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boys! can't live with them, can't shoot them.

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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"WHAT!?" The Queen gasped, she looked at me, Phoenix and Crevan in disbalief.

"So, Reaver's has a son too." Andrew muttered

"Apparently so, but he will have to prove it first..." Dad said, he watched Crevant thoughtfully.

"The wheel of misfortune!" Phoenix and I said to together

"No!" the queen rose from the throne "Thqt thing is dangerous, You kept it!" she glared at Reaver.

"It is only fair!" I told her "Phoenix and I proved ourselves through the wheel of misfortune. If he can pass it only using a gun, then he is like me and Phoenix"

"If that is the only way to prove it, fine. But after it needs to be destroyed. " The Queen sighed heavily.

" Very well, Crevan, I suppose you can try and prove yourself, but tomorrow. "Reaver said" I need some rest"

"So, lets head home. " I smiled" I guess we all need to have a rest. " Reaver, Phoenix and Crevan went ahead, I stayed behind as Andrew wanted to talk to me.

" Adalia, I wanted to ask... Well, I was wondering if you...hadfeelingsforme. " Andrew blushed bright red.

" What? " I looked at him confused.

" I was wondering if you have feelings for me... " Andrew asked again, this time it was my time too blush.

" I am not sure what I feel... I feel something but I don't know if it is love or whatever " I said, choosing my words carefully.

" I see, I was only wondering, so you don't need to worry about it. " Andrew seemed a little disappointed" You should head home, it will be dark soon, I would hate it if you got hurt on the way home. "

" I'll see you tomorrow, at the hollow " I kissed his cheek lightly. Then, I mounted Sky and rode off home. At the castle gates I turned and saw Andrew waving, I raised my hand and continued home.

I got home just as the sun was setting. I entered the manor, Claire told me that dad had gone to bed and Phoenix was showing Crevan around.

" Would you be eating in the dinning hall or your room? " Claire asked

" I will eat in my room, if you don't mind. I have something to do " I smiled, Claire nodded and left, I went to my room. I sat at my desk, Katakana glittered in the Sunset. Sunset sat on the top of the mirror. I sighed, I placed Avo and Skorm on the desk. I yawned, I was worn out from the excitement of earlier. Though being pushed into a trap and being locked up was no fun, but finding a Brother was cool enough. I suddenly began to think if I had any more half siblings.

"Here's your tea, Miss Adalia" Claire placed a tray on my desk, I thanked her as she left. No one interupted my meal, I had a nagging feeling that was something was coming... I got a piece of papaer and began to write my feelings to see if it would help me make sense of them.

I feltt someone pushing me, I lazily opened my eyes. I had fallen asleep at my desk, Phoenix was standing next to me.

"Morning" I mubbled tiredly.

"It is almost lunch time" Phoenix chuckled "Crevan passed the test"

"So, number 3..."I smiled and stretched "Bet Dad's happy to have a son atleast."

"Yes, they are in the study at the moment, so I came to see if you were awake." Phoenix smiled

"Thanks for waking me, I promised to see Andrew today." I looked through my closet.

"You two are so cute together, a perfect couple!" Phoenix smiled

"Shut up" I grumbled, Phoenix left as I changed into a white dress. I took an apple from om the fruit bowl. I rode Midnight to the Hollow. Andrew was waiting for me, he waved at my approach.

" I thought you had forgotten about me " Andrew joked helping me off Sky.

" I woke up late. I am sorry " I pretended to pout, Andrew laughed.

" I forgive you my lady, I must remember you need your beauty sleep " Andrew grinned

" I fear that you are mixing up you life with mine, Your majesty. " I smirked at him.

" Toche." Andrew laughed

" So, what have I done to be called here? " I pretended to look sad.

" I just wanted to spend the day with you. And to see if Crevan passed " Andrew hugged me. I blushed fiercely and looked up at him.

" Crevan passed the test " I told him" I have a brother and Reaver finally has a son "

" I bet he is happy " Andrew smiled

" Yes, so, how do you want to spend our time together? " I looked at him

" Well, I have a picnic with me. I was going to ask what do you want to do? " Andrew still halt me in a loving hug.

" I like the idea of relaxing day. So I don't have anything to worry about. " I smiled

" A relaxing day it is " Andrew kissed my cheek. I blushed and smiled.

For the rest of the day, we just talked. Mostly about what had happened yesterday, before we knew knew it, the sun was setting. Andrew kissed me good bye, we set off on our different ways. The moon had risen by the time I had got home. Phoenix was the one who had opened the door.

" Hawk! How was your date with Andrew? " Phoenix grinned

" It wasn't a date, just a relaxing day with a friend " I entered the manor, we headed to dad's study.

" Of cause it was. " Phoenix chuckled

" Shut up Phoenix " I grumbled, Crevan and Dad were talking about something as we entered.

" Ah, Hello girls" Dad smiled

" Hi, Phoenix told me that you passed." I told Crevan

"Yeah, it hard, but fun at the same time." Crevan said.

"How was your day Adalia? " Dad asked

" It was relaxing... Don't you dare say anything Phoenix! " I added as I saw a sly look cloud Phoenix's face.

" Fine. " She laughed, I rolled my eyes. We began to argue amongst ourselves.

" I must admit that I am happy I finally have a son " Reaver said to Crevan. I drew Avo just as Phoenix pulled hers out.

" Not that is anything wrong with having two daughters, of course " Dad said in a hurry. We put our guns back in their holsters.

" Any way it has been a long day. I am going to bed " I got up" See you in the morning"

" Good night, oh and tomorrow we will carry on with your studies " Dad said, I nodded and went to my room, Sunset had gone hunting so I left the window open. I changed into a nightgown and got into bed. I cuddled the blankets around me and drifted off to sleep.
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