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little news, big reaction

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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We had been living at Oakfield farm for a month or two now. We had finally settled down into a nice routine. The people of Oakfield were happy to see me again, but even more so when they found out that I had married the prince of Albion. We had hired some men to work on the farm with us.

One morning, I woke up feeling slightly off balanced.

" Are you ok Darling? " Andrew asked sitting up

" I don't feel too good... " I groaned and rubbed my head.

" I'll go and get a doctor. " Andrew left me for about 10 minutes, before returning with a alchemist.

" Just stay still " The alchemist touched my forehead, he than pressed against my chubby stomach, I made a mental note to go on a diet. He looked triumphant as he found the problem.

" What's wrong with her? " Andrew asked worryingly.

" Nothing, apart from she is carrying a baby " The alchemist smiled" Congratulations " he than left.

" How is it possible? "Andrew sat on the edge of the bed.


Do I have to explain the 'When a Mommy and a Daddy love each other very much..."


I know, I know... " my father is going to freak out" Andrew sighed

" Well, I think it would be easier to tell my father alone, we all know he will flip! " I joined him and hugged his arm. " I guess it is time for just to head home. "

" I guess... " Andrew kissed my forehead" Now, don't do anything until I return. You are a fragile state "

" Fragile? I'll give you fragile... I mumbled under my breath as Andrew left the room for a second time. I quickly got a quill and paper and wrote a quick note for dad and mother, explaining we were making a rather hastily planned visit, but also saying we were find and had nothing to worry about. After folding them and tieing a pink ribbon around the queens letter and a blue ribbon around the one for my father. Than I went over to Sunset.

" Sunset, take the blue one to my father and the pink one to the queen" I told her. She let out a soft cry before taking the ribbons in her talons and flew out the window. ' Keep her safe shadows... ' I prayed silently.

I changed, but due to Andrew's orders, I had to stay sitting down. I sighed, he was too over protective.

" Alright, that's everything we need " Andrew helped me up.

" So, I'll go to tell my father and you go to tell your mother " I went over the plan.

" Yes, whatever you do, don't let your dad kill me " Andrew helped me into a carriage.

" I won't, don't worry, everything will be fine " I kissed him. We travelled to Millfields first, I got out just outside Lake view manor. I waved bye to Andrew before knocking on the door, this was my first visit since we had moved.

" Lady Adalia! Mastew Weavew told us that you wewe visiting today, thanks to youw Hawk" Hatch opened the door.

" Yes, I sent her with the notes. Where is father? " I entered the manor.

" Up in his study, would you like a drink, Miss Adalia? " Claire came over.

" No thank you, it is great to see you two again " I smiled, than headed to my dad's study. I knocked on the door and waited.

" Come in! " Dad called. I opened the door, Phoenix and Craven had been playing cards while dad had been filling in some forms.

" Adalia!" Phoenix smiled

" Hi dad, Phoenix, Craven " I smiled as Phoenix pulled me into a hug.

" What was with the hastily planned visit? " Dad asked, looking concerned.

" Well, before I say anything, just promise not to go raging, ok? All of you " I looked at my famy.

" I promise " They all said

" Well... Andrew and I had found out this morning... That I was... Pregnant... " I spoke my words carefully, watching the looks on their faces.

" I'm going to be an Aunt! " Phoenix squealed.

" I am going to be an uncle " Craven said, almost not believing that he was actually going to be an uncle. Dad sat there, he seemed unsure how to act.

" Dad? " I asked

" I guess... I am going to be an Grandad. " He chuckled lightly. " Though I am not happy that he got you pregnant at your age"

" I can look after myself, anyway, it means Andrew and I may have to stay here" I smiled

" That is fine with me " Dad got up and hugged me softly. " Just don't do anything dangerous, you are in a fragile state "

" Now listen here, Andrew said I was fragile, so what? I am still dangerous, I hate people claiming that I can't do anything just because I am pregnant! " I told him

" Stop being serious, I was joking " Dad laughed.

" Have you thought of any names? " Craven asked

" Not yet, as I said, we only found out this morning " I said

" Adrian is a nice name " Phoenix muttered. Before I could answer, someone banged on the door angrily. We all went downstairs to find King Elliot glaring around the hall. He looked up to see us.

" Girl! Get here! " He yelled.

" There is 2 girls, your majesty, which one are you referring too? Dad said, I giggled. I saw Andrew and his mother behind him.

" You know who I am talking about, the whore my son married " Elliot growled.

" What did you call me? " I asked

" You heard, your mother had told me a lot about you, you were the one using the tax money to drink. " Elliot grinned triumphantly. I immediately began to make my way upstaires. I re-entered the study and began to pace. Tears rolled down my cheeks, why would my own mother say that?

" Adalia...? " Dad came in.

" Why would she say something like that? About her own daughter? " I looked at him through my tears.

" It's ok... I know you would never do such a thing. " Dad hugged me, I cried into his white Balverine jacket.

" Master Reaver what should I tell King Elliot? " Claire asked from outside the room.

" Tell him to leave, if he refuses, tell him I will not hesitate to shoot him. " Reaver said. I heard footsteps heading downstairs.

" What am I going to do now? " I asked

" Stay here, where you are safe. If the king thinks he can just enter my home and insult my oldest daughter just because something that an old wrench tild him, he has nothing coming. " Dad kissed my forehead, he let me go and smiled at me.

" Thanks dad" I wiped my eyes "Your the best"

" Sir, the king refuses to leave... " Claire said

" Dad... Can I borrow your gun? " I asked, he nodded knowingly, he gave me his gun. I went down some stairs. Elliot was arguing with Phoenix, I shot at him, the bullet missed him he by a cats whisker. Everyone looked at me.

" If you don't leave... It is I who you stood worry about. That was just a warning shot" I watched him through narrow eyes. "You can tell my mother that I am expecting, but also say that she will never see the child, I want to spare them what I had to grow up with. If you want proof my mom' s a lier, go and ask the people of Oakfield. " I lowered the gun, and headed back upstairs. I gave Dad his gun back.

" You handled that nicely, I am proud to call you my daughter " Dad chuckled" Now, let's go and get your room sorted out for you. Than maybe, instead of hunting wolves or balverines, we could hunt nobles" I laughed.

" That would be a lot of fun " I smiled, as we walked down the hall, I wondered if I had made the right choice to marry Andrew...
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