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dragon stomper 48

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I stood in the library, reading a book. I wore a gold ball gown, my hair was tied up with a silver ribbon. I paced slightly, I was 18 today. Professor Abraham had left after giving me a new quill. Dad came in wearing his usual suit.

" Are you coming Adalia? " He asked

" Yes, Father. " I put the book down and took my Father's arm. " Who has come? "

" The Royal family have, Crevan and Phoenix are dieing to see you again. I believe someone who claims to be your cousin has come, and many nobles. " Dad smiled

" You mean my cousin Brandon? " I looked at him

" That's him, it will be a great party Father, thank you " I hugged him

" Think nothing of it, darling. " He smiled, we entered the ballroom. Everyone looked at me, I had changed considerably since anyone had seen me last. I saw Phoenix and Crevan, they both grinned. I also saw my cousin Brandon.

" Brandon, it is good to see you. " I smiled and went over to him.

" You too Adalia, I thought Reaver had shot ya when you didn't return " He hugged me

" I am fine, I was never in any real danger " I told him

" Apart from the time when got on board the slaver ship. " Phoenix grinned, I giggled at the memory.

" That was fun though" I admitted

" You must tell me about it" Brandon said "I have my own adventure to tell you about!"

"I can't wait to hear it! " I smiled, the party began.

After a while, I went outside for some fresh air.

" You look beautiful " I heard a familiar voice, I turned to see Andrew.

" Thank you, your majesty " I bowed politely, Andrew laughed.

" You have changed a lot, but you are even more beautiful since I last saw you " Andrew smiled sweetly, I smiled, blushing slightly.

" I have changed, that much I already knew " I chuckled.

" Adalia? " Dad came out holding a box.

" Father? " I looked at him

" This is my birthday present to you " I took the box and opened it, I almost dropped it.

" You shouldn't have! " I picked up the legendary Dragonstomper 48.

" It is fine, you know only 6 were ever made, for 6 lucky people" Dad smiled

" Well, not so lucky, you killed the 5 of them already. " I smiled, then hugged Dad" Thanks, and I promise not to shoot anyone without asking you first " I joked

" Happy birthday " Dad smiled, he went back inside

" Do you want my present? Or is the Dragonstomper enough? " Andrew asked

" Go on? " I smiled, I put the gun in a shoulder bag that Phoenix got me.

" Close your eyes " Andrew told me. I did, I felt Andrew take my necklace off, but he soon put it back around my neck. " Ok, you can open your eyes now " he said. I did and my hand flew up to the necklace. Next to the gun charm was a another two charms, one in the shape of a Hawk, the other in the shape of a horse.

" Andrew... Thank you! " I looked at him smiling.

" It is the last two of the Archon's gems " Andrew smiled " I found them a year ago" Andrew grinned " Now you have finished your studies, will you meet up with me tomorrow? "

" I would love too " I nodded, music started playing. I smiled at Andrew." Now, your majesty, will you be asking me to dance? "

" only if you agree to dance with me. " Andrew halt out his arm" My lady " he added slyly

" Then, lets show everyone how to dance " I giggled, Andrew chuckled softly, we walked on to the dance floor. I had learnt to dance in my free time, my Dad had taught me. I was graceful, Andrew was surprised at my dancing.

" I never knew that you were such a graceful dancer" Andrew admitted

"My Dad taught me to dance in between my lessons. " I explained, I looked into his emerald eyes. His dark brown hair fell across his eyes, I never thought I would find him attrative, but I admit he was quite handsome.

" I am glad you have finished your studies, I am going to spend most of my time with you " Andrew blushed, I followed suit blushing ferociously.

" I will do my best to remember that " I smiled, I almost squealed when dipped me back.

" I love you, Adalia " Andrew whispered, I stayed quiet as Andrew pulled me upright, the song slowed to a stop. Andrew let me go, I made an excuse to get away and rushed off, my cheeks burning red. I reached the lake and took a deep breath. I hadn't seen him for 3 years... I hardly knew him at all... I sighed, but I was 18 now... I knew that I settle down... But I hated the idea of doing everything for my husband... I sighed heavily, why was I even thinking about this? I looked up at the sky, I was wondering whether I could be happy with Andrew... I shook my head, come on Adalia, you need to get your head together! Phoenix joined me.

" Are you ok? " she asked

" No, Andrew just said something and now I can't stop thinking about it. " I told her

" What did he say? " Phoenix looked up at the sky too.

" He said... 'I love you' " I repeatedly his words

" Wow, I heard that his dad wants him to find a wife by the end of Spring " Phoenix said" I should start calling you Princess "

" I can't Phoenix, I know a good wife is submitive to the house and her husband. " I bowed my head" I won't survive a life like that " I looked at her

" Oh, Hawk...I am sure Andrew will treat you as an equal " Phoenix placed a hand on my shoulder. She left me with my thoughts.

I stayed outside for a long while, Dad joined me, and told me that the party was over and everyone was gone.

" Phoenix told me what was on your mind " He said" And Andrew wanted me to give you this" He halt out a small box... I opened it, inside was a gold ring with little bits of gems stuck all over it. I felt tears slowly roll down my face, I closed the box. "Adalia?"

"I... Does he want me as his bride? " I questioned

" Yes... " Dad said

" I...can't. " I looked at dad," I can't live a life of being in someone else's control, I like him, but I am not ready "

" I am sure he will understand, but I guess he will prefer to hear it from you. " I looked at the box. I ran to the stable, Sky was asleep so I saddled up Midnight, I raced down the path. Sunset flew next to me.

" Go on, find Andrew! " I told her, she cried and sped up. I saw Sunset circling not to far away, I speared Midnight on. I spotted the royal carriage, it had stopped. Andrew was outside it, he was surprised to see me, but he looked hopeful. His mother stood next to him. I dismounted and went over to him.

" Adalia, why did you come after us? " Andrew asked " It is dark and the path is dangerous at night. "

" I...have to tell you something... " I sighed" I like you Andrew, but I am afraid to be anyone's bride at the moment. " I looked at him

" Why? " Andrew gazed into my eyes.

" I don't want to be a submitive wife" I said, Andrew burst out laughing. I stood there looking at him in confusion, his mother was chuckling softly. I watched the pair of them, wondering what I had said that was funny...
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