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Star wars:Clone Wars: Equestrian war

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A long time, in a galaxy far far away, the clone wars rage on. But a new planet enters the conflict, unwillingly. This planets name is Equestria

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away the clone wars rage on, many Clones and Droids continue to die, planets are being controlled by both sides, and the Republic and Separatist are at a stalemate that seems to never end.

A Separatist frigate hovers above the orbit of a planet. A planet like earth,71% of water and the other percentage land. General Grievous was waiting in the bridge of the ship, looking down at the planet. " Are we in position?" He asked a droid pilot "yes sir" it replied, "good" Grievous said "begin the attack" he ordered, the droids replied simply with a "roger roger" as they began to land,informing other frigates around the planet to attack. Droid drop ships and Vulture Droids began flying towards the planet.

When they landed, the drop ships deployed Droid troops as they marched to a castle hanging from a mountain, Grievous leading them.

(hi Matthew here, ya know the author, so yeah that's the prologue, hope ya enjoyed it, make sure to review or just say if ya want to help me improve my writing or if ya just want more, also these brackets will be the author talking when the chapters are finished.One last thing, i do not own anything,MLP and Star Wars belong to their personal creators.Thank you for reading,see ya.)
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