to the window. I saw a Grey horse causing trouble for 2 of the royal guards. A smiled crossed my lips., Sky. I rushed down stairs, passing my father, I was still in my nightie. I ran outside.
" Calm down you stupid horse! " One roared. Sky kicked out at the men.
" Sky! " I called, the horse looked my way. It snorted, and kicked away the guards and trotted over to my side." It is great to see you boy. Thank you for bringing him " I lead my stallion into the stable. Sky went in to the padlock, next to Midnight.
"Would you like me to look after him miss Adalia? " The stable hand asked
" Sorry, but Sky isn't really good around new people" I looked at him.
"Ok, Miss, here is his breakfast " He passed me a big bucket of wheat and oats. I fed Sky, he ate it hungrily, I patted his head. When he had finished, I told him to behave for the stable hand. I went back in side to get my breakfast.
Phoenix and Reaver were already eating.
" You were in a rush this morning, was something wrong? " Reaver asked
" Bo, the queen' s guards were having problems with Sky. I had to take him off their hands. " I explained
" Ah, has Sky settled in? " Reaver looked at me over his glass.
" Sky has never been good with new people, it will take a while for him to settle in fully. " I said, I ate a slice of toast.
" Well, I am sure Mr. Lee can look after him. " Reaver looked at the paper in his hand.
" I agree" I nodded, I tucked into a cooked breakfast. I had never had a cooked breakfast before, I must admit that I fairly enjoyed it. After that, I went to find Claire to work on my writing.

Today's lessons passed fairly quickly, I was making my way down stairs when I heard the sound of a gun being loaded. I ran down the rest of the stairs to find Reaver pointing his Dragonstomper 48 at Vincent.
" DAD! " Phoenix cried" You said you wouldn't shoot him! "
I saw Andrew waiting by the door, by the look on his face, I guessed he wished he hadn't come in.
" You wouldn't hurt him, would you Daddy? " I skipped past him. As I passed Vincent, I drew my own gun and tapped his shoulder. " Believe me, if you hurt my sister, my Dad will be the least of your worries. " I warned him. I left with Andrew, who had started laughing at my threat, I had to drag him out of the manor.
" You look really cute when you threaten people, did you know that? "Andrew smiled
" So, is that an offer for me to threaten you? " I grinned
" No, I am fine. My mom made me come in a carriage. " Andrew said " I don't have a horse to ride. "
" You can ride Midnight, I will ride Sky. " I smiled sweetly.
" really? " Andrew asked, surprised
" Sure, come on. " we went to the stables, and saddled up the two horses. Sunset flew above us as we headed out of the Manor grounds.
" I found a hidden place, I want it to be our special place " Andrew told me. I felt my face burning up, I couldn't help but share a rare honest smile. I hope Dad would never ask what happened when I got back.
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