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the untame heart and young hero

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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"Adalia, that is why I want to marry you" Andrew laughed "Your sense of adventure is so amazing. I love you for it, always."

"You do...? " I said

" Yes, truthfully, I would hate to have a submitive wife " Andrew smiled " You have a wild heart, it reminds me of a untamed mare in the wild. The wolves are jealous of your untame nature, no one can break you "

" You really think so? " I blushed

" Yes, so, Adalia will you be my untame nature princess? " Andrew asked, I opened the box. Andrew took the ring out.

" I guess, it wouldn't hurt... " I smiled at him " Yes... " Andrew slipped the ring onto my finger and kissed me.

" Your father will hate this! " the queen laughed

" Why? " I looked at her

" He hates Reaver, he won't be pleased that I am marrying his daughter " Andrew explained" But if he hurts you, I will have him done for treason "

" I will make sure he won't come near Millfield. " The Queen smiled

" You should head home, my dear. As I have said, the road is dangerous at night. " Andrew gave me a last kiss. I mounted Midnight again. I watched as the carriage left my sight before heading home.

I gave Midnight's reins to the stable hand, and went inside. Dad, Phoenix and Crevan were waiting there for me.

" So? " Crevan asked

" So what? " I looked at them

" Ahhh! " Phoenix squealed and grabbed my hand and looked at the ring." You said yes! "

" I thought you didn't want to be a submitive wife? " Dad grinned

" Andrew said he didn't want a submitive wife, and that my 'untame heart', as he calls it, is what attracted him to me in the first place " I explained

" So, future princess! " Crevan grinned" Good going sis"

" Yeah, Good for you Cuz" Brandon smiled

"It has been an exciting day for all of us, we should get some rest for tomorrow " Dad said, we all agreed and we went up to our rooms. Sunset sat on the windowsill, I changed and got into bed. I smiled, I had found someone who liked the idea of a none-submitive wife, I fell asleep with the idea of a wedding...

I woke early the next morning, before anyone else. I changed into a pair of adventure trousers and a plain white top. I put Avo and my Dragonstomper 48 in my holsters. Tieing my hair into a ponytail, I made my way to the dinning hall. I ate alone, I told Claire to tell my dad that I have gone to see Andrew. I decided to ride Sky today and we set off the Hollow.

" Andrew? " I called dismounting Sky, Sunset landed on the saddle, it was unusually quiet." Andrew? " I opened up the entrance, I had to push a load of Heather to get inside. I froze at the sight before me... A group of Bandit were in the middle of eating. They all looked at me, I turned to run, but they caught me before I could reach the entrance.

" Look at what we got her'" One said.

"Let me go! " I yelled, I heard the sound of a horse running. Sky had got away. I knew he would bring help.

" A beauty, a pearl" Their leader took my chin in his grip and pulled my face up to look at him.

"I believe that the correct term, or a more suitable term, is a rose amongst thorns. " I said

" Ohh, a clever little girl too" he grinned, I smelt booze on his breath. I wrinkled my nose, it was vile.

I found myself tied up in the hideout, I glared at anyone who came near me. Only the leader wasn't intimidated by my glare, and at one point sat next to me to try flirting. I tried not to laugh at his failing attempts.

I couldn't tell how much time had passed, but I heard hooves on the ground, the bandits were too busy drinking to hear it. I laughed at their reaction when Andrew, Reaver and the Queen came in. The Queen and Reaver began fighting, while Andrew untied my arms.

"I am glad to see you ok, I went to your dad's and was worried when Sky returned without you " Andrew hugged me.

" We should catch up later. We need to get rid of these guys" I drew my two guns

"Ok" Andrew nodded, I shot at the bandits, working together we were able to get rid of them very quickly." Adalia, look out! " I turned to see the leader leering down at me, before I could do anything, he was knocked away by a fire ball. I looked at the way the fire came and was surprised to see Andrew with his hand outstretched.

" You're a hero " I smiled, Andrew grinned.

" You're not the only one who worked hard the last 3 years" Andrew grinned , I chuckled.

Soon, the bandits were gone and Andrew embraced me.

" I guess bandits found this place during the last 3 years. " Andrew said, he looked relived, I knew that he relived that he got here before they hurt me.

" I am fine, trust me. Thanks for coming to my aid" I smiled

" Anything for a damsel in distress " Andrew chuckled

" Come on you two. " Dad laughed

" If you want a romantic break, you can have the castle gardens to yourselves"

"But Father, if he sees Adalia, he will go mad. You saw him yesterday. He completely lost it! " Andrew said

" Leave your father to me " The Queen told him

" Fine, Adalia if my father annoys us you have my permission to shoot him " Andrew looked at me seriously, I just nodded.

" I am sure he'll know not to touch my daughter, she'll be the least of his worries " Dad assured us. We laughed, Dad had riden Midnight here. He mounted her and told me that he would see me at dinner. The Queen went back in a carriage, while Andrew and I rode Sky. I hugged Andrew as he led Sky on. I watched as the scenery changed as we passed into Bowerstone Market. I saw many people watching me, I guessed everyone knew about me and Andrew, I didn't care. I was sure that they would trust me in time.
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