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It's a GIRL!

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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Adalia was in the castle, heading downstairs for the morning meal. She had heard that her sister, Phoenix, had returned home for a visit.

" Andr... " She halt her bump as pain shot through her.

" Adalia! " Andrew gasped as he walked by with his father, he ran over. " Are you ok? " He asked

" I think the baby is coming" Adalia gasped, holding her bumb.

" Dad, Call an alchemist, Now. Also get Reaver and the others. " Andrew picked up his wife, he carried her up stairs. His mother walked behind Andrew as he placed his wife on their bed.

" You should wait outside for Reaver " Vanessa smiled warmly " I will make sure she will be fine " She promised, Andrew sighed and left as the alchemist entered the room.

Andrew paced around, his father sat on a chair as Reaver, Phoenix and Craven joined them.

" Is she ok? " Reaver asked

" I don't know " Andrew sighed

" Phoenix, are you out there? " Vanessa called

" Yes " Phoenix answered

" Come in, don't let the men in though " Vanessa said, Phoenix entered the room. Reaver and Craven sat down, Andrew went back to pacing. Every time Adalia cried in pain, Reaver and Andrew would look at the door.

" She'll be fine " Reaver muttered " She is strong, and stubborn "

" As Stubborn as a mule" Andrew agreed, silence fell over them again...

Hours passed and the men began to worry, Reaver had joined Andrew in pacing.

" Do you think... " Craven began just as a baby cry emitted from the room. The men all looked excitedly at the door, Vanessa opened the door, she let them in. Adalia was sitting in the bed holding a blanket. The alchemist smiled and left.

" Adalia? " Andrew asked, he was standing back.

" Don't you want to see your daughter? " Adalia smiled

" Daughter? " Reaver chuckled " A mini Adalia, it will be interesting how she turns out "

" Princess Candace Rose " Andrew sat next to Adalia and Candace. The child had golden curls. Reaver sat on the other side. He brushed a curl away from her closed eyes. Candace opened her eyes and looked up at the ancient hero of Skill.

" Her eyes... " Andrew said, Adalia smiled slightly.

" I have seen such a thing before, it is rare. I believe it will show her personality " Reaver chuckled

" Blue and green? What personality is that? " Elliot growled

" My dear, it is indeed a silvery blue, so maybe we have a future seer, and a venomous green, I believe she will have quite a temper" Reaver explained

" Like her mother than" Andrew smiled.

" Hey! " Adalia glared at him tiredly.

" Maybe you should allow her to rest" Vanessa suggested

"I will see you later " Reaver ruffled up Adalia's hair, Andrew kissed her forehead. Vanessa put the child in her cot, she immediately began to cry.

" Here " Andrew picked her up, she still cried.

" Let me try" Andrew passed the princess to Reaver, Candace stopped crying and began giggling.

" Seems she is a grandpa's girl... " Adalia yawned.

" Now let her rest" Vanessa ushered everyone from the room. Adalia lay down and sighed, she fell into a dreamless sleep...

A year later, Adalia and Andrew met up with their two families for a picnic.

" Gwanpa Weavew! " 1 year old Candy giggled, Adalia chuckled at her speech impediment. She sounded so cute.

" Ah, I had begun to think that you were delayed by balverines. " Reaver grinned picking up the child.

" It was a shadow! Mommy told it to go and it went. It was weally, weally scawed! " Candy giggled

" I see. Your mother is rather scary isn't she" Reaver dodged as Adalia threw a rock at him.

" Yep, mommy, can I have Gwandpa's presant? " Candy asked, climbing out of Reaver's arms and to her mother.

" Here you go " Adalia gave her the picture. Candy ran back to Reaver.

" Gwanpa, this is fow you, I hope you like it! " Candy smiled, she handed over a picture of a gun made from leaves and stones.

" It is beautiful, I must add it to my decor" Reaver grinned

" Weally? " Candy asked, her eyes glistened.

" Of course, would I lie to you? " Reaver looked down at the picture." On second thoughts, I think I need to change the decor of my manor... Will you help? " Reaver looked at the princess

" Yes, Please!" Candy smiled. Adalia watched her daughter, Andrew stood next to her.

" Time flies" Andrew muttered.

" Indeed, it seems only yesterday I proved my self to Dad" Adalia agreed, she looked towards Lake view manor, she would never forget what she had done since she first entered the doors. She smiled and went to join her family... Her family...
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