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Chapter XV

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With the loss to the Predacons still raw and recent in their minds, the Autobots attempt to plan their next move against their enemy. So Rodimus sends his team home to spend some time with their fa...

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The last few minutes had passed like a blur for Liara and because of her current state of mind, she didn't understand any of it. The only thing she did know was at this moment was that she was standing in the room that currently was home for Orion's Aunt, who was in a coma while bed stricken at the other end of said room.

"Liara?" a very familiar voice asked, bringing her attention to Orion who was sitting at Chromia's bedside and holding her hand in his own. He was looking at the Asari with a confused expression, but Liara felt no hostile intent from him as they looked at each other for a long moment. The Blue Woman could say that she felt this young man sitting in front of her could never be capable of such an action to those he considered his friends. Since the first time they had met, Orion had only ever tried to be her friend. But she also felt that there could be more there between the two of them, and she would be lying if she didn't feel it too. But as of this moment, all she felt was shame and guilt, which could be seen all over her face.

Orion was definitely confused right now since just prior to this he had been sitting with his Aunt, who despite her injuries looked so peaceful as she lied there on the bed. And even though she was currently unaware of his presence, Orion was going to stay by her side for a little longer while he thought on everything that had happened recently. The Predacons and Galvatron, how they captured his parents, finding out that his Uncle had been killed and the not so small miracle that was his Aunt surviving her injuries. Nothing on this day had made any sense to the young Man, and then Liara appearing in the room simply added to his confusion.

"Liara, what's wrong?" Orion asked as he observed the beautiful Asari, and she was very beautiful. But as he focused on Liara, he noticed her eyes were welling up while a single tear ran down her left cheek as she started to sob. So Orion instantly walked over to her, which made the Asari look down at the ground in shame.

"Liara, talk to me..." he said with in a soft tone while kneeling down in front of her so they would be at face level, and slowly the Asari looked back at him with her aqua coloured eyes meeting his own.

"...Its all my fault Orion."

"What is Liara?" he said back with a look that was both confused and curious.

"Everything...everything that has happened today with Galvatron, the attack on city, your family...all of it." she replied while looking away again, not wanting him to see the shame that she felt inside. Orion though wasn't going to back down from this and let Liara drown in sorrow that was not even deserved.

"Look at me Liara." he said in gentle yet firm tone, earning her attention as she wiped the tears from her face.

"I know you were there when Galvatron was awakened, but that does not make you or anyone among the group you were with responsible for any of the atrocities that he has committed since then. He and these Predacons are the ones that should be blamed, no one else." he added, making Liara shake her head in return.

"But I did secretly have doubts about waking him up, though I ignored them because I trusted Shockblast's judgement." She said, earning a supportive look from the Spectre.

"And if you had raised your concerns, do you think that Shockblast would have listened or would he have continued forward?"

The Asari looked at Orion, or more so his own blue eyes and saw no judgement or anger, just a calmness that seemed to seep into her very being as she remembered how driven her former Boyfriend was at that time. So she broke eye contact and sighed while looking back down to the ground.

"...No, he wouldn't have stopped." she admitted as another tear flowed down her cheek as she remembered Shockblast.

"Come here." Orion then said as he instinctively brought his arms up around the Asari and embraced her in a hug, which surprised her at first. But soon Liara found herself calming down as she brought her arms up and hugged him back in return. The whole action made her feel even more calmer as they held on to each other, the Asari could swear that she felt the beats of Orion's spark through his chest due to their physical closeness right now and the that too added to the calming effect that the bot had over her at this moment.

"You okay?" Orion asked as she rested her head on his shoulder, listening to her breathing as it slowed down.

"Yes, yes I feel better. And you?"

"Funny enough, I do too." he replied, surprised that he was feeling that way. Helping Liara obviously took his mind off of his own problems, which now made him feel calmer and more assertive. So they pulled away from each other, but neither had noticed that they were still holding each others hands.

"Thank you Orion." Liara said with a slight smile, earning a similar expression from the Bot as she gently stroked his hand with her thumb affectionately.

"Your welcome Liara." he replied before looking past her towards the door.

"Ready to go out there and face everyone?"

The Asari nodded in return.

"Yes...but you are coming too right?" she asked with a curious expression.

"I am, just give me a moment." Orion replied, gaining a nod back before he walked back over to his Aunt's bed. Orion bent down over the sleeping Chromia and placed his hand over hers.

"I have to go now Aunt Chromia, but I promise that I will return with my Mom and Dad. And I will also make Galvatron pay for Uncle Ironide's death, I hope to see you soon." he whispered into her ear, then he got back up and walked over to Liara who was waiting by the door. But as they turned their attention away from Chromia, they did not notice that her hand began to move for a second.

"Well, here we go." Orion said as he tapped the release button on the control panel at the door's side, making it slide open but then they both looked on in wide eyed surprise at the sight before them. As lying unconscious on the floor was Warpath while everyone else stood around him, not looking the slightest bit bothered that he was. Then Smokescreen smiled at both bot and Asari.

"Guess what you guys missed!"


Six-shot had been standing at the Command post in the Nemesis's CIC for over an hour since taking over from Lord Galvatron, and he had nothing much to say or do as the Terracons continued with their tasks without any trouble what so ever. So he instead used his time to go over the ship's security footage and database, one holo-screen had information scrolling down it about the Nemesis's capabilities, while another had live footage of both Jackson Prime and his spark-mate Arcee in their shared cell. It showed the Femme as she was tending to her Human, who was lying down on one of the basic bed-like furniture that the cells were equipped with. The Prime certainly looked worse for wear and not just because of his missing limb, because Galvatron had really done a number on him physically as he was covered in bruises.

'I wonder if our Lord had gone over board on the Prime because of his rapidly erratic state of mind.' Six-shot thought as he then with a flick of his hand switched to another camera, this one was titled 'Commander's Quarters'. But the Con was surprised to see nothing but static on the screen which was accompanied by a hissing sound, which meant that the camera had been shut down at the source.

'Scrap! What are you hiding Galvatron?'

But before he could contemplate that question any further, his attention was drawn to the sound of the door to the CIC opening up. He quickly shut down the security footage and turned around, hoping that it wasn't a certain Predacon Leader. But he breathed a sigh of relief as he recognised his Brother Shockblast, who walked up to him with two other Cons that he did not know.

"Shockblast..." he exclaimed happily.

"...I did not know you were coming on board." he added as he went to embrace his older sibling, but Shockblast ignored it and took a step back with a cold expression that surprised Six-shot.

"I am here to report my progress to Lord Galvatron, where is he?"

"He retired to his quarters an hour ago, are you alright? Because I haven't seen you for a while." the younger sibling asked with a worried expression since he had not expected this reaction from his own Brother. But Shockblast just looked at him blankly.

"I am fine, I have been busy creating more Terrcons and these two Predacons from the last of the CNA samples in Shockwave's database." he replies while gesturing to the two newcomers behind him. One was Caucasian with blond hair, strong build and was wearing silver and black armour, while the other looked Asian with a slightly smaller frame and was wearing yellow armour with black stripes covering it like some sort of camouflage.

"This is Darksteel and Vertebreak, They had wished to meet their Master before being deployed."

"Welcome to the Predacons, I am sure you will both be excellent additions to our Lord Galvatron's army." Six-shot said with a slight smile at the two Men, but they did not even acknowledge him. They simply looked back to Shockblast who nodded in return, causing both to turn around and leave the CIC. The older sibling was then about to do the same, but Six-shot stopped him.

"Shockblast, are you okay?" he said, regaining his Brother's attention.

"Yes I am fine Six-shot." he replied with smile, something the younger brother not seen in a while. This brought relief to his spark as he smiled back in return.

"That's good to hear, its just I haven't seen you outside of that lab for a good while."

"I have just been busy, you worry to much little brother." Shockblast said back, earning a sigh from the younger Con.

"Yeah...I guess I do. Still we can spend some quality brother time at some point right? Possibly on patrol or something."

"Sure thing, well I should get back. If you could inform our Liege of my visit, I would appreciate it." Shockblast replied before turning around and walking out of the CIC. But as the younger sibling watched the door close behind his him with just the Terracons once again, as his worry for his brother came back to the surface.

'Liege? Shockblast never used to speak like that before. What is happening to him.'


"So you just knocked him out?" Orion asked, trying hard to keep himself from smirking as he looked at Rodimus, who just nodded in return.

"Yes I did."

"It was awesome." Smokescreen interjected, sounding more like the naive younger soldier he used to be years earlier.

"Warpath had it coming, but more importantly are you alright Liara?" the Commander replied.

"Yes, thank you. Though I feel I should apologise for my behavior." the Asari said in return sheepishly, wanting nothing more than to forget her moment of misguided guilt.

"You have nothing to apologise for Liara." Shen replied with a smile, one mirrored by the rest of the group which earned an embarrassed smile from the Asari who also blushed in return.

"And you alright Orion?" the Commander asked as he turned his attention to his XO.

"Yes, I think I will be. As long as get back out there, I have to find my parents and make those that took them pay." Orion replied with serious and firm tone.

"I second that." Nightracer said in agreement, earning nods from Shen and Smokescreen.
"Want some extra help?" the bot said, surprising the others.

"You want to join us the Normandy too Smokescreen?" Rodimus asked.

" Sure." the Autobot replied with an eager tone and smile.

"You do know that you won't be counted as an Autobot Spectre." the Commander replied, gaining a nod from the Bot.

"I know, but still I want to help get Jack and Arcee back...any way I can."

"Alright then, but what about Grunt?" the Spectre Elite said back.

"If you think you could use a Krogan on your team, I am sure he would want in on this too." Smokescreen replied.

"Well I will ask him when I see him. So I guess..." Rodimus began to say before his com-link beeped.

"Excuse me." he then said to the others before taking the call.

"Jetstorm have, excellent. How long for repairs...four days! Okay, we'll just have to try and speed that up. Thanks for the update...Rodimus out." the Commander replied before ending the call and returning his attention to the others.

"The Normandy has docked with the dry-dock and the have begun repairs."

"Did we hear that right...four days?" Orion asked, earning a nod from his Commander.

"Thats the minimal it will take to get the Normandy back to full working condition. And in the meantime I have a Senate meeting to go to, so the rest of your I am placing on the inactive list until the ship is ready. Take the time to see your family and rest..." he said while glancing over to Orion, hoping he didn't offend his XO. But since The Bot did not even flinch, the Commander continued.

"...I will want you all in full fighting condition when we leave."

"leave? Where will we be going?" Shen asked.

"Cybertron, since that is where Liara first came in contact with this Galvatron right, in one of Shockwave's secret labs, I think it would be a good place to start our search."

"Yes that's correct." the Asari replied, as Smokescreen jumped in.

"And the Predacons came from Cybertron originally too, maybe Galvatron found another of Shocks's labs and woke them up too."

Everyone looked at the bot, who simply stared back at them with a confused expression.

"What? I cant have been the only one to know that bit of Cybertron's history."

"No, that's actually a good point you just made Smokescreen." Rodimus replied.

"We are just surprised that it came from you." Garrus teased, gaining a red face from the Bot.

" fair, I have had lots pf good ideas in the past. How about the time I used the Phase-Shifter to reclaim the Apex Armour from Starscream."

"Moving on..." the Commander said suddenly, moving the group's attention back to himself.

"...I am going to go and propose our plan to the Senate, so what you do now for the next few days is up to you."

"Hey Dad, why don't you join us too. You can still kick ass with the best of them." Shen asked, making the older Turian smile and shake his head in return.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence son, but I am getting to old for this. Besides, the Normandy already has one ace Turian sniper on board, no need to add another."

"Alright, then how about I stick around so we can catch up until the Normandy's ready?" the younger Turian replied.

"I'd like that. Come on then, let's get something to eat." Garrus said back before leaving the area with his Son.

"I am going to go visit my Mom, what about you Orion?" Nightracer said as she looked over to the young Spectre who had a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Oh, I think I will spend some time at the family home." he replied before looking over to Liara who was speaking to Rodimus, not even noticing that the Femme had stopped beside him.

"You sure you want to, I mean you haven't been back there in a good few years Orion. I mean with everything that has just happened in such a short time, perhaps going home isn't the best course of action. I mean wouldn't you rather like to stay with your Aunt?"

Orion looked back at Nightracer and gave her a slight smile, knowing fully well that she was just looking out for him, but he just shook his head in return.

"The Doctor said that it would be a while yet before Chromia wakes, and I know she would not want me to wait around for her to do so when there could be other things that need doing. Plus I have been putting visiting home off for far too long, so I need to do this."

The Femme nodded in acknowledgement before turning away, but then she looked back.

"Okay, but if you need anything…." she said, earning a smile from Orion.

"I know, thanks Ni."

Then Nightracer turned away and headed down the corridor, leaving the young Darby on his own as he looked back over to Liara and Rodimus.

"Liara, you know that your Mother will be expecting that I bring you with me to her at the Senate meeting." the Commander said, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"I do Commander, as I also know that my Mother would then have me taken back to Thessia to keep me safe. But that is not what I want, since I feel that I can be of help to you and your team. So I would like to join your crew, if you will have me?"

"I have a feeling that your Mother would not approve, but with us going to Cybertron and possibly facing off against Galvatron. I would rather we had someone who knows their way around, so as Commander of the Normandy…. permission granted Dr T'Soni."

"Thank you Commander." the Asari replied with a smile.

"Well, I will see you aboard the Normandy then." the Spectre Elite said back before turning around and walking away, but not before glancing over to Orion and giving him a nod. The younger bot nodded back as the Commander headed to the elevator and once there, Rodimus looked back to see Liara joining Orion and he just smirked before stepping into the elevator before it's doors closed.

"I thought you would be going to see your mother Liara?" Orion asked as the blue Asari stopped beside him, before shaking her head in return.

"No, actually as of this moment I am now a member of the Normandy's crew." she replied, gaining a surprised smile from the bot which almost made her blush.

"Really, well I am glad that you are sticking around."

"Are you now, and why is that then?" Liara responded coyly, and now it was Orion's time to blush as he ran his hand through his blue hair.

"Well….you are….. really good with those Biotics of yours for one thing." he managed to say without too much of a stammer, earning chuckle from the Asari.

"Okay, that will do…..for now. So where were you heading?"

"I was going to go back home, I haven't been there for a long time." the Bot replied.

"Do you want some company?" Liara replied, gaining a slight smile from Orion in return.

"Sure, I mean if you don't have anything else…"

"No, I think it is safe to say that…. I am all yours." the Asari said back.

"Alright, so let's go to the ground-bridge then." Orion said before they both walked toward the elevator together and got ready to leave the Hospital.


Twenty minutes later and both Orion and Liara stepped through the vortex of the Ground-bridge to find themselves standing atop a small grassy hill, one that had a perfect view of the coastline as the waves moved onto the golden sand beach just aways from the pair.

"I know we are going to your family home Orion, but where exactly are we?" Liara asked while looking out to the horizon where the deep blue ocean and the clear blue sky met.

"We are on the northern California coast, not far from San Francisco. This is called 'Drakes Bay'." Orion replied, earning a curious expression from the Asari.

"Drake's Bay?"

"It was named after Sir Francis Drake, who was the second person to circumnavigate the world from fifteen seventy seven to fifteen eighty. It is believed that his landing spot was on this bay during that voyage." Orion replied.

"I see, did it have any name before that?"

"Puerto De Los Reyes."

"So you are also quite knowledgeable, not just a pretty face then." Liara replied coyly, nearly making the Bot blush yet again.

'She's very good at that.' Orion thought as he smiled at her, before pointing to a white house just aways from them.

There is the Darby residence." he said as his Asari friend looked over to the house, noticing its picket fence and large porch, complete with porch swing that overlooked the beach and sea.

"Looks nice, must have been a great place to grow up." she replied as they walked over to the house.

"It really was." Orion said back before going silent for a moment, this did not go unnoticed by Liara.

"Orion?" she said back with a curious tone, but instead the bot opened the little white gate on the picket fence to let them in and then looked around.

"Ravage? Ravage?" he called out until he heard a groan coming from the porch, noticing a large greying feline lying under the porch swing. It it lifted it's head and looked directly at Orion before then going back to it's original position, and then suddenly it's head sprang up again and stared at the blue haired Bot with it's eyes widening as it recognised him.

"Ravage!" Orion exclaimed happily as the feline got to it's and made his way over to the young man, though at a somewhat slower pace which showed it's age. Orion knelt down as Ravage came right up to him and licked his face before embracing his pet and friend in a warm hug, earning a purr from the animal. Liara smiled at this touching display before Orion pulled away and looked at Ravage.

"Miss me Ravage? Because I missed you." he said as he stroked the top of the cat's head, making Ravage pull a funny and adorable expression as it enjoyed it, purring some more. The Feline then looked at Liara as Orion stopped and stood up again, the Asari not being sure how to react.

"Don't worry about Ravage, he is just a big softy really." the Bot said with a smile before the feline moved over to the Female and rubbed his body against her legs.

"Told you, I think he likes you." Orion observed as Liara stroked the big cat's back, earning a purr from Ravage.

"Nice to meet you Ravage." The Asari then said as she then knelt down and fussed with the Feline, Orion simply watched for a moment walking onto the porch and opening the door.

"Shall I leave you two alone then?" he joked as both Liara and Ravage looked up, the latter tilting it's head to the side.

"I'm coming, sorry Ravage." she said before getting to her feet and following Orion through the door, leaving the Feline to whine slightly before heading back to his spot under the porch swing.

"Would you like a drink?" Orion asked as they stood in the living room, with Liara taking a seat on the chocolate colored couch.

"Yes please." she replied, gaining a nod from the bot who then entered the kitchen, which was a walk-in one that had a complete view of the living room. He opened the fridge and looked inside, while Liara noticed many photos on the walls and so got up to take a closer look.

"We have some beers and sodas in here." Orion called back from behind the open fridge door.

"A soda would be great." Liara answered back while looking a lt a photo showing Jack and Arcee with a baby Orion, gaining a smile from the Asari.

'He looks so cute.' she thought before looking at more photos that showed Orion at different points in his life, each photo had the feel of a loving family, which confused Liara due to what she had heard and seen when it came to Orion and his father. Her eyes then fell upon a photo of the bot at his Autobot graduation in full military dress, he had to be about twenty years old at that point.

'Orion really is an eye catcher that's for sure, but still so young when compared to myself.' the Asaro thought, but then she noticed that he did not look entirely happy in the photo. Neither did his father in another photo of both Parents standing with their son on that same day, the only person that looked happy was Arcee who could not look any more prouder of her son.

Liara was so engrossed in the photos, she had not noticed that Orion was walking up to her with the sodas in hand.

"That one was when I was fourteen years old, and went up in my first shuttle flight with my Mom and Jetfire who was a friend of the family. It was incredible seeing the clouds fly past and looking down to the ground and seeing everything looking like miniatures from one of those old model exhibits you see in museums. And then it got more surreal when Jetfire let me take control of the shuttle for a few seconds. At first he flew it with me, talking me through it and showing me what everything did. And then he let me pilot it without any assistance, I tell you my Mom looked very nervous at first but she was so proud of me afterwards and I was hooked on flying after that." Orion replied with such enthusiasm that Liara found herself swept up by the energy and aura that he was giving off as he talked about it.

"I just wanted to fly all the time, and Jetfire saw that I was gifted so chose to train me until I was old enough to join the academy." The bot added before stopping to take a sip of his soda, as Liara smiled back at him.

"I could tell with how well you handled that sky-car back on Illium, so why didn't you stay a pilot. I mean your a Spectre now right? Why did you give up on flying?" Liara asked, which suddenly altered the mood of the conversation as Orion started to look uncomfortable as he turned his attention towards a closed door at the far end of the living room. Liara noticed this right away and decided to change the subject, so looked out of the window that was next to her and noticed four mechanical devices on metal rods that were planted in a square like shape in the back garden.

"What are they?" she asked, regaining Orion's attention as he took a look through the same window at the devices.

"They are holographic emitters, my Dad set them up to create a sort of training area. He used it to keep himself sharp and ready by fighting with holographic enemies."

'Damn it, I wanted to shift the focus away from his Dad and this just brought it back to him.' she thought, but decided to continue on. Hoping that Orion would let her eventually.

"Have you ever used it?" she asked, gaining a shake of the head from him.

"No, but I have seen my Dad use it many times. Fighting against holo-enemies of Reaper Husks, MECH soldiers and mercs. It was one of the ways he would train or…..just let of some steam."

Liara sighed as even though she had tried to move the conversation away from Orion's Dad, she had done the opposite and the bot was still looking somewhat uncomfortable as he took another drink from his soda.

'Screw it!' Liara thought, because she liked Orion and seeing him like this made her feel as uncomfortable and hurt as he obviously was. But she knew that there was only one way that he would get over whatever issue was plaguing him about his father, and that was getting him to open up and talk about it.

And so she would have to force him to do so, even if it was painful for him. Liara hoped as she got up and moved around to face him that he would not end up hating he for it, but if this did help him, then that would be a good thing in the long run. Not only for him, but for his friends and family too.

'That has to be worth it.' she thought as she leaned against the window sill and looked at Orion with a and expression that was both serious and supportive.

"Orion…what's wrong? Talk to me." she asked in a gentle tone as the Bot looked to the ground.

"I…don't want too." he replied, the tone of his voice sounding uncertain. But Liara did not move her eyes off him and placed her hand on his own, which was settled on the window sill next to her.

"Please, let me know what it is that has been bothering you."

"What do you mean, what do you know?" Orion then asked back as he looked at her, with slight hostility in his eyes as he became defensive, but the Asari kept her calm and all he saw was the Woman that had become a friend in his eyes.

"Hardly anything. I kind of guessed that there was something that was bothering you after we first spoke about your parents, and then after talking to Shen and Nightracer…."

"What did they say?" Orion said back with a worried tone as he cut his friend off.

"They are worried about you and so am I, we are your friends after all. Well I hope I am?" Liara replied as she looked down to the ground, as if it was her turn to do so. But the young man sighed and hung his shoulders as he looked at her.

"You are my friend Liara….but I just….don't want to talk about…"

"What? What is it that you don't want to talk about? Because I can see how uncomfortable you are with this, and that to me, it looks like you have been carrying this on your shoulders for a long time….perhaps too long. So please….let me in, let me help you?" Liara replied in an almost pleading like tone, earning a thoughtful look from Orion as he looked back to her and then back towards the door at the far end of the room. The Asari followed his eyes and looked at the same door, gaining a curious expression on her face.

"Where does that door go?"

"My Dad's study."

"So this is about your Father?" Liara replied, as if she did not already know who it was that Orion had an issue with. But the bot nodded in return before looking back to her.

"Help me to help you…please?" she asked again, as she thought she saw some cracks appearing in the armour that Orion was hiding himself behind.

"You know as a family we used to be so happy, and me and Dad were inseparable. He was my hero and I remember every night when I was young, he would tell me stories of his adventures with my Mom and the Autobots. I wanted to be just like him, experiencing the same kind of adventures." the Bot said while looking back out of the window.

"What changed?" Liara asked while never taking her eyes off the Bot as he reminisced, but then Orion stopped and looked at her.

"Things started going down hill when I was fifteen, my Dad began to change. He became more stern and serious with me all of a sudden, I didn't know where this attitude had came from."

"What about your Mother?"

"My Mom noticed it too. But whenever she tried to find out why, Dad would just shrug it off and act like nothing was wrong." Orion replied, earning an inner smile from the Asari.

'That sounds familiar…' she thought before returning her attention to the Bot.

"So did you ever find out?"

"Yes….." he replied before going quiet again, making Liara sigh to herself in slight frustration.

'No, not again.' she thought before gently stroking his hand with her own as they leaned against the window sill.

"You know if your having trouble remembering this, then there is another way to share it with me." she said, earning a curious look from Orion.


"Well as an Asari, I can join my mind to you and share memories and feelings with you. It is a process that works both ways."

Orion's eyes widened slightly at that last part that Liara said.

"You can see my memories and feelings?" he replied as a slight shyness came over him, to which Liara smiled slightly in return.

"Yes, but I will only do this if you want me too, that is if you trust me."

The Bot looked back at her, his eyes meeting hers and nodded in return.

"I trust you Liara, okay lets do this." he said as the Asari stood back up and took him by the hand.

"Come here then, Orion."

The Bot then stood up in front of her and the two looked into each other's eyes.

"I want you to think about your Father and what happened between you both, it will make finding the memory in question that much easier." Liara said, earning a nod from Orion.

"Alright, now close your eyes and relax."

The young man then closed his eyes and breathed in and out slowly, while the Asari then lowered her forehead towards him. They could almost feel each others breath on their faces, now that they were so close. Then Liara closed her eyes, mirroring Orion as she too breathed the same.

Then for one moment that seemed to last forever, the pair stood in relative silence apart from the sound of the porch swing which moved ever so slightly due to the breeze coming in from the ocean.

"Embrace Eternity." Liara then said as she simultaneously opened her eyes, revealing them to be jet black instead of her natural blue and Orion suddenly felt the world around him disappear as everything went black.
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