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father in law and the wedding dress

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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We had reached the castle safety. Andrew and I went to the castle gardens, there were no nobles there today, which was a bonus. I hated it as they watched 'lesser' people like hawks. Andrew and I sat by the pond, I was leaning against him while his arm was wrapped around my waist. He told me about his hero training, I listened intensely to his every word.

"I am glad you agree to be my bride, Adalia. " he smiled nuzzling my neck." My father would have chosen my bride if you disagreed, yet, he hates my choice. "

" Because of my father? " I looked up into his eyes. They reminded me of a forest when the sun shines through the leaves making it a bright green. I wasn't at all surprised when Andrew nodded.

" there was an incident that involved my father being kidnapped on Reaver's orders " Andrew explained" he has hated Reaver and anyone who is connected to Reaver in anyway "

" I think most people don't trust me yet because I am his daughter, but I know that in time they will " I looked back at the pond. "Yes, anyway, would you like a drink? I am a terrible host not to have asked earlier." Andrew hugged me.

"I would love one, my dear host " I grinned as he helped me to my feet, we went to the kitchen. The Maids made me a lovely cup of tea. They seem cheerful and happy about Andrew's engagement to me. I fell into deep conversion with the one of the msids, while Andrew spoke quietly with the head cook.

" What in avo's name is 'she' doing here? " we all turned to see King Elliot standing in the doorway looking furious.

" 'She' is my fiancee, Adalia has every right to be here! " Andrew growled protectively, Elliot glared at me.

" She is the daughter of a monster! " Elliot said

" So says someone who hates me because of my father! " I butted in, Elliot looked at me as if I was a bit of dust that had been forgotten.

" I will not hesitate to kill you here and now. " Elliot warned

" Wouldn't that be treason? After all, I am marrying your son." I grinned, he was speechless, he just glared at me again before leaving us in peace.

"You're brave to stand up to the king! " The head cook looked at me in surprise

" That's why I wanted to marry her..." Andrew looked at me dreamily. I blushed, but smiled all the same.

"Well, I know that I will enjoy working for you in the near future. Have you considered a wedding date? " the cook asked

" I don't know, a few weeks... Next month maybe... " Andrew said" What do you think? "

" Next month sounds fine, a few weeks sounds too rushed" I told him

"Good point... Next month it is, we have a lot to plan " Andrew hugged me

" I should head home, Father is expecting me in time for tea" I kissed his cheek, he bid me fair well as I made my way home.

I met Brandon on the way back, he gladly decided to walk me back.

"So, what adventures have you had? " I asked him.

" Well, I joined the light and I have been fighting the shadows ever since. " Brandon told me. I stopped to look at him

" you work for the light? " I repeated

" yeah, what's wrong with that? " Brandon asked

" Nothing, as long as you promise not to hurt my father. He may be a shadow, but he is the only parent that cares about me " I continued walking

" I knew that you would say that " Brandon chucked" I never planed to attack Reaver in the first place. "

" That's good news " I smiled

" Anyway, tell me about the slavery ship! " Brandon laughed. I told him what had happened on the ship, he laughed.

" What's so funny? " I asked

" You were never one to make things easy " he smirked, I rolled my eyes. Brandon headed home once we had reached Lake view manor gates. As soon as I got inside, I headed straight to my room. I collapsed on to my bed, with a sigh.

" Adalia? " Dad came into my room.

" Yes? " I looked up at him

" Are you ok? " he sounded really concerned

" I am fine, but we have decided a wedding day " I sat up

" When will it be? " Dad sat next to me.

" Next month " I replied" I don't even know what dress to wear"

" Don't worry about it, my dear. " Dad smiled reassuringly. " I am sure that Queen Vanessa will help you find a dress "

" Yeah, Thanks dad. " Will you walk me down the aisle?" I asked

"I would love too. And most frankly, I would have been upset if you asked someone else " Dad smiled

" Thanks Dad! " I smiled and hugged him. He chucked, but hugged me back. I loved my family.
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