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Chapter 10 - The Disappearance of Harry Potter Part 2

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Dumbeldore further investigate Harry's case

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The Fellowship of the Fox
by Ryuuohjin

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Disclaimer - I do not on any way own Harry Potter or any of it's world or characters.
They all fully belong to J.K. Rowling and her affiliates.

Here is the second part of previous chapter..

Update 2015-06-10: Corrected some timeline errors.


Chapter 10 - The Disappearance of Harry Potter Part 2

Vernon Dursley was in a lousy mood. In the morning two days ago, he had been was sleeping soundly when suddenly had he felt something touch his face. Out of pure reflex he had slapped it away, and had tried get back to sleep. But been unable to, as a sound of buzzing filled his ears. He reluctantly woke up and slowly looked around the room, trying to find the of the noise. When saw nothing and the buzzing sound was still filling his ears.

"Where's that buzzing coming from?" he heard his wife ask, she had been woken by him sitting up in their bed.

Vernon just shrugged, since he didn't know either.

"What is that buzzing sound?" she demanded, after several minutes of searching, but with no avail.

After a few more minutes suddenly, the buzzing stopped. They looked around and saw a sphere floating near them, its wings fluttering slightly. It looked like a small winged golf ball, covered in what looked like red fur, and it had a pair of brown wings. Vernon had reached out to grab it, only to have it disappear the just moment before he touched its wings. The buzzing sound resumed, and they realized that it was still near them, but moving too fast for them to see.

It wasn't until he looked down and heard his give a away a horrified gasp, he noticed that was something wrong. His hands were covered in red fur similar to the one had been on ball the just saw. After some closer inspection, he discovered it wasn't just his face that were covered, it seemed like his whole body was in a layer of soft red fur.

Buzzing stopped again, this time it appeared just in front of Petunias face. Like Vernon she had tried to grab it, only to have it disappear the moment before she touched its wings. As the buzzing once again resumed, she soon discovered that just like her husband her was covered in fine red fur.

After two days of this and several shavings later. Vernon grew more and more frustrated, without being able capture or the buzzing menace. And with having some take out his frustration he finally snapped. And it was to this that Dumbeldore arrived.


It was an invisible Dumbledore who took his second stroll along Privet Drive, he wanted to ensure his instruments weren't malfunctioning before disturbing the Dursleys. His wand soon confirmed the information his sensors at Hogwarts were telling him, there were wards whatsoever around this property.

'This was not good. That wards shouldn't have failed as quickly as they did,' Dumbeldore thought worriedly. 'Not unless something had happened to Harry.'

He drawn from his thoughts when he Vernon Dursley shout.

"PETUNIA! Get me my gun! That freaky toy has seen its last day!"

Which was then followed by several gunshots. Dumbeldore felt himself grow perplexed, and slightly worried. Deciding to forgo pleasantries, Dumbeldore quickly tapped his wand against the doorknob, getting a small click as it unlocked, before turning it and letting himself in.

Vernon Dursley's eyes were narrowed in rage, with rifle in his hand, which was levelled at something that looked like a red and furry snitch. As Vernon fired at the snitch, it quickly disappeared with a buzz, and the bullet crashed into the windowsill causing the glass to shatter.

What they didn't know was that, before Luna had departed for Granger's House. Luna had dropped of a little present for the Dursley's. Since was motto of their Fellowship was 'If you can not win, annoy', and that was just what she had planned to do.


The next day as Rhy, Hermione and Ginny waited for the others at breakfast. Since Luna would leave next week with her father on their annual expedition to search after strange and unusual creatures. Hermione's parents would also soon leave, they had decided to take another vacation to France. When her parents left for France Hermione had decided to spend the rest of her holiday with the Weasley's. They had decided to spend the day wandering around exploring the neighbourhood. Eating, shopping, and doing some business they prosponed long enough.

"Are sure you managed to wake them?" Hermione asked.

"Yes. I made sure of that." She giggled.

"What did you do?" Rhy asked intrigued.

"I just cursed Ron out of bed. Left him struggling in a pile of blankets, shouting obscenities at me as I walked out."

"Funny. Cruel but funny." Rhy laughed.

"Neville was waiting for Luna to finishing her shower, so he could get one," Ginny then added through her giggles.


Shortly after having a pleasant day and after a late lunch they all assembled in Hermione's room. On her desk laid a piece of parchment and magical quill, called a blood quill. Which used the ones blood instead of ink, when one used it. It was a highly restricted artefact, that was often used for sign important magical binding documents. But illegal to either own or use without a permit. Beside the parchment stood glass jar containing a water beetle.

"Rita Skeeter, We're so glad to see you again. In a moment we're going to release you from that jar and then you are going to sign this contract without complaint or we will take you to the DMLE and turn you in for being an illegal animagus. "Rhy said as she turned towards the beetle.

"I believe the current penalty for that is a ten thousand Galleon fine as well as four years imprisonment, of course they do add another year for every thousand Galleons you are unable to pay or you can sign our contract and we will the scoop on a story that will shock the Wizarding world." Luna then added in her normally dreamy tone.

"This room has been warded against any attempt you could make to escape, in fact as soon as you
leave the jar the wards will start to affect you. Now when we release you; you will immediately sign this contract without protest or negotiation and then repeat it verbally as well, or we will immediately stun you and then apparate you straight to the DMLE, your choice." Ginny then added as an afterthought.

Hermione waved her wand allowing the lid of the jar to open, while rest was pointing their wands at the beetle, which immediately flew towards the door. But before it could get very far it suddenly started to change its form. Soon a shocked Rita Skeeter lay on the floor staring at them. Slowly she stood up and walked towards the table and read the contract which said;

I, Rita Marianne Skeeter, swear upon my mind and magic to never spread slander or print any libel about Harry James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger, Neville Frank Longbottom, Luna Celeste Lovegood, Ginerva Molly Weasley, Ronald Billus Weasley, Rhy Majorotte Rasp, Kerry Rasp and Ena Rasp. And pledge my life, body and soul, to protect any and all secrets of Harry James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger, Neville Frank Longbottom, Luna Celeste Lovegood, Ginerva Molly Weasley, Ronald Billus Weasley, Rhy Majorotte Rasp, Kerry Rasp and Ena Rasp. Unless told otherwise by either Harry James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger, Neville Frank Longbottom, Luna Celeste Lovegood, Ginerva Molly Weasley, Ronald Billus Weasley, Rhy Majorotte Rasp, Kerry Rasp and Ena Rasp. And I ask my life and magic to aid me in fulfilling my oath and pledge.

xxxx ________________

Rita stared at the contract and started shaking, before opening her mouth and looking at them.

She signed the contract, wincing as the quill drew the needed blood. The contract then flashed and disappeared. She then gulped and lifted her wand, as she started to verbalize the contract a soft golden glow surrounded her as they accepted her oath making it unbreakable.

"Don't worry, we did promise you make it worth your while," said Luna to the now trembling reporter. "Did you know that....."


His breath coming in short pants, small beads of sweat ran down his forehead. Severus Snape looked back down at the road he had just walked, as wiped his forehead with sleeve of his robes. He could swear that the road had actually lengthened as he travelled, so that what would otherwise have been maybe a hundred feet had become a hike of nearly two miles. His suspicious were confirmed when his gaze found the mark he had made on road outside the house just a short distance away. He had for two last hours tried to get closer to the Granger's house without any luck.

After having no luck with finding any clues to Potter's whereabouts around Little Whinging or King's Cross, even after several hours of going the places with a comb. Mundugus had been a dead
end too, whoever had altered Mundugus memories had been good. They found out nothing they already knew from checking him.

The Weasley's had promised keep an eye out if the brat appeared around Ottery St. Catchpole. And the Order had people on the lookout for him in Diagon Alley and Hogsmede, for the off chance he might go there. Dumbeldore had then sent Snape to check if the brat where with that know-it-all Granger.

A scowl was deeply entrenched on his features. His thoughts were focused on the reason why he had become increasingly irritated as time had passed by. 'Wards! When in Merlin's name did that know-it-all get wards?' Snape thought harshly.

He, for a short time, entertained thought of just ripping through the wards, just to show Granger up. But that idea was quickly dismissed, when noticed that these wards seemed to professional raised. And would probably require more more to go through then he currently possessed.

So with frustrated grunt he gave up, and appearated away to report back to Dumbeldore.


Hermione had just sat down to breakfast the next morning when she, along with her parents, heard a series of loud thuds coming down the stairwell and ending with a soft, "Bloody hell."

"Ronald Weasley!" Hermione yelled as she stormed towards the kitchen door. "What have I told you about using that sort of language?! — Oh! What happened?!"

Ron staggered into the kitchen in obvious pain. His right hand was hanging limply from his arm and he didn't appear to be able to put his full weight on his left leg.

"I slipped on stairs...." Ron's thought went unfinished as there was a tap at the window.

Looking over Hermione sprang out of her seat to open the window.

"Hello, Hedwig. Did you have a nice flight?" Hermione greeted the snowy owl.

Hedwig took a tight loop around the kitchen before settling on the back of an empty chair. Looking around she hooted cheerfully at Hermione.

"You remember my parents Daniel and Emma don't you?"

Hedwig nodded and looked around again.

"I think Rhy is still asleep." Hermione guessed.

Hedwig hooted again and looked at the food on the table.

"I'm sorry we don't have anything for you right now. I know that Rhy freshened up your cage and set out fresh food and water out for you last night."

Hedwig hooted at her again and flitted out the door into the rest of the house.

Daniel and Emma followed the owl as far as the bottom of the stair as they saw her disappear up to the first floor.

A door opened.

"Hello Hedwig. Did you have a nice flight?" Rhy's voice floated down the stairs.

Stern hoot.

"I'm sorry but it was noisy outside last night and we had to close the window so we could sleep."

Another stern hoot.

"It's not like you were actually waiting. You would have been tapping on the window up here instead of downstairs at the kitchen window. You're just annoyed that Hermione couldn't feed you. Oww!"

A very stern hoot.

"Okay, I'm sorry but I got your cage ready for you last night. I even put a few treats out for you."

A much friendlier hoot.

"Now you're happy. I'll open the window for you. Have a nice rest."

Movement sounded as Rhy left the guest room for the bathroom.

Daniel and Emily turned to find Hermione standing behind them grinning.

"He's always been like that with Hedwig. It's amazing to watch. I just though I'd try and see how she responded." Hermione said as they returned to the kitchen.

"She responded just fine from what I saw." Daniel commented.

"Yes. Quite a thrill actually." Hermione smiled happily.

"You know, I think..." Emily started.

She was interrupted by the door bell sounding.

"That I will answer the door. Who could be visiting at this hour?" She wondered.


Minerva McGonagall sighed as she apparated to the Granger residence. She had just been informed that thanks to wards around the Granger's place Severus couldn't get near it. So Dumbeldore had asked her handle the Granger instead. When arrived she could confirm it was as Severus said, a set mighty wards were erected around the property.

Now she was standing at the door of the Granger household. It was rather early, but she'd have to hope someone was awake. She rang the doorbell and waited. There was a click, and the door opened, revealing a middle age man in pyjamas He had the same brown hair that Hermione had, and though it was much shorter, it looked like she'd also inherited her bushy hair from him as well. The man blinked at her, shaking his head slightly.

"You're... that Professor from Hermione's school aren't you?" He asked.

McGonagall nodded. "Yes, I'm Professor McGonagall. I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Granger, but I need to speak with Hermione and Ronald Weasley. It is urgent."

Mr. Granger nodded his head, and asked her to come in. He led her to the living room and motioned towards a chair. "Have a seat, I'll go get them down here." he said, before heading up the stairs. McGonagall sat down and waited. A few minutes passed, and then she could hear the sounds of someone coming back down the stairs. Hermione stepped into the room, her bushy hair even messier then normal, quickly followed by Ron.

His eye's widened when he saw Professor McGonagall, and he immediately exclaimed "I didn't do it!" Which earned a slap on back his head from Hermione.

"Professor? What's wrong, my dad said you had something important to speak to me about." Hermione then said.

McGonagall raised a eyebrow at that, but let it go. "I'm not here because you're in trouble Mr. Weasley. And yes Ms. Granger, I need to know if you've heard from Mr. Potter recently? He is no longer at his relatives house and we're not sure if he ran away or.." McGonagall stopped there.

Hermione's eyes widened. "No, haven't seen him since l left King's Cross. Ron, you?"

Ron nodded. "Same here. Last time I saw was on the platform."

McGonagall nodded. She'd been sure Hermione or Ron would have let someone know if Harry was planning to run away, but she had to be sure.

"I see. Thank you Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley. And please, if you do hear anything from Mr. Potter, let myself or the Headmaster know immediately."

"Of course professor. Have you checked the Burrow yet? Harry might have gone to there if he ran away from home. Or the Leaky Cauldron like he did third year. Or-"

"Yes Ms. Granger I just came from the Burrow, they have not heard from Harry either. The Headmaster has gone to speak with Harry's relatives, and we have other people searching for him."

Hermione nodded, and seemed to drop the subject of her missing friend. McGonagall confused neither Ron nor Hermione seemed particularly worried Although Hermione hiding it better then Ron was, she could tell the obvious worry the showed was just an act.

She strode towards the door and bade her students and the Grangers a goodnight. She cast a look over her shoulder as she stepped out the door, it was clear they were hiding something. Mr. Granger shut the door, and McGonagall shook her head trying to clear it. It was late, and she'd still have to report to Dumbledore that she hadn't found anything. She'd just have to hope that one of the others had had better luck.



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