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the best honeymoon activity ...saving the in-laws

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I ran through Wraithmarsh, through brightwood, and to Millfields. It had taken 4 days to reach this place. I felt the shadows not far behind me.

I saw my family by Bower lake.

"Hi! " I yelled, I race over to them.

" Adalia! " Andrew embraced me

" I must tell you something, I knew we couldn't take the pirates on by ourselves... " I began

" So, you got help! Great! " Queen Vanessa smiled

" Sort of, the closest allies were my father's friends in Wraithmarsh. " I told them

" The shadow court " Craven said, " Dad told me about them

" They agreed to help, under on condition.. " I looked at them all.

" What did you agree to do Adalia? " Andrew asked

" They asked me to become the shadow Princess, to be their light. I won't need to sacrifice people like my father" I said

" Wow, you got a decent deal there sis" Craven patted my back.

" So, shall we go to try and save Dad? " Phoenix asked.

" Let's go, I can't stand the idea of someone killing Dad just to claim a title! " I growled, Phoenix told me that Dad had been taken just before she had waved Andrew off on her ship.

" I hope he's ok" I sighed, we reached Bowerstone Industrial's dock. I saw a battered looking ship.

" There he is " Andrew said

" how are we going to get there? " I asked

" You and Andrew can take my ship, the fire bird, it is fast, you two can stall them. We will take another boat " Phoenix said " I assure you that the Fire Bird is the fastest ship in Albion "

" Thank you Phoenix! " I hugged her, than Andrew and I went on board the Fire Bird. As Phoenix had said, it was a very fast ship, no wonder we had reached Bloodstone within a night. On silent sails, The Fire Bird approached the ship, on which my father was kept hostage. Andrew gripped my hand.

" Are you ok? " I looked at him

" I just get a little sea sick" Andrew smiled weakly.

" After we stop this madness, we can stay with on land." I hugged him " I promise"

" I trust you Adalia. Always have, always will" Andrew smiled and kissed my forehead.

" Than lets get this over and done with. " I drew my gun, and pointed the barrel at the man at the other ships helm. I fired, and the man slumped to the ground, Andrew smirked.

" You never miss a shot, just like Reaver. " he chuckled " Now, for the honeymoon activity, saving the in - law" I giggled, but stopped as I noticed a Canon ball, I pulled Andrew out of the way as it whizzed over us, crashing into the mast. We watched as the mast fell, smashing through the deck, we were going down! Andrew wrapped his arm around my waist, than jumped...

Andrew had let me go as soon as we hit the water. I was pulled out of the water and on to a deck. I looked up into the face of the ugliest nan I had ever seen!

" Adalia?!" I heard my father, I turned and saw my father and Andrew tied up.

" Reaver's kid? What a pretty little gem you are " the man leaned closer. I was most gagged at the smell of his breath. " I think I'll keep you... " He touched my chin, making me look at him.

" Leave my wife alone! " Andrew growled

" Wife? Princess of Albion too? My, my, what luck" He grinned

" Hey! " Phoenix yelled, jumping on board.

" Phoenix... " I began

" You destroyed my ship! " Phoenix came over to the man. Drawing her gun, she pointed it at a random crew member and shot him" And, I ain't leaving until I get my revenge"

" Really little girl, who are you? " the man asked

" Phoenix, pirate princess, and daughter of Reaver " Phoenix saluted with her gun.

" Don't you know what your dad has done? " the man looked at her

" Well, Reaver may not be the winner of the best dad award..." I said

" Nor is he the purest person in Albion... " Phoenix added

" He may be a complete man whore. " Craven agreed, joining Phoenix. I got to my feet.

" You 3 are not helping " Dad sighed

" But...He is the only dad we've got " Phoenix said

" Not to mention completely awesome! " Craven chuckled

" And you can take my dignity and whatever else, but you will never take our father! " I concluded, standing in front of dad and Andrew.

" You three are confident" The man boomed out laughing. Quicker than lighting, I drew my gun, and shot him between the eyes. He fell to the floor, everyone looked at me.

" What? He was bugging me " I looked at them innocently. Shadows appeared on the deck, killing the crew that had helped in the capture of my father. The shadows left once all the men were dead.

" Why did the shadows help? " Dad asked, Craven was helping him to his feet.

" I made a deal with them. " I said" They promised to help, if I became the shadow Princess, their guiding light. " I told him

" Never trust the shadows Adalia, they never mean what they say, and change what you ask for " Dad hugged me" Don't let them get inside your head, my dear, that was the mistake I made" he added in a whisper so only I could hear him.

" I'll be fine Dad... " I hugged him back. Phoenix and Craven joined in for a group hug. I looked over at Andrew and Vanessa. They hugged too, Andrew looked over at me. He smiled, I smiled back, nothing was more important than the family you have and the friends you make. People who didn't know that were missing out on life. I never wanted to be close to losing my family again. I made a mental note to ask the shadows to keep an eye on my family, so they would never have to face danger alone.
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