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oh, brother

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I sat on the sofa in Dad's study, playing cards with Phoenix. We looked up as Dad entered. He looked tired, it wasn't surprising seeing how the Queen had been needing his help with a problem. Andrew had told me that it was a job that Reaver was was apart of, I had been trying to find out what it was for ages.
" Are you ok, Dad? " I asked, his sea blue eyes caught my own sky blue, I saw he was slightly annoyed. Not with me, but the queen.
"I am fine" Dad replied, he sat in his chair and sighed.
"We'll leave you in peace, come on Hawk." Phoenix and I left the study.
"He can't carry on like this, we've got to do something!" I said, once we were out of earshot from anyone.
"I know, that's why I did a little snupping!" Phoenix grinned
"And? did you get any answers?" I asked
"Yes, I found some sort of a diary that dad wrote" Phoenix pulled out a small book. "It seems Dad was and still is the Pirate King...So, maybe the trouble is at the docks, maybe some pirates have landed in bowerstone docks and causing trouble."
"Good, thinking. Lets go, You can ride Midnight,I'll ride sky." I nodded, we rushed out side and mounted our horses and rose bareback in to the industiral part of bowerstone.

We left the horses, some children had began to pet them, so we left them too it as we went to cheek out the docks. I was the first to spot trouble, A man was forcing a young girl on to a huge sail ship. I pointed it out to Phoenix.
"Salvers, perhaps?" Phoenix suggested
"If so, we had better saved those people!" I growled glaring at the ship. We approched it,my fingers trailed the the designed of Avo and skorm, who were in their holsters. Phoenix was lighting tapping her gun. We sneaked on to the ship to find it deserted.
"I wonder why thay are here, so close to the castle. I mean, being so close to a powerful hero... Well, 2 powerful hero's" Phoenix muttered
"give them a little credit, they've got the guts to do it" I said.
"Yep, now I guess the salves are below deck, so lets get down there" Phoenix and I found a trap down, we pulled it up and stepped back in shock. The salves were mostly children, They looked at us ,I felt their fear. I extended and arm to them
"We are here to help, Lets get you all out of here" I smiled kindly. A Young boy took my hand, before I knew it someone pushed me, I heard Phoenix's muffled cries. I was caught by a pair of strong arms.
"I got ya miss" A gruff voice said
"Thanks..." The trap door closed, Phoenix was still out there!"Phoenix!" I cried.
"there is no point shouting,You get a good flogging if you do." The man that help me said.
"If they do my father will hunt them and collect their heads to stick on the wall." I growled angerily."BLOODY PIRATES!" I yelled.
"Your father won't be able to take this crew te captian of this ship is the Pirate king" A girl placed a hand on my shoulder.
"That's impossible..." I looked at her, her facen was unseeable in the dark.
"why is it?" some one else asked
"My father is the Pirate king." I told them, I felt everyone back away from me. " So, who ever the captain is beter watch out." I went up to the trap door and tried to push it up, It only went up alittle, I saw a lock. I let it fll close again.
"you will never get that open." A child said. I drew Avo and loaded it.
"was that a gun?" some one asked in a hushed whipser.
"Yep, one thing I learnt...never leave home with out a weapon." I replied casually, I opened the trap door and shot the lock, it burst open. I threw up the door and climbed on to the deck, drawing skorm, My two guns glittered in the sunlight.

No one was on board,But my guess they were hiding. The slaves climbed out after me. My hair swirled around me like black fire. I was froze in horror, bowerstone docks were getting farther away. We were sailing away!
"You! You're Reaver's daughter!" The gruff voice man gasped.
"So, We have to get back to land!" I looked at the helm to see a boy about 2 years younger then me with bright red wavey hair. He looked straight into my eyes. He banged his foot on the deck loudly, Suddenly a man came out of a cabin. He face grinned as he saw me.
"Ah, so, you got out!" He laughed
"Were is my sister?" I growled, Avo aimed at his chest. The boy joined the older man drawing a gun as he went.
"Crevan, she is too loud, such a disobient person will not make a good slave. Finish her!" The man narrowed his eyes, I guess he was the captain.
"Hawk, don't fight him" Phoenix appeared behind the captain, her arms tied behind her back.
"Why not?" I growled
"He is like us, you never know, he might know" Phoenix said. I looked at Crevan, I looked into his eyes, they were the same sea blue as Dad's.
"You are a hero of skill..." I whipsered, Crevan nodded slightly, his gun remained pointing at me. There was a cry and sunset dived down and took Crevan's gun. He tried to grabbed her but she landed on my shoulder. A smiled drifted over my face, I stood up taller, If only dad could see me now.
"Stupid bird" Crevan growled
"tut,tut." I grinned waving Skorm in the air "leave Sunset alone, anyway seeing how you are unarmed I guess you should listen to me, got it?"
"...I...Fine!" The captain narrowed his eyes angerily.
"First release my sister and secondly, do you know how Crevan's parents are?" I said
"Yes, his mother was the beautiful lillian, but his father, the most evil man in Albion, the devil himself..." the captian began as he untied Phoenix.
"The Pirate King" I looked at Crevan, who looked confused.
"I thought the Pirate king was a stor to sacre people?" Crevan admitted
"No he is real. He is our father too" I went and stood next to Phoenix, Crevan looked ashamed.
"You made me almost kill my own family!" Crevan turned on the captain.
"Crevan, you see...I did it to..." The captian froze and Phoenix tied up his arms.
"I'll tied him to the mast" Crevan said, "that way, we can head back to bowerstone and people will know what has happened."
" Sure, I'll take the helm!" Phoenix ran up and began to steir towards the docks.
"Thank you, you are nothing like your father" A child smiled
" My father is't all bad you know" I told them."He made be evil..."
"and a complete Ass hole at times" Phoenix added
"But he is our father" I continued
"and he cares a lot about us" Phoenix finished. I joined Phoenix by the helm and watched as the docks came stedily closer. My heart stopped as I saw who was at the dock, Our father, the queen and Andrew.
"We are in deep trouble" I sighed
"Still, atleast we saved the people" Phoenix said, She smiled "Surely that means they owes us."
" We weren't meant to get involved...I have a feelinjg Dad cares more about our safty then the people." I caught Andrew's eyes and we reached port. Every one got off, Crevan pulled the old captain along with him.
"I told you two not to get involved" Dad sighed, but the relief was showen in his eyes.
"You two did splendidly, thank you." The Queen smiled thankfully.
"Here's the captian" Crevan pushed the captian forward. "I was part of his crew..."
"But, he found out he was using him, because of his heritage" Phoenix butted in.
"His heritage?" Dad asked
"Yes, can we go some where more privet?" I asked
"Yes, lets head to the castle." Dad, the queen and Crevan went in a carriage, Phoenix rose midnight, while Andrew and I rode Sky. Andrew hugged me, he told me how worried he was and how happy he was to see me safe. I blushed, we followed th carriage, talking about what had happened on board the slavery ship.
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