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Home At Last

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She's all he thought about. And now he's finally going to see her again. Rated for language just to be safe. I suck at summaries... Rate, review, make your mark. I OWN NOTHING!!!!

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Sneaking onto the plane was easy enough. Sensei had given him some pointers on how to manipulate the darkness around him to fit to his body like his own skin. Hell, Leo even pounded a master plan into his thick-skulled head. Not to mention a backup plan in case the master plan fell through.

Sneaking onto the plane definitely wasn’t an issue.

It was the staying on this behemoth bird that made Raph antsy. Donnie told him to get on ASAP and just sit tight until take off. It would be safer that way.

That was always his excuse. “It’s safer this way.” To Raph, it sounded like a technical, scientific way of saying, “I have no spine and don’t feel like taking a risk now and then.”

So here he was. Sitting like a bump on a log in a dingy, foul smelling aircraft in a cramped compartment directly under the cock pit. Waiting… waiting… waiting… to finally go…


The word was almost foreign to his mind. He reached into his shell and brought out a few faded photographs.

The first one was one of him and his brothers. They all had their masks off, gazing at the TV as if their lives depended on it. Mikey had his fist full of popcorn and was attempting to stuff the whole thing in his mouth. Donnie was fiddling with the volume controller. Leo was in his thinking-pose with his left finger and thumb lightly touching his bottom lip. And Raph was scowling at the teenage drama TV show and held a bottle up to his lips.

Raph smiled. This picture captured each of the brothers in their comfort zones. Mikey with his junk food, Donnie with his technology, Leo with his brooding mind, and Raph with his live-on-the-edge nature.

The next one was a picture of a smaller, softer version Raphael with light freckles, a goofy grin, and a front tooth missing. Raph felt tears brim on his eyelids.


Sort for Benois.

His three-year-old son.

Raph wondered if his son would even remember him. After all, he had left when the kid was only a little more than two.

The last picture was one of his wife tucking a strand of hair behind her ear while trying to shy away from the camera.

‘Wait a sec… HOLD UP!!! Raphael is married? To a human???’ You ask. ‘Isn’t he like… some sort of freak??? And a jerk??? Who would marry a dick wad like him???’

Raph wondered the same thing, too. To the point where he actually confronted her about it. She had just looked at him, smiled sweetly, and said, “Because I love you.” And kissed him soundly.

“Remind me to ask you that more often…” he had said in a daze.

You also might ask yourself how in the world they pulled off a wedding… He’s a mutant turtle for God’s sake. Wouldn’t that at least raise a few eyebrows?

Funny thing about today’s culture: You don’t actually have to be legally married to start a family.

Raph ran his finger along the edge of the picture tenderly, as if fearing it would fall to pieces in his palm. This is where the silent tears fell.


Southern Belle.

His brown/blonde haired, blue eyed Seraph.

His only weakness.

He loved her so much it hurt.

Maybe that’s why he so frequently found himself wondering if she was still a little bitter with him for leaving.



“Don’t talk to me, Raph. Not right now.”

Raph lowered his eyes. He knew she didn’t really mean to shun him like that, but it hurt none the less.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” he said quietly. She turned her face away from him, trying to hide her tears.

“Are you, Raph?” she choked out. “Are you really?”

Raph knew from experience that now was not the time to try to defend himself.

“You are leaving behind a family. You’re brothers, your father… your wife and child…” she whispered. “Does that not make you want to change your mind?”

“You know it does.” Raph said. “But Sensei said this trip is essential for my training. And I gotta respect his wishes.”

Carrie tucked a loose stand of hair behind her ear. “But you are already finished with your training.” She countered. “I mean, just look at yourself!”

Raph stayed silent.

“And why is Splinter sending you all the way to Africa anyway?!” she whirled on him now. “Why not somewhere closer? He sent Leo to Central America. Is it so hard to find a place nearer to home? WHY IS HE SENDING YOU SO FAR AWAY?”

Raph didn’t know what to tell her.

“Carrie,” he gingerly touched her tear streaked face. “I--”

She whacked his hand away. “Don’t touch me.”

She turned on her heal, ran to their room, and slammed the door.


Raph remembered sleeping on the couch that night.

He closed his eyes and let what few tears he could muster fall.

He found out later that Carrie had gone directly to Splinter himself and gave him a little taste of her Texas attitude. Needless to say, it hadn’t gotten her anywhere.

The plane jerked forward.

“Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome aboard Southwest Airlines. If you would please buckle your safety belts, we will begin our flight. Thank you.”

Well, here we go. Back to New York. Back to civilization. Back to TVs and microwaves and refrigerators. Back… home.


God, Raph hated small spaces. Everyone knew it.

He blamed his claustrophobia on Splinter. What was he thinking, keeping all this raw brutality trapped below ground for so many years?

He fiddled with his Sai, spinning them around in his hands and balancing them on his fingers. Whose idea was it to make Africa so friggin’ far from the US anyway? Eighteen god damned hours in a dinky little compartment reserved for luggage. Joy.

He needed out. Fast.

The sooner he could get home, the better. But at the same time, he dreaded it.

He hadn’t written anyone to tell them he was coming home. By the time the letter would have gotten there, he would have been settled in already; so why bother? Also, he knew Carrie would go nuts trying to clean everything and cook this amazing meal for him.

While that would be great, he also wanted to use the element of surprise on his family.
He grinned elfishly. He loved surprises… just… so long as he wasn’t on the receiving end…
He could already hear his brother’s voices playing their salutations in his head.


“Welcome back, little Brother!”

“There’s our Fire and Brimstone. It wasn’t the same without you, Raph.”

But what they had to say could wait. Raph would kill anyone who ever called him a daddy’s boy… but it was true.

As a child, Raphael remembered always requiring more parental discipline than all his brothers. Combined…

Needless to say, it had given him a lot of one on one time with Splinter and the respect the young turtle had for the rat grew ever greater every time he was lectured.

So, to be completely honest, he was disappointed and more than just a little hurt when Leonardo was selected to be the leader.

Again, he would kill anyone who ever pointed that out to him.

Which is probably why when Raph gets home, he will look for Splinter’s welcome-home embrace before he looks for a place to sleep.

In any case, when Raph got home, he would be walking straight into a family ambush.


“When will you be back?” Carrie asked the following day from her place in the kitchen where she busied herself with dinner prep.

“I dunno.” He said after a moment. “This is a self-taught thing. I come home when I think I’m ready.”

She just nodded and continued chopping carrots and tossing them into a simmering pot on the stove. He watched her silently, the Sports Illustrated in his hands forgotten for the moment.

“Hey,” He said suddenly and stood from his seat at the table. Carrie jumped a little and stood still, but didn’t turn around to face him. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her middle. “You’re so beautiful, ya know that?” he whispered into her hair.
She relaxed at his voice and leaned into his hold.

“I had an idea.” She said with a grin and laid down the chopping knife. “You only just confirmed my suspicions.”

Raph chuckled and buried his face in her neck peppering it with feather-light kisses. “Then you musta known that I love you. More than anythin’ else in th’ world.”

Carrie reached up and placed her hand on his cheek. “Yes.” She whispered. “I do. And,” she turned in his arms to face him. “I love you, too. More than anything else in the world. No matter what.”

Raph smiled and kissed her softly.

The “front door” slid open and Mikey and Benny marched in.


Raph and Carrie snapped their heads toward their son and laughed.

“That’s right, Benny.” Carrie said seriously as she stepped out of Raph’s embrace and toward Mikey and Benny. “So you better run before I kiss you!!!” and she chased him to his room where peals of laughter could be heard.

Mikey let a deep breath out. “Well,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting that…”

Raph rolled his eyes and turned the stove on low. “Yeah.” he said wistfully.

“Sorry ‘bout that, bro.” Mikey rubbed the back of his neck with a cheeky smile. “If I’d known you two would be gettin’ it down I wouldn’t have--”

Raph glared at him. “Shut up, Mikey.”

Mikey grinned evilly. “You know you were.”

“Yeah. So what?”

“Whatever, man.” He sat down at the table and kicked his feet up. “So… how’s she taking it?”

Raph sighed and picked up his magazine. “She doesn’t like it, but she knows it’s what’s gotta happen.”

“I guess that’s a good as we’re gonna get for now, huh?” Mikey said thoughtfully.

“Yeah.” Raph agreed absently. “Fer now.”


There was a layover in Miami.

AKA, run like hell to your next flight before it leaves without you.

Raph had to do just that. He literally had to jump off his plane before it even touched the ground, sprint to the next runway, and grab onto the already ascending tires of the next plane.

Donnie knew Raph liked a little action. And he had to pay him back for calling him a spineless jellyfish. He had it all planned out… the stinker. Raph made a mental note to kick his brother’s butt when he got back.

But anyway, now he’s on the last leg of his journey home. Just three more hours…
Raph looked down at his hands and couldn’t decide if they were shaking from excitement or apprehension. After all, what few letters he had received from New York during his seven-month-long training, only one had been from Carrie.

And even then, it had been mainly about Benny.

“Benny lost his first tooth today. Here’s a picture of him smiling for his daddy to see.”

“He’s getting so big! Already he’s almost three feet tall.”

“Mikey took him for his first skateboarding trip in the tunnels. He feel and skinned his knee, but Mikey says he got right back up again without so much as a tear.”

“We miss you. Come home soon. Love, Carrie.”

He almost jumped on the next flight to the USA right then and there just so that he could come home soon. Those words echoed in his head for days afterwards.

Raph knew she hated him for leaving, but knew he couldn’t do much about it. What Splinter says goes. She had learned that early on in their relationship. So she had no choice but to accept it and try to move on as best she could.


“Hey...” she whispered as he shifted position on the couch. He turned around from watching the TV.

“What are you doing up?” he asked as he stood.

“I’d like to ask you the same question.” She retorted. “You said you were coming to bed over an hour ago and I find you watching a stupid RomCom.”

Raph blinked. “Star Wars is many things, but a RomCom sure ain’t one of ‘em…” he deadpanned. “And there‘re people who’d hang ya for callin’ it ‘stupid’.”

“Whatever.” Carrie said and crossed her arms over an old t-shirt ten sizes too big for her. “You still didn’t answer my question."

“I asked first.”

Carrie said nothing. She just turned away from him and made her way to the kitchen.

“Want a beer?” She asked as she opened the fridge and pulled out some left-over popcorn.
That was the great thing about marrying a girl who grew up in Texas. There was always at least one six-pack within arm’s reach.

“Sure.” he said and made himself comfortable on the couch again. He flinched when he heard her close the fridge door with a little too much force. She handed him his can and sat down next to him, curling up against his chest. Raph let his arm fall lazily around her frame and unpaused the movie.

“I missed you.” she said. “I couldn’t fall asleep without you right next to me.”

Raph tightened his hold around her. “You’re going to have to get used to it.” he said softly.

Carrie sighed. “I know.” She reached her hand into the bag of popcorn. “Why are you still up?”

Raph pondered how he should answer. The classic ‘I couldn’t sleep.’ bit never seemed to work on Carrie. She seemed to be able to read Raphael like a book sometimes. Not just any book either. One of those big printed mother truckers with a picture every other page.

He also couldn’t just say ‘I dunno.’ Cuz he did. And honesty had been pounded into him at a very early age to the point where he was honest to a fault at times…

In any case, he replied, “I’m not really tired.” Which wasn’t a total lie…

She didn’t answer.

“Mama? Daddy?” a little voice said from the stairs.

Raph and Carrie turned to see Benny shuffling down the steps and rubbing his eyes sleepily.
“Sweetie, what are you doing up?” Carrie asked and got up from her seat on the couch to pick him up.

“I had a bad dream.” He said and yawned. “And I couldn’t go back t’ sleep.”

Carrie rocked him back and forth, rubbing the sensitive grooves of his shell gently with the tips of her fingers.

Raph grabbed the remote and turned Star Wars off. “Well, Mama and I weren’t doin’ anythin’.” he said. “Why don’t we watch some TV to make ya forget your dream?”

Benny nodded and Carrie snuggled up against Raph again.

Five minutes of a late night Bob the Builder episode later, Raph looked down at his sleeping family and smiled.


It had been one of those moments where you kicked yourself for not having a camera on hand at all times. He would have folded that picture up and somehow wrapped it into the leather handles of his Sai.

Raph smiled at himself. If only the Raphael from six years ago could see him now… he’d probably break down in tears of mortification screaming “NOOOOOO!!!”

Never in a million years did he think that he would become a love-sick puppy who would gladly dress up in a pink, frilly tutu with sparkly bows if that made his family happy. He had always pictured himself to be the badass brawn of his brothers. So did the rest of his family. He never let his true feelings or thoughts show. He hid them with a mask of anger and passive annoyance.

So you can imagine his brothers’ shock when he said that he was in love with April’s best friend, Carissa Glazer.

He had almost punched Leo in the face when he asked, “Are you sure it’s love and not just some twisted version of hate?”

If he was going to be completely honest with himself, he had spent months trying to convince himself that they were ‘just friends’ and all he was to her was a protective… father… thing…?
Such encouragements fell through the day she kissed him for the first time. After that, there was no point in further trying to convince himself that he didn’t love her.

The floor of the plane opened up suddenly and the wheels unfolded into the evening sky.
Raph looked down at his trembling hands again.

She loved him, too. Of course she did. Why should he be nervous?


“When will you be back, Daddy?” Benny asked as Raph continued sharpening his Sai for the last time before he left.

“I dunno, buddy. I hope not too long.” Raph said after a bit, the rough sound of metal to metal halting the conversation momentarily.

“How come Grampa’s sendin’ you away anyhow?” the little turtle swung his feet absently.

“Cuz I need more training.” Raph replied. “To be the best turtle I can be.”

“But you’re already the best turtle. Better ‘n Uncle Donnie, an’ Uncle Leo. Even Uncle Mikey!”

Raph smiled. In his head he yelled, “HEAR THAT BROS??? HE SAYS I’M BETTER ‘N ALL YOU SUCKERS!!!”

But he couldn’t actually say that. Mikey joked that Raph should have become a parent a long time ago since it seemed to be the only thing that taught him patience and responsibility. And the ‘responsible’ thing wouldn’t be to encourage prejudice.

“Listen, Squirt.” Raph said and laid down his Sai for the time being. He picked Benny up and put him on his knee. “It ain’t about the best one of us. It’s about the best us.”

“But that’s the same thing.” Benny said and poked Raph in the middle of his chest.

“Think of it this way: If I was the best fighter, but I never thought about things and was always doin’ stupid stuff that made it dangerous for everyone else, would I still be the best?”

Benny knit his forehead together. “Guess not…” he said.

“Well, Grampa’s sendin’ me away cuz he knows I need to train my mind to think before I act. That way, I can be the best me and help the team more.” Raph reasoned. “I don’t really wanna go, but I gotta. Cuz it’s the right thing to do.”

Benny seemed to like this response. Or if he didn’t, he knew that what Grampa says goes so there was no point in arguing.

“Could you tell that to Mama?” Benny asked. “I don’t think she understands.”

Raph smiled and hugged his son before putting him down and picking up his neglected Sai. “Sure.” he said. “I’ll tell ‘er.”


“Travel like you would wield a weapon.” Sensei had said. “Only change your pace or form if you have no other alternative.”

That had been a rule he followed religiously throughout his time in Africa.

Raphael skidded to a halt at the edge of an apartment complex and looked out at the sky line. His cloak and hood flapping in the wind like a super hero cape. He closed his eyes and breathed in the city air.

At first, when he had just arrived in Africa, he found it difficult to get acquainted with the uncluttered, unending earth that seemed to tremble with concealed power and undiscovered treasures that could only be found within one’s own heart. He asked himself more than just a few times, how could you just switch surroundings on a dime and soak in all the vivacity of an undiscovered wonder like the wilderness?

He had struggled to find control in such an untamed world.

But now?

He reached into the depths of his mind and drew out that power and serenity from a different kind of jungle… the one that opened its arms to him right now.

New York.

There wasn’t a single alleyway in the city that he couldn’t feel rumbling with energy inside his own body.

This was where he belonged. In the middle of chaos and uproar. This was his element.
He smiled and jumped into a familiar alleyway.

Keeping close to the shadows, Raph slinked toward the hidden man-hole and silently picked it up. He hesitated for a fraction of a second… and then leapt into the dark abyss of the sewers.


Raph knows that he will never get rid of his temper. Far from it actually. He will always be the short tempered one, the one with the attitude, the one who will ALWAYS tell it like it is, and the one that everyone hates when they first meet him.

April did.

Casey did.

… Carrie did…

Granted it was only for a while until Raph developed a soft spot for the Spit Fire and found out that she could dish out twice as much as he did.

Ha. Ha. Challenge accepted.

After that, you never wanted to walk in on them arguing. It would be the equivalent to standing in the path of a semi and getting yanked away at the very last second. Terrifying and belittling.

How she had learned to love him would never cease to baffle him. How he learned to love her was never a question. Why hadn’t he fallen for her sooner was the real query.
So, naturally if he loved her so damn much, why the hell couldn’t he make a better home for her?

As he made his way through the labyrinth of tunnels, he kicked at floating trash and growled menacingly at the millions of sewer rats that abided in the same space as his Queen.
And he hated himself for it.

No human should have to live in the sewers where only filth and garbage dared to exist in large quantities. Underground. No sun. No light. No real life.

He was still struggling with this development when he came up to the familiar, sliding brick door. Mikey had come up with the idea and Donnie, surprisingly, thought it was worth a shot.
Raph reached up and, hesitating for the second time, pulled the lever down.

The door slid open with the sound of rock against concrete and Raph stepped through just before it closed again.

“Carrie, for the last time. No, he hasn’t…”

Raph looked toward the voice and locked eyes with none other than Leonardo.

“Raph?!” he stood from a squatting position by the sink in the kitchen.

Raphael removed his hood and made some sort of salutation with his hand. “Hey Leo.”

It’s simple math really: Big-Brother-that’s-happy-to-see-you + bear-hug + 215-lbs-of-pure-muscle = Raph-gasping-for-oxygen.

“Leo,” Raph wheezed. “I can’t… breathe…”

Leo was gone in a second and was replaced by Donnie. A slightly less rib crushing clasp, but not by much.

“Raph! You’re back!” he pulled away and held Raph at an arm’s length. “I can’t believe it!”


“Crap…” Raph said just before he, Leo, and Donnie were actually knocked to the ground by his youngest brother.


“ENOUGH!!!” a loud, authoritative voice yelled.

The boys scrambled up and automatically fell into a straight line.

“Raphael.” Splinter said. “Come forward.”

Raph drew in a silent breath and took a step toward his sensei.

Splinter just stared at him for a few moments. Nothing was said. No words were exchanged. But there seemed to be a soundless understanding between father and son.

“I’ve come back, Master.” Raph said finally.

Splinter smiled and said softly, “Welcome home, my son.” He spread his arms out and Raph stepped into them, welcoming the gentle embrace after the coarse clasp his brothers greeted him with.

Splinter was the first to pull away.

“Come with me to the dojo, Raphael.” He said. “We have much to talk about.”


“Kneel, my son.”

Raph knelt with his head bent slightly.

“Master,” he said quietly. “You sent me to train… to become the best turtle I can be.”

“I did.” Splinter agreed as he watched Raph carefully. “Do you feel as if you have succeeded in becoming so?”

Raph hesitated. “I dunno, Sensei. I feel like I could, but I don’t know.”

Splinter nodded. “What did you learn during your time away from home?”

Raph still refused to look at his father. “I learned many things.” He said. “I learned how to rely on the earth for things I need, like shelter, food, and weapons.”

“And what else?”

What else? “I learned to control my anger.” Raph risked a glance at Splinter. “I mean, mostly.”

Splinter smiled. “Your emotion is what makes you a valuable part of this team, Raphael. I did not send you away to dispel your anger.”

Raph’s head snapped up. “You didn’t?”

“No. I did not.”

Raphael’s head whirled. “Then why did you? What did you want me to fix?”

“I did not want you to fix anything.” Splinter said. “I knew you would train your mind to tamper your anger, but that was not the reason why I sent you to Africa.”

Raph said nothing. Even if he wanted to, he probably wouldn’t have been able to anyway.
“From the time you were very small, you had a fire in your heart.” Splinter said softly. “Different from that of your brothers'.”

Raph bowed his head again.

“You had the upper hand when force was necessary. You were always the first one to jump into a fight.”

“I still am.” Raph mumbled.

“That, you are.” Splinter agreed. “And only when combined with resentment and anger, can impulsiveness become reckless.”

“Sensei,” Raph looked at his father. “If you didn’t want me to get rid of my anger, what did you want me to do?”

“Tell me, Raphael,” Splinter said. “When will you use your skills to live off the land and nature here in New York?”

“I… guess I won’t.”

“Precisely. And where does your immediate strength come from?”

Raph had to think for a moment. “My emotions?”

“Yes.” Splinter said and stood up. “Your emotions are vital to your strength. Now tell me, was it difficult to stay so far away from your loved ones?”

Raph narrowed his eyes. It seemed like Sensei was just reaching into his mind and pulling on an unknown train of thought.

“I… guess…” he said carefully.

“Why did you come home?” Raph found himself in the fixed stare of this master.

He wondered that too. Why did he come home? Leo had stayed a whole extra year because he wasn’t sure if he was ready to come back. But Raph came home only a month after his training ended.

Why hadn’t he stayed away longer?

“From the time you could talk,” Splinter said. “You spoke of breaking away. Becoming free. Being your own person. Calling your own shots.”

Some people say that epiphanies will just wash over you and make you a smarter, wiser person. Well, those people have obviously never had one.

Realization dawned on Raph and then almost knocked him over.

“You sent me away to make me see what it’s like to be on my own.” Raph said as his eyes widened. “You wanted me to realize that I needed my brothers and you. And…” Raph stopped talking and hung his head.

“And Carrie?” Splinter asked.

“And Carrie.”

“Go to her.” Splinter said. “She needs you now more than she ever has.”

Splinter might as well have told him that someone was attempting to slaughter his wife and son as they were sitting there talking. Raph shot out of the lair like a bullet from a gun.


He found himself staring at the identical sliding brick door with a twin lever contraption to open it. Raph had suggested that he and Carrie have their own place when they got married. Donnie agreed to help design it and Splinter had readily given Raph his blessing.

“On one condition:” He had said with a smile. “You don’t act like a stranger.”

Somewhere along the short run from his childhood home to his new abode he had lost his cloak and now stood with his arms at his sides and chest heaving from exertion.

With trembling hands, he reached up and pulled the lever.

The same grinding sound filled his ears and he stepped into his home.

“Benny? Is that you?”

Raph froze. He had dreamed of hearing that voice for the past seven months. And now that he finally did hear it, it rendered his mind a useless thing.

“Come wash your hands for dinner.” It called out from the kitchen.

Raph didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t speak. He just… stayed frozen.
“Benny? Don’t make me ask you again.” He heard footsteps now. “I’ll give you to the count of…”

He saw her.

His vision tunneled. The ceiling could have caved in. The water main could have exploded. The whole damn world could have caught on fire and Raphael wouldn’t have noticed.

He had eyes and ears only for her.

“Raph?” she whispered.

He smiled. “Carrie.”

The dish towel in her hand dropped to the floor and for the third time that day, he was tackled almost to the ground.

Raph had no idea what was said between them. All he heard was her sweet voice in his ear and felt her body enfold completely around his.

He felt his arms wrap tightly around her and his face bury itself in her hair. He felt her chest rise and fall jerkily as she sobbed.

When his mind finally cleared, he heard himself say, “It’s ok. I’m here. Shh. It’s ok.”

Carrie refused to loosen her hold around his neck. “I missed you so much.” she whispered.

“I know.” he said and kissed her head. “I missed you, too.”

Suddenly, she let go of him and punched him. Hard.

“You louse!” she yelled. “Why didn’t you write and tell us you were coming? I would have gotten this place cleaned up and--”

Raph kissed her.

“What was that?” he asked with a smirk as he held his sore arm in a massive hand.

“Shut up.” she said and grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him again.

Raph felt his brain melt and fall out through his ears.


Raph turned. “Benny!” he bent down on one knee to catch the young turtle as he hurled himself into his arms.

“Daddy!” he cried. “You’re home! I knew you’d come back!”

“‘Course I’d come back, buddy.” Raph said and swung an arm around Carrie. “How do ya think I could’ve lived all by myself without my family?”

Around the corner, Donnie whispered to Mikey, “Did you get it all?"

Mikey turned the camera off and said, “You bet I did! That one’s a keeper!”

Leo hit them both on the head. “Shut up you guys! He’ll hear us!” he whispered urgently.

Raph smirked and whispered into Carrie’s ear, “Some ninjas.”

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