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the oak field farm

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I woke up in Andrew's embrace the day after we saved our father from a pirate who wanted his title of pirate king. Andrew was still asleep, I carefully climbed out of bed, trying not to wake him, than left the room. The castle was bigger on the insids than I first thought, after 6 or 7 turns, I was lost. I looked at the paintings, hoping I had past them before getting lost.

" Good morning Adalia " Vanessa came out of a room, Elliot close behind her.

" Sorry, I got lost, I was trying to find my way back " I bowed my head to her.

" There is no need for that, we are family now" Vanessa smiled warmly "And Andrew has a plan, I think you will like" She began to lead me through the maze of hallways.

" Really? " I looked up at her, I had never thought I would end up marrying the great hero's son, but I did! I wonder what my mother would say?

" Yes, I am sure he will like to tell you himself " Vanessa smiled

" Ok, Your majesty, may I ask, But what happened to my mother? " I looked away.

" She is in the dungeons, you are welcome to go and see her if you wish " Vanessa said. " And you realise that you can call me mother or, at least Vanessa" We stopped in the main hall, but Elliot carried on towards the dining hall. " Or Nessa"

" I'll call you mother, and where are the dungeons? " I asked

" Major Finn! " Mother called, and man with amazingly blonde haor and blue eyes came over.

" Yea, your majesty? " he asked

" Please escort Princess Adalia to the woman who refuses to pay taxes" mother told him

" Of course " he bowed" This way princess" " followed the Major down into the lower levels of the castle. " You have a guest " Major Finn stopped out side a prison cell. " I'll leave you in peace princess" Major from left.

" What Princess, Albion has no... Adalia!? " She looked up at me.

" Mom... " I looked at her sadly

" You... A princess? " She looked amazed

" Prince Andrew and I were wed a few days ago " I explained " And Father accepted me "

" I am surprised, I had hoped he had shot you... " Before she could say anymore, I stood up.

" You never change. If you excuse me, I must join Andrew for breakfast" I ran to the door.

" One day, you will become as worthless as the old farm. " my mom crackled. I opened the door, major Finn was surprised to see me crying.

" Are you ok? " He asked

" I am fine... I just need some time alone. " I told him.

" Follow me" Finn led me to the main hall, just as Andrew was coming down the staires.

" Adalia! What's wrong? " Andrew rushed over and quickly embraced me.

" Just my mother, I let her get to me... I am fine, honest " I smiled at him

" If you say so, and I have a plan. Of course, my father hates having you here and we can't exactly live at your father's... Si, we rebuilt your old farm, all the animals have been returned, including Sunset, Sky and Midnight... I was thinking we could live there. " Andrew told me " Lead an honest life, until my mother believes it is time that we took over... Not that my father will be too pleased"

" My old farm. You rebuilt it? " I looked at him hopefully.

" Yes... So, is it a good idea? "Andrew asked.

" No... " I looked up at him " It's a brilliant Idea! " I kissed him " Thank you..."

"So, you agree? " Mother came out of the dining hall.

" Yes, we shall leave today" Andrew smiled

" I need to tell my father " I said. Andrew and I planed out today... We had to pack, which I had to return home to do, I also need to tell my family, all but my imprisoned mother. I changed, had a slice of toast before taking a carriage to my dad's.

I knocked on the door and waited, Phoenix opened the door.

" Sis, come on in! " Phoenix let me past. Dad and Craven were in the study. I gathered them together and told them the plan.

" So, you will be heading north of Bowerstone market. " Dad said, I nodded.

" We plan on heading out before days end" I looked at him, he seemed a little down.

" At least we can still visit " dad smiled

" And I will find time to visit here, I hate to leave you... But, like all little Hawks, I must leave the nest to find my own way"

" Yes, you do. Just promise you will be careful. " Dad said.

" Promise " I hugged him, my family helped tidy away my room. I was taking my katakana from the queen, clothes, the really rubbish drawing of a dragonstomper 48, my dragonstomper 48 and Avo. I gave Skorm to my Dad.

" Please look after it" I told him

" I will. I will keep it with my other treasured guns. " Dad ruffled up my hair, I smiled, it was sad that I would be leaving this behind.

I reached the castle just before sunset. I had changed into the clothes I had first worn when I came to prove myself. Andrew was waiting beside a carriage.

" All ready? " He asked

" Yes, shall we go? " I said, he nodded and let me in. As the carriage began to move, I saw mother waving, I waved back until we left the castle grounds. This was it...

I had drifted off to sleep on the way to Oakfield, Andrew woke me when we had reached the farm.

" Home sweet home " Andrew smiled as we got out of the carriage.

" So, this is the beginning of our new life together... " I muttered" I can't wait! " We headed in side to have a look around our new home.
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