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professor Abraham

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I was woken by Claire at 6:00 sharp. I changed quickly and rushed to Dad's study. Claire said he wanted to see me. I knocked on the door and waited.

" Come in " Dad called, I opened the door, Dad had been talking to an middle aged man.

" You wanted to see me Dad? " I said

" Yes, this is Professor Abraham. " Dad introduced me to the man. " Due to the queen's request to see the factory records I will be busy and so will Claire. Professor Abraham is going to be your tutor "

" Ok" I nodded, I wondered what kind of man my tutor was...

" It is a pleasure to meet you, Adalia " Professor Abraham smiled " I hope we can get along "

" Me too " I agreed.

" Now, I have a few rules, lessons start at 8:30 and finish at 4:00. There will be 4 lessons a day with a break in between them. The breaks are 15 minutes, the lunch break is 25 minutes. " Professor Abraham told me

" Ok, when do we start? " I asked

" Tomorrow, you need to get what you need first. " Dad smiled, he gave me a pouch of gold coins and a list." I thought you would prefer to choose what kind of equipment you want. "

" Thank you Dad. " I smiled and left the room. Claire gave me a shoulder bag, where I put the gold pouch and the list. I let Oliver train Sky a little seeing how they were getting along, so I rode Midnight to Bowerstone Market. The streets were busy, I looked at the list it was simpler than I expected.

- New clothes

- Quill and ink

- Paper

I could get the stuff easily. First I got the Quills and ink. I found a lovely pure white quill and a gold dyed quill. I brought both with a book of paper. I spent a while in the clothes shop, I was looking through the dresses when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to see Andrew.

" A bit early for shopping, don't you think? " He smiled

" I know, Dad got me a tutor. I start tomorrow, so I have come to get my things... Do you think this is suitable for doing lessons? " I picked out a plain red dress, it would cover up most of my skin, apart from my neck and head.

" Yes. That colour will suit you too. " Andrew nodded, I paid for the dress and I put it in my saddle bag.

" Thank you Andrew, I must head back. I need to show Dad what I got and give him the change. " I smiled

" No problem, I hope to see you soon. " Andrew went off into the crowd. I mounted Midnight and made my way back to Lake view Manor. I returned just in time for lunch. I told Dad what I had brought, he was pleased with my decisions. After dinner, Dad had to get back to work, Crevan and Phoenix were training outside. I began to head to my room, but I was stopped by Professor Abraham.

" There you are, did you get your equipment? " he asked

" Yes, where will... " I began

" Follow me" He showed me to the library. I noticed that Dad's desk had been changed.

"I don't und... " I looked at him

" Your father gave me permission to change his desk so this can be your class room. " Abraham explained

" Oh, great" I smiled " What will I be learning?"

"History, Astrology, languages and writing combined with reading " Abraham told me.

" Languages? " I asked

" French, your father insisted that I should teach you how to speak it. " He smiled " I must say I am looking forward to see how much you improve with my teachings "

" I'm looking forward to learning " I replied

" Well, go and have fun. After Tomorrow you will be very busy " Abraham told me, I went off to my room, I lay the dress over the bottom of my bed ready for tomorrow, before going out to train with my siblings.

At dinner time, Dad told Crevan and Phoenix that between 8:30 and 4:00 the library was out of order, because I was going to be taught by Professor Abraham.

" Wow, getting the best education there Hawk " Phoenix grinned.

" That means I can try and kick your Ass at shooting " Crevan looked at Phoenix, she just grinned at his challenge. I knew that Nether of them would win.

" How long will I have too study for? " I asked Dad.

" Until you're 18, is that ok? " Dad said

" Sure, it will give me a chance to learn what I should know, Thank you for getting me a Proper professor Dad" I smiled

" It is quite alright, my dear. " Dad said" just promise to work hard, ok? "

" I promise" I nodded, I finished off my meal and headed up to my room. I sat at my desk for a little while, I began to draw. I tried to draw Dad's Dragonstomper 48. Once I had completed it, I found a pin and pined it to the wall. I had to admit, I needed to work on my drawing. I went to the window and looked out, Sunset was outside sitting on the gate. I leaned on the windowsill, the wind blew my hair back. The sun was setting, giving the sky a orange hue. I took a deep breath, I wasn't going to see Andrew for a every long while. I smiled slightly though, next time he would see me, I will be smarter than now. I got changed into a nightgown and got into bed. Someone knocked on the door, Dad entered.

" Have a good night, Adalia. " Dad smiled

" Good night Dad " I whispered as I closed my eyes and Dad closed the door.

I woke up at 8:00, the next morning, giving me 30 minutes to get changed and have breakfast. I didn't see Phoenix, Crevan or Dad on the way to the library. I entered the library, Professor Abraham smiled as I sat down.

" Are you ready, Adalia? " He asked

" Yes, lets get started. " I smiled, Professor Abraham nodded and my first lesson got underway.
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