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a second wedding and a sad fairwell

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I sat down in the kitchen, Claire was going through all the possible name choices for my baby.

"What about if it was a girl? " Claire asked

" How about Candace? " I turned to see Andrew standing there, his hands behind his back. I turned away, I was still upset about yesterday, he didn't even stand up for me...

" Prince Andrew, Lady Adalia was upset yesterday and hasn't really got over it. I think it would be best if you left, we don't want King Elliot around here again " Claire said

" My father won't be leaving his room for a long while" Andrew reassured her.

" Why? " I looked at him confused

" Well, I wasn't to happy yesterday, as after the argument,l he tried to get me to divorce you and marry a princess from a different country... I really need to work on my fire ball aim... " Andrew created a small fire ball. I chuckled.

" You hit him with a fire ball... And did you say Candace..." I looked back at the list of names. "Candace Rose..It has a nice ring to it"

"I think Princess Candace Rose sounds better" Andrew pulled out a large bunch of flowers

"Their beautiful... " I smiled...

" I am sorry for not standing up for you... " Andrew got on to one knee." Will you ever forgive me? "

" I already have... Sorry for shooting at your father " I apologised

" You had every right too. My mom was about to draw her gun, but you shot instead" Andrew grinned." You saved her bullets"

" I shall leave you two in peace " Claire bowed and left.

" So, Candace Rose for a girl, what about a boy? " Andrew sat on the chair.

" I was thinking maybe Adrian Sparrow... After your grandfather " I looked at his reaction.

" I love it " Andrew smiled " I think my mother will be happy if we call a son Sparrow "

" I thought she would " I folded the paper

" Well, my princess, would you care to go on a walk with me? " Andrew asked

" I would love too" I smiled, I took his arm and we went for a walk around the manor gardens. We heard from gun shots and laughter, we rounded a corner and saw both, Phoenix and Craven practicing. I felt sorry for the target, it's red centre had been blasted out.

"Are you two finishers bullying the target yet?" I asked, they both turned around.

"So, you two have made up? " Phoenix said

" Yes, I am sorry about my father's behaviour yesterday, he had crossed the line. My mother wasn't to happy about it either" Andrew said

" It's fine" Craven said "As long as Hawk is ok, we are happy" He blasted another hole in the target

"Come to think of it, Andrew you are one of those heroes who can use Skill, Will and Strength right? " Phoenix asked

" Yes... So? " Andrew was confused

" Well, Hawk is a hero of Skill... " Phoenix began

" The chance our child will have the Skill ability is 100%. There is a 50% that they will have all 3 abilities. " I finished

" Right... Is that a good or bad?" Andrew asked, we chuckled.

" It think it will be ok, as long as no gets on their bad side" I smiled, Andrew rolled his eyes.

" I had better head home, my mother wants to know if we have sorted out what happened yesterday " Andrew gave me a kiss" I will call again tomorrow" With that he left. When he had gone, I drew my own gun and shot more holes into the target, it looked like it had a smiley face.

" That's how you shoot" I grinned

" Ha, Ha, Ha! Phoenix laughed sarcastically "Anyway, I promised to meet Vincent in a few minutes, so I had better go, see you later" Phoenix left me and Craven shooting faces into the other targets, I was happy that Phoenix and Vincent were still together, not that I trusted him yet...

Phoenix returned just after dinner, bursting with news.

"Vincent asked me to marry him! " Phoenix grinned

" Lets see the ring! " I smiled

" He...didn't get me a ring...As such... " Phoenix said

" But... " Craven began

" He got me a new ship instead! " Phoenix squealed

" Wow... " I muttered" That's pretty decent of him "

" I am fine with it, but don't get pregnant young, like Adalia did " Dad said

" Oh yeah, thanks dad " I grumbled, he chuckled.

" So, have you agreed on a date" Craven asked

" Sometime next month" Phoenix told us

"Than we have a lot to plan " Dad smiled. We all agreed.

A month later

I stood by Andrew's side as we watched my sister's wedding. It was obvious that I was pregnant, as I had a small bumb. We listened to the Abbott say what he said at our wedding. When Vincent finally kissed Phoenix, everyone burst into cheers. Dad, Craven, Andrew and I went over to the happy couple.

" I am proud of you " Dad hugged her, I saw a tear roll down his cheek.

" Dad? Are you... " Phoenix began

" Crying? " I finished

" How many times do I have to say girls, it's liquid pride " Reaver sniffed, Phoenix and I rolled our eyes

" Of course it is " We said, and laughed about the look on his face.

" So, you will be sailing the seas, like a real pirate princess "Craven said

" Yes. I will miss all of you though " Phoenix sighed

" We'll miss you, but please say you will be here when the time comes... " I took her hands in mine.

" Of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world " Phoenix hugged me.

" Phoenix, we should go" Vincent said.

" Right, Bye we will return. Don't worry " Phoenix gave us a hug, than boarded the new ship she had been given, The Fire Bird 2. We all waved as the boat began to leave port. I began to cry, Andrew hugged me lovingly.

" It will be fine, like Hawks, Phoenix's need to leave the nest too. " He said

" I know, and one day, she will return home " I looked up at him " Like we all do " our families gathered around us as we watched The Fire Bird 2 disappear into the sunset.
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