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Chapter 9 - The Disappearance of Harry Potter Part 1

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The Order discocers that Harry is missing

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The Fellowship of the Fox
by Ryuuohjin

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Disclaimer - I do not on any way own Harry Potter or any of it's world or characters.
They all fully belong to J.K. Rowling and her affiliates.

Because chapter became too long I had to split it in two.

Update 2015-06-10: Corrected some timeline errors.


Chapter 9 - The Disappearance of Harry Potter Part 1

Kerry and Ena were woken far too soon. It might have been late morning but after their late night, mid afternoon would have been too early. Groaning and looking and looking at each other through their blurred vision in the bright morning light they began deciphering what had woken them.

They figured from the position of the sun in the sky that it was somewhere between eight and nine. As they looked around, they saw that it seemed like Rhy was still in Morpheus in grasp. They
didn't at first recognize they where, but as the drowsiness left their she started to remember.

They were in guest bedroom at Hermione's parents house. They had arrived here two days ago, along with Luna who currently was sharing Hermione's room, with Hermione and Ginny. They had arrived in evening that same day, along with Neville and Ron.

They spent last two days just checking out the property, making preparations and looking over the ward schemes they had planed for property. With an occasional break here and there, for goofing of and enjoying the summer.

The bedroom was very quiet aside from some gentle snoring. Something had awakened them though. After taking some time trying figure out what, and failing they gave up. Rolling slowly
out of bed they could see Hedwig napping in her cage resting after her nights hunt, and that Rhy still were firmly within Morpheus grasp. After digging up some clothes and some fresh underwear. They walked out to see who else was up.


In another part of the house, Ron opened an eye and groaned. Morgana, it was too early in the morning!

Ginny poked her brother again. "Ron, get up, time for breakfast."

Ron rolled over and cracked an eye open. “Really? It’s nine in the morning, you know?”

Ginny drew her wand and Splash!

“What the hell was that for, Ginny?” he spluttered when his face was hit with a torrent of ice cold water.

“Get up, lazy bones! C'mon! Get the lead out! We're burning daylight here! "

Ron sighed and after another groan, he sat up on the edge of the bed, glaring hatefully at his younger sister.

“Yes, yes, I love to brother," Ginny grinned with an impish look on her face.

Ron yawned, stretched and started to dress as Ginny left the room.

He barely waited thirty seconds before Neville had come back from taking a shower.

"Morning, Ron," he replied with a grin and a amused glint in his eyes. "Ready for breakfast?"

Ron just glared at him and kept muttering about sadistic sisters and traitorous friends under his breath.


As Ron was getting a shower from thanks to his sister. In an another part of the country, Little Whinging in Surrey to be exact.

Moody walked up to a sleeping Mundugus and kicked him in the side. "Get up you."

"Wha… Mad-Eye?" Mundugus said nervously, "What're you doing here?"

"Wondering why you're sleeping," Moody replied with a dangerous leer. "Care to explain yourself?"

"I been up all night," Mundugus said defensively, " I have been watching the house for several days now so I haven't been able to get much sleep… I was only resting my eyes for a minute."

"Where's Potter," Moody glanced up at the second floor. "I don't see him in the house."

"Must have gone to the market or something," Mundugus replied nervously. "He should be back soon."

"I'm going to take a walk around the neighbourhood," Moody announced. "You stay here and stay awake in case he gets back while I'm gone."

"But it's the end of my shift," Mundugus protested.

"And you'll stay here till we find Potter or you'll answer to me," Moody growled. "Understand?"

"Y… yes," Mundugus said quickly.



Ragnok, the Director of Gringotts bank, had just finished viewing the memories the Rasp's had given him. He was disgusted at what some wizards will do, to stay immortal. Voldemort had created seven of the most horrid things a wizard could create. Of course the director was no stranger to
Horcruxes. His curse breakers dealt with them on a daily basis, but for the same wizard to create seven was unheard of. What infuriated the director more, was that someone had hid one within their very own vaults. One belonging to Bellatrix Lestrange to be exact.

The director had already sent one of his lower rank goblins to retrieve it, along with a curse breaker. The director heard his door open, he looked up and saw the goblin and curse breaker walking towards him, with a silver goblet being levitated in front of them.

"We found it Director, within the Lestranges vault. Just as the memories said it would be."

The director was furious, how dare a witch/wizard hide such a tainted object within their very walls. He was going to make sure the Lestrange vault suffered for this. He was pulled from his thoughts by sudden epiphany. His eyes widened as he realized, since this was proof of a serious breach in the contract that Gringotts had with the Ministry. Gringotts were now allowed to search all vaults for anymore breaches, all claim all vaults that did. Maybe he just this to claim the Death Eaters vaults, but better to safe, then sorry.

"Shortclaw. Get me Jawbreaker immediately!"

The little goblin nodded. Before running out of the office. To do what his boss had ordered. The director then turned back to the curse breaker.

"Mr Weasley. Remove this object from my sight. I want you to destroy this monstrosity immediately. Now go."

Bill nodded and levitated the cup out of the Director office. He made is way down to the lowest point of the bank, so that he could destroy the cup, without fear of it affecting the rest of the figures working within the bank.


Elsewhere in Scotland, in a castle that was also a school, known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a very old wizard, the headmaster of the school, was writing a note on a piece of parchment. His graceful phoenix was fast asleep on its golden perch near the headmaster's desk. It was Tuesday, July 17, and at exactly ten sixteen in the morning.

He was disturbed from his work by his fire place glowing green and a red headed man stepped out of the flames. Dumbledore started to frantically paced around his office. He had just been
informed by Arthur Weasley that Harry was not at the Dursleys, and in fact he had never arrived there this summer.

According to Arthur they found that when Mad-Eye had come to replace Mundugus, found him sleeping with Harry nowhere in sight. Further investigation showed that someone had confounded Mundugs to volunteer for guard duty, only for him to give false reports on Harry, but it seemed like he had oblivated of when, where or who done it.

Dumbledore was in a quandary. After hearing from Arthur he had gone straight to check the charms he had put on the boy. The Blood wards he had placed around the Dursley's were about fail, this would only happen Harry had either chosen not to live there anymore, or was no longer "legally obligated" to live there, neither of which was good option in his mind. He noticed that all his other charms had stopped working as well. Albus then decided to do some snooping.

He reached into an ornamental vase that sat on the mantel. Pulling out some glittering powder he threw it into the flames. "Minerva, a moment of your time please," He called into the green flames that flared.

"Yes, Albus?" Came the reply a few seconds later.

“Minerva, I’ll be leaving in a few moments. I have a few things that need seeing to.”

“Of course, Albus. I’ll be going over the preparations for next term and the student list. Some will have to be visited, as always.”

“Thank you, Minerva, and do be careful.”

Dumbledore rose and left, making his way to the gate where he could apparate to Surrey.


In contrast to the Headmasters BUSY early morning, Hermione’s eyes opened with the sunrise and she stretched luxuriously. She was vaguely aware of the room lightening. Of birds singing gently. Of the stirring of the house as it awakened. She was just beginning to stir herself. Then there was the patter of feet. An inhale of breath then the rush of air.


Something landed in the middle of the bed.

Hermione shot upright and scrambled back.

Then the giggle reached her.


She blinked rapidly in confusion. Her face was a few inches from hers. "Good morning Heriomne!"

“Good morning, Luna. Ready for today?”

“Of course. What’s wrong?”

mean except for your dive bomb wake up call earlier?" she mumbled
grumpily. "Bloody crime you've got so much energy this early,"


Sirius Black was done arguing with these people. "ENOUGH!"

"But Sirius, you know what Dumbledore said —"

His voice was uncharacteristically harsh as he interrupted Molly.

"Yes, I know what Dumbledore said. I also don't care; if he has a problem with it, he can take his lemon drops and sanctimonious attitude somewhere else to host the Order." He turned to Remus, who was standing between him and the door.

"Moony, you heard what Dumbeldore said. Harry, my godson, ran away from that house to who knows where, and you want me to sit here and do nothing? I'm going to make sure he's okay, and no one — not Dumbledore, not the Aurors, not even you — is going to stop me. You have until the count of three before I curse you out of my way. One —"

"Wait, just wait," Remus said with his hands up. "If you go charging out, the Aurors will risk catch you. How about, instead of a notorious mass-murderer, the visitor is an professor who just happened to bring along his pet?" Sirius glared for a moment but sheathed his wand; five minutes later, a man in shabby robes and a dog arrived on the streets of Little Whinging.

He immediately leapt from Remus's arms and sniffed along the ground, searching for any sign of the boy he cared for as his own flesh and blood. Catching a scent, he raced ahead, his best living friend on his heels.


After some breakfast, homework and then lunch, they decided that they to get the wards up and running. While they would be nothing compared to the wards that existed over Potter Manor or Hogwarts. They would still rival or even be superior to ones that had been placed over the Ministry,
once they had been fully charged.

The ward stones they had decided to use to tie down the wards they would place around Hermione's
parent house, were arithmetically perfect spheres, big as apples, and made of molecularly bonded diamonds. They had made them by extracting the carbon in the air around them, then compressing it. With the only a side-effect of liberating several of tons of oxygen in process.

The diamonds they created had higher density the natural diamonds, and were therefore much harder. It had taken two days to make seven of them, then inscribing them with needed runes. Now all that was left was the placement of them, then laying down the wards, and tying the wards to the stones.

After had placed all of the ward stones, they poured some of their blood, mixed with that of Hermione's parents. Rhy looked around. “Okay then. Let’s get this show on the road, folks.”

Before the girls to raise the planned blood wards, Ron raised some anti-apparition, anti-portkey, anti-broom, anti-animagus and mail redirection wards. All tied to an intent ward, to protect the Granger's from a change in heart as well as any kind of compulsion charms. As a finishing touch he added wards to repel and eject unwanted pests. Like insects, feral animal, solicitors an door-to-door salesmen.

Hermione then started to wave her wand in complex patterns while incanting; "Protegamur Spritum. Adiuro vos mihi, custodiendae ut igne, aere, aqua et terra. Vocare Clypeum Tueri corporis."

With a sharp slash she finished and pale pink dome appeared over the property.

"Adiuro tibi, warda contra hostibus sanguis, ater mentis magica, malus animam. Invócant warda," Luna then continued, while waving her wand in diffrent patterns.

Ending it with quick stab as red horizontal and vertical lines spread over the dome.

"Adiuro tibi, defendre mihi, Deus ex Clypeum. Adiuro tibi mei tueri, contra malus hostibus sanguis, ater mentis magica animam. Ciere Obice," Ginny then finished with several sharp slashes.

The dome flashed white for moment, only then to completely disappear later.

The blood wards they had chosen, were a form of anti-magic ward. That along with preventing magic from being detected, magic couldn't get in and any offensive magic will not work unless one was keyed into the wards.

Moreover, if anyone was carrying a wand or any other magical object with the intent threaten or harm the inhabitants in anyway, one couldn't get past that ward at all. When fully charged not even a Dementor could cross the ward line and survive. Mixed with that was a memory ward. That would wipe the memory of any unwanted guests should they ever to get to through.

Under the blood wards Rhy and twins hid another set of wards that had everything from harmless prank wards to down-right vicious dark wards. The set was then bundled with a whole bunch of curses, jinxes and some other surprises to any who would try to break through them.

They ended the job by tying an Acceptance Charm to the entire ward set, so that everyone will assume the wards had always been there. To that they added an Ignorance Charm so that most people won't even notice wards, unless they're specifically looking for them. And to top it off with a Concealment Charm, making the wards harder to spot wards if anyone went looking for them.

Their plan was simple enough, have one wards set as visible deterrent and as distraction from the other hidden set. While the hidden set was meant as a trap to catch enemies unaware while preoccupied by the visible set.

While the others were busy with the wards Neville was occupied with Hermione's parents as they redesigning their garden, and making headway on creating defences around the house using plants.

They were charmed to assault anyone with ill intent against the Grangers, this was to be the Granger's last line of defence Neville also, as an extra protection, planted a Whomping Willow above each ward stone, and charmed it to attack anyone who had ill intents against the tree or what it was protecting.



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