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to save a shadow

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Adalia grew up knowing her father, but never meeting him. She wants to prove herself before telling him though, so he can't reject the idea. She must face living with a shadow itself. She falls for...

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I spent the whole party next to Andrew, people came over to congratulate us. Dad made himself rather merry. Andrew, no matter how much I asked, refused to tell me where we were going for our honeymoon. After about 5 hours, people began to head home. Andrew had gone to have a private word with Dad and Queen Vanessa. Phoenix had pulled me into a hug, around about 34 minutes ago, and she hadn't let me go. I yawned, Craven was trying to get me out of Phoenix's strong embrace. "

" I think it is time we got going, we have quite a long journey ahead" Andrew smiled, phoenix let me go (finally), but I was pulled into Andrew's embrace.

" I doubt I'll make it. I'll surely die of being over loved" I joked. Andrew chuckled.

" Stay safe" Dad kissed my forehead.

" I will dad, promise. And I won't shoot anyone" I grinned, dad smiled proudly at me. A carriage was waiting outside for us. " Now will you tell me where we are going? " I looked at him

"It's a surprise " Andrew laughed. We got into the carriage. I waved to my family. When they were out of sight. I leaned back, Andrew took my hand." I promise that you will enjoy this trip "

" I trust it will " I smiled, I leaned against Sndrew, I was tired out from today's events.

" You should rest, I will wake you " Andrew said. I nodded, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

" Time to wake up Princess" Andrew muttered, I woke up, I yawned. I looked out of the window, we were at a dock.

" What th... " I couldn't finish as Andrew picked me up and carried me to a big ship.

" There you are! " Phoenix came over" Right, if there is a single scratch on my ship I will kill you " She warned Andrew. I was half asleep, I closed my eyes again and fell asleep.

I woke up in a nice bed, I heard waves. So, we were on a cruise. I snuggled back into the bed. I felt someone behind me, I shuffled around and looked into the face of my dearly loved prince. He smiled at me lazily.

" Good morning, my love " He smiled and hugged me softly.

" Morning, now will you tell me where we are going? " I cuddled into his warm body.

" It is still a surprise, so you will have to wait. We will be there soon anyway" Andrew smiled and kissed my forehead.

" I guess I can wait a little longer " I mumbled, I didn't want to leave the warmth of his body, but a minute later the crew said land ahead, our destination. We got into clean clothes. I was slightly embarrassed about dressing while Andrew was in the cabin too, but we were husband and wife, I would have to get use to it.

" Coming Adalia? " Andrew asked, I was trying to lace up my corset, I usually had Claire to help.

" Just...trying to...get this...on.. " I gasped

" Don't wear it if you find it uncomfortable" Andrew said, he smiled at my continued failing attempts.

" But, my father... " I began.

" I won't tell him. Anyway you are the princess and my future Queen of Albion " Andrew said, he took my corset. Before I could say anything else, he pulled a dress over my head, he wss dressing me like a child. When he had finished tieing up the back, I turned to face him.

" I was capable of doing that myself " I told him

" I know, but you would have spent forever getting that damned corset on" Andrew chuckled, I rolled my eyes but I couldn't help smiling.

We left the ship, Andrew had blind folded me and was leading me into the unknown.

" Here we are " Andrew took off my blind fold. I gasped, we were standing outside a manor.

" Where are we? " I looked at him

" Bloodstone, I know it ain't that great, but your father offered us to go to his old manor." Andrew explained.

" I heard of this place and for the longest time, wished to run and live here." I told him, as we entered the manor, Maids were rushing around. I saw claire, dad must of sent them ahead. " I guess, part of me has alwas been here, because of my father"

"Well, want to see the bed room?" Andrew asked.

"Ok" I followed him up the staires, it took us a few minutes to find the bed rooms.

"Your dad is crazy, what made him want a house to be built like this?" Andrew gasped

"Well, my father likes puzzles, maybe that is why. This is like a maze, a puzzle" I said, I looked in the two rooms.

"Which room do you like?" Andrew asked

"The second one, it has a fire place" I said

"We'll sleep in the second room then" Andrew pulled me into a hug.

" Prince Andrew, Princess Adalia! " Claire came rushing up staires.

" Claire? What's wrong?" I asked her.

"People are trying to break in. " Claire wsd terrified. I drew my dragonstomper, as I ran down staires. I opened the door. I was surprised to see the whole town of Bloodstone was outside.

" We want Reaver! " Someone yelled

" We want his blood before the pirates do! " another said

" Reaver isn't here. He is Millfields" Andrew joined my side.

"You're the Prince?! " someone gasped

" Yes, and this is my wife " Andrew told them.

" Wait, what pirates? Why are they after my father? " I looked at the people

" Your father! He is going down, and a new pirate king will rise. " a big bloke laughed.

" Not if I can help it! " I growled.

" What will you do against hundreds of pirates? Even if you are princess? " A child asked, my eyes traveled to a hill. The shadows.

" I have an idea, Andrew return to Bowerstone, and warn the Queen. I have some people to meet. " I looked at him

" Are you sure? " Andrew asked

" I'll be fine" I kissed his cheek "I will return" with that, I ran through the crowed, I didn't stop runing until I reached the shadow court.

I entered the dark halls and went to the deepest chamber with three thrones. Three shadows appeared.

'Welcome.' The one in the middle said

'Welcome.' the one to his left repeated

'Welcome.' he last one greeted me.

" You are the shadows of the shadow court, correct? " I stood tall, yet I was afraid.

'Indeed, and who are you? We sense a lot of darkness in you ' The middle one, who was clearly the boss, said

" I am Adalia, daughter of Reaver " I introduced myself

' Reaver has a child? One born with a shadow inside' The shadow was surprised

" Yes, but he is in danger, but I fear that I will not be able to save my father from all the enemies that he will surely face" I told them bravely.

'And you want us to help? ' It asked

" Yes, I know you will want something in return" I looked at them

' You know us well Daughter of Reaver. What will be worth your father's life? ' their red eyes burned into mine, they seemed to look away when I gave them an icy stare.

" I will give my soul, as my father did" I placed a hand on my heart

' You are young, younger than Reaver was when he came to us. We will give help, not for your soul, you have always been ours since your birth. ' The shadow king looked at me

" Then what will you want to help me for? " I asked, I was desperate for help

' Become the Shadow Princess. Become our light' I was surprised at that.

" Of cause! " I said quickly before they could change their minds.

'Than, let us save a shadow, Princess' The shadows said in unison.

" Yes" I nodded, I hoped Andrew wouldn't hate me for my decision.
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