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Chapter XVII

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Galvatron takes the Predacon cause to the next level with an attack against another alliance, while Quickstrike is a prisoner of both RipClaw and Ser-Ket.

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"Galvatron!" a commanding but distorted voice called out of the darkness, echoing around the Predacon Leader as he looked around the void that surrounded him.

"Who...who said that?" he called out in a nervous tone, the voice not recognisable to him.

'Who was that? I could not make it out, but surely it wasn't Megatron.' he thought as he stood there in the blackness.

"Galvatron!" it called out once more, but again it was so distorted and without direction, Galvatron could not make out where it originated from. So he began walking through the darkness like a blind man as he reached out ahead of himself with his hands, hoping that he could grasp whatever was calling to him.

"Galvatron, follow my voice." it called out again, but now the Predacon was starting to get agitated.

"How? Where are you?" he answered back with an anger-like tone, as the voice was still echoing around him.

"Who are you?" Galvatron asked as kept looking, but only seeing the black void around him. For a long while there was only silence, while the Predacon Leader stopped in his tracks and waited. But then he received a reply.

"Galvatron, my…."

Suddenly his voice was cut off by a loud beeping that blotted out everything around Galvatron, making his ears burn as he clenched them and fell to his knees. The very sound felt like it was vibrating right through him.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and found himself sitting up on the bed in his quarters aboard the Nemesis, covering his ears with his hands. He looked around frantically and saw that everything was as it was when he had entered the room earlier.

'It was a dream...' the Predacon Leader thought as his attention returned to the beeping sound which was the intercom.

"Galvatron here, what is it?"

"Sorry to cut your rest short Lord Galvatron, but you are required in the CIC." Six-shot replied over the com.
"I am on my way."

Galvatron then got off the bed and walked over to the door, but then stopped midway and looked over to the book lying on his desk.

'The Covenant of Primus.' he thought as he stared at it for a moment.

'I must examine the relic more closely, when next I have the opportunity.'

And then he left the room and headed for the CIC.

A few moments later and the Predacon Leader was among his lieutenants and Terracons in the nerve centre of the Nemesis, looking at the data flowing down the large holo-screen that Six-shot was controlling with his holo-tool.

"As you can see my Lord, after our victory...which was at a heavy cost to our forces..." he said, earning a annoyed stare from the Predacon Leader.

"...the Autobots are still in a weakened and venerable state, with their fleet spread out around the galaxy and many of their ships are not even close to a space bridge. So even though we have few ships now, we can still make significant collateral damage if we perform guerrilla strikes on their other colonies." he continued before Galvatron cut him off abruptly.

"No, that is not what we will do next Six-shot."

Everyone looked at their leader, who turned around and saw their confused expressions.

" Lord, what would you have us do then?." the con replied, though with a slight questioning tone to his words that annoyed the Predacon even more.

"As you so gracefully pointed out Six-shot..." Galvatron said with the same abandon, while standing over the Lieutenant and staring down at him with his red eyes.

"...our forces have been weakened by 'our' victory over the Autobots, so even though guerrilla tactics would sound like the right course of action. We would still end up losing more ships and troops, and that is something I will not tolerate. If and when our next engagement with the Autobot fleets happens, I wish for us to be on equal terms when it comes to man and fire power."

Everyone else in the room kept quiet as they listened to their master, but that didn't stop Six-shot.

"So...what are do then?"

Galvatron smirked and turned his attention to the holo-screen, hijacking it from the other Con's control with his own holo-tool.

"We are going to regain the strength that we have lost."

"...and how do you propose we do that my Lord?" Six-shot replied as a map of the galaxy appeared on the screen, before zooming into an area at the top half of the map.

"Well, there is only one other alliance in his galaxy that has forces rivaling the Autobots and their Federation." Galvatron added as the screen froze on a space station, that had a fleet of ships orbiting it. Six-shot's eyes widened as he recognised the station and the Alliance it represented, while the others looked on.

"That's Omega! You want to attack the Omega Syndicate."

The Predacon Lord looked over to his subordinate and smiled.

"Yes, that is correct Six-shot. You see I have been studying Omega through the information from the ISF mainframe, and the Syndicate is made up entirely of mercenaries, slavers and freelancers. Their leader, Aria T'Loak maintains control through fear and manipulation..." Galvatron said as the Asari's image appeared on the screen, that was when a familiar voice spoke up behind him.

"A person after my own spark, she certainly has more to her than you Clone."

Galvatron glanced back to see the other Predacons standing behind him and unbeknownst to them, Megatron was there and leaning back against the desk, looking up at the image with an evil grin. Galvatron bit his lip and turned back to the screen, trying to refocus his attention to the task at hand.

" if we were to remove her from power and let them see it happen, then they would accept us as their new masters without opposition."

"But, surely there are those who are loyal to this Aria.." Lazerback spoke up, making the Predacon Leader look to him and also notice that Megatron was nodding in agreement with him.

"We will kill all those in her inner circle, that should end any threat of reprisal from Omega's troops. After all, they are without honor and so should be treated as such." Galvatron replied.

"So I take it that once we have gained control of the Omega Syndicate that they will merely be cannon fodder to use against the Autobots?" Six-shot asked, earning a nod from the Predacon Lord.

"They will give us the edge over the Autobots that we require and so will enable us to crush them once and for all, hopefully while they are still disorganised." he said while looking at Six-shot with a knowing stare, one that made the Con feel nervous.

"I can assure you my Lord, even if the Autobots are able to identify where their network is disabled, they do not have any ships in range to find out."

"Well let's make sure of that shall we, because while I will lead the attack on Omega with the Nemesis and three quarters of our remaining fleet, the last quarter will be split up with one half statying here on Cybertron to defend our interests, and the other will join the ships at Omicron and bolster their defences."

"I see, but isn't the Omega Station heavily armed and defended. How are we going to break down their defences, when they can take out any one of or ships with a single shot?" Six-shot asked as he interacted with the holo-screen and brought up the specs of the station for all to see. But then Galvatron reasserted control with his holo-tool, bringing up an attack plan.

"Our ships will keep the enemy fleet busy at the space bridge, meanwhile the Nemesis will jump in close using it's own space bridge and begin systematically disabling weapon placements of Omega. Because this ship has actually been fitted with armour and shields designed to resist the powerful beam weapons of the station. Those same weapons that could cut through our average cruisers with ease." the Predacon Lord said as they watched the screen.

"Also the Nemesis will deploy troops all over Omega with our ground-bridge to ensure that we capture it quickly." He added before turning round to the Predacons standing with him.

"Any questions?"

The others all looked amongst themselves before Blight raised his hand.

"When do we leave?"

"Once Shockblast has birthed the latest batch of Terracons, which will be in five hours time. So lets get started." Galvatron replied, earning nods from then all.


As the group dispersed, both Vertebreak and Darksteel stepped toward the Predacon Leader who acknowledged them.

"We will not let you down Lord Galvatron, it is an honor to serve you." The yellow armoured Con said, earning a nod from his friend.

"Yeah...what he said." Darksteel added.

"My brothers, it is I who should be honored to have such warriors amongst my troops..." Galvatron replied with a smile.

"...For if you fight as well as Shockblast tells me, our enemies will find themselves fearful indeed of our power."

Both Cons nodded before turning away and leaving the room together, as the Predacon was left with the few Terracons manning the CIC's stations.

'This should be an easy task for my Predacons.' he thought before he was rudely interrupted.

"You even doubt yourself and your troops, what in the pits of Kaon are you? I mean really? Most of the time you come off as a poor imitation of myself, by doing things that I would have done...and nowhere near as skilfully. Then you do a complete reversal and question yourself, you make me sick to my spark." Megatron spat as he stood beside the Predacon Lord, who gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly while trying to ignore him.

'Can't I have a moment to myself?' he thought, earning a smile from the Decepticon Leader.

"I heard you can't." he replies sarcastically, before he was then cut off by Shockblast's face appearing on the console screen beside Galvatron.

"Lord Galvatron, I have successfully sped up the Terracons incubation time, meaning that they will now take only four hours to fully mature, instead of five." he said in a cold and emotionless tone.

"Thank you Shockblast, continue to keep me apprised of their situation."

"It would be only logical my Liege, Shockblast out." the Con replied, then as quickly as the image had appeared, it was then gone.

"Something is off with him, wouldn't you agree? I mean you do see it right?" Megatron asked with a curious tone in his voice, reminding the Predacon Leader that he was still there which only angered Galvatron more.

"Shut up!" he spat back in as low and faint a voice as he could, so not to gain the Terracons attention before walking off the bridge, leaving Megatron to chuckle as he stayed there in the CIC.

"You can try shut me out or ignore me, but I am not going anywhere." he shouted back as the door shut behind Galvatron.

The Predacon lord walked through the dimly lit corridors of the Nemesis, trying to calm himself as his spark was still burning with anger, mainly this was because of that hallucination though he did have a point. He was right about Shockblast, the Con is acting less like himself with every passing day.

'What is happening to him?' Galvatron thought before his com-link activated, pulling the Predacon from his thoughts as he tapped his ear piece.

"Lord Galvatron, Six-shot here. You have a call from the Omicron Colony on standby, it is Ser-Ket." Six-shot stated.

"Very well, patch her through." the Predacon Lord replied before the Con's voice was switched with that of the Femme.

"This is Ser-Ket, can you read me Lord Galvatron?"

"Loud and clear Ser-Ket. But tell me why you are calling and not Rip-Claw?"

The com line remained quiet for a moment before Ser-Ket spoke up.

"Forgive me my Lord, but my sister's time has been taken up with the torture of our prisoners." she replied as the sounds of screams echoed through the com-line, which surprised Galvatron.

"What in the Allspark was that?"

"Apologies, that was one of our prisoners Lord Galvatron. Rip-Claw is quite efficient in getting what she wants through the infliction of pain." Ser-Ket answered with an uneven tone that the Predacon Leader picked up on.

"And this bothers you?" he asked, though the tone pf his voice carried no compassion what so ever.

"With my enemies, I prefer to kill them outright and not make them suffer. Because there is no honor in it, which is something I believe my Sister is without." the Femme said back.

"I understand and appreciate your opinion Ser-Ket, even if I do not completely agree with it. But has Rip-Claw's efforts bore any fruit?" the Con asked, in an attempt to change the subject.

"No, not really my Lord, we already know most of what the prisoners have spilled. Which is why I am uncomfortable with the torture continuing, may I have the prisoners put out of their misery now?" Ser-Ket replied.

"No, your Sister will continue. Because I think that our Autobot prisoners know more than they make out, so tell her to keep at it and inform me of whatever she finds." Galvatron answered, earning a sigh from the femme.

"Very well, is there anything else my Lord?" she said, with an agitated tone.

"Yes, I take it there have been no problems since we took over the Colony?"

"That is correct Lord Galvaton, the entire colony is now under our control and its defences are in the process of being repaired. The civilian population are all under house arrest and the military contingent are either dead or our prisoners."

"Excellent, then all that is left for me to say is that I will be sending extra ships to help you sustain control of the Colony." Galvatron replied.

"Very well my Lord, we await their arrival."

"Galvatron out." the Predacon leader said back before cutting off the conversation, finding himself staring out of one of the observation ports in the corridor he had stopped in while speaking to the femme. And it bothered him why she would question the treatment of prisoners in the way she had.

'Something is up with her?' he thought while looking out at the dead Cybertronian landscape.

'I will send a message to Rip-Claw and ask what she thinks of her sister's attitude.' he added before the intercom activated.

"Lord Galvatron, your presence is needed in the engine room." a Terracon spoke, earning a sigh from Galvatron.

"I am on my way."


Ser-Ket felt uncomfortable, it was something she could not help as she stood just yards away from the door that lead to the Achilles brig. The screams coming from inside that room were enough to make her sick to her spark, but what made her feel me uncomfortable was that their Lord and Master Galvatron was willing to let it continue.

'What sense is there in further torture when the prisoners have willingly given all the information they know already, just so it would make the pain stop?' she thought to herself as another blood chilling scream ripped through the air and her ears, making her grimace where she stood. This earned curious looks from two Terracons who were standing guard either side of the entrance, which did not go unnoticed by the Femme.

"What are you looking at?"

Both soldiers jumped to attention and stared back at the wall directly in front of them, but this was not good enough for Ser-Ket.

"I said, what are you looking at?" she repeated while walking right in front of them, breaking their sight of the wall so that they had no choice but to look back at her.

"Nothing Commander." they replied in unison, but the Femme glared back as she stood before the pair.

"Good, make sure it stays that way."

"Ser-Ket, would you join me please?" Rip-Claw called from inside the room, gaining Ser-Ket's attention as she sighed before walking past the soldiers, who mirrored her once she was gone.

Ser-Ket entered the brig to see that all the cells were occupied with an Autobot, and they were all trapped behind an energy barrier that kept them from escaping or physically interacting with each other. But the last time she had been in this room, Ser-Ket could have sworn that the prisoners were all still breathing. But as she looked around, the femme could tell that they were all dead.

They bodies limp, bloody and bruised and they faces frozen in one expression that showed they had died in excruciating pain. Ser-Ket could not help but feel sorry for them, but she also felt relieved that their prolonged suffering had now come to an end.

"Sister, there you are." a femmine voice spoke to her right, making Ser-Ket look over to see Rip-Claw standing over a mobile berth as she smiled down at the male prisoner who was restrained on it. Ser-Ket's eyes widened once she got a good look at the said prisoner, recognising it to be the blonde Autobot that gave them a good fight during the invasion, though he now looked almost like the dead prisoners that were lying around them as he lied half naked on the berth, his muscular but beaten torso bare for all to see.

"This Autobot is being far more stubborn than the others Sister, he won't even give me his name." Rip-Claw said before taking a sharp knife off of the small tray of similar tools, which were already covered in blood and stabbed it into his leg, making the bot grimace as blood sipped out around the wound.

"Come now, would it really be so bad if you just gave me your name." she then said to the bot, before giving him a moment to speak. But instead he spat blood back in her face, earning an annoyed expression from Rip-Claw as she wiped her face clean with one hand.

"Okay, that happened." she said calmly in return and then pulled the knife out sharply, earning another grunt from the bot before slamming the knife down into his other leg.

"Arrrrgh, fuck you bitch!" he spat before gritting his teeth as she pressed the knife down more into his flesh.

"You sure you don't want to give me your name?" the Femme asked.

"Go to hell!" he managed to say while gritting his teeth, gaining a sigh from Rip-Claw who replied by ripping the knife out of his leg as blood squirted out over the floor.

"I have to say, I did not expect this reaction. I mean I have cut and stabbed you numerous times, yet you will not answer my questions."

"Perhaps he does not know anything." Ser-Ket spoke up, gaining her sister's attention, while the prisoner then passed out due to the pain his body was in, but not before noticing Ser-Ket and her reaction to the whole ordeal.

"He knows something alright, and I will cut it out of him one way or another." Rip-Claw replied as she glanced back at the bloodied Autobot, before placing the knife on the table.

"But I will have to continue this later, when he reawakens. It's funny that he is the first person to pass out from the pain I have inflicted upon him." she added while walking over to Ser-Ket who looked back at the blonde Man unconscious on the berth.

"He is strong, that much is certain." the Femme replied, earning a curious look from her sister who the gestured to her to join her outside. So both Predacons walked out of the brig and stood in the corridor.

"Okay, I am going to take a break now and I want you to take care of his wounds." Rip-Claw said, making Ser-Ket stare at her wide eyed.

"Why me?"

"Because my Sister, I have noticed that you've taken a liking to this Autobot since we encountered him in battle." the older Femme replied.

"Wait...I have not..." Ser-Ket said back in a blustered tone, making Rip-Claw smile.

"I mean in the way that he has given us more of a fight than the rest of the Autobots on this planet, just like you said earlier..."

Ser-Ket suddenly looked uncomfortable as her sister continued.

"...And I know you well enough to see that torture does not sit well with you and he too has witnessed this today, so this will hopefully soften his defences towards you."

"You think he will open up to me? That I can gain his confidence?" Ser-Ket replied with a curious expression, gaining a nod from Rip-Claw.

"Exactly, I will give you one hour and then I will return and begin anew." she said with a confident smile.

"So you better get started, I will be back." the older Femme replied before turning and walking away, leaving Ser-Ket standing there in the corridor with a worried expression on her face.

'This will not end well.' the Femme thought as she took a deep breath and then began to walk back into the brig, stopping short of the door and standing between the two Terracons. Both soldiers looked ahead with confused expressions as to why the Femme had stopped there, but then she suddenly grabbed them both by their throats and pushed them back against the closed door. Her grip was so tight that neither could breath as they gasped for air, but their eyes froze on her as Ser-Ket gave them a deathly stare.

"If you ever go behind my back and speak of me to my Sister again, I will make you suffer more terribly than she could ever imagine. And you know how creative she can be, do we understand each other?"

Both Cons nodded as neither blinked while looking into her cold eyes, too afraid of what she might do to them. But then she let go of their necks and both men slumped to the ground, taking deep breaths of much needed air.

"Good." she answered before walking through the door and back into the Brig.


It was the most peculiar of sensations that stirred Quickstrike from his unconsciousness, as he felt what could only be described as warm water running over his bruised skin and into the painful cuts and stab wounds that he had been unfortunate to have withstood at the hands of that bitch. The fire like pain that he felt just beneath and around those wounds quickly faded as whatever it was healing him, but this was not the feeling that he found peculiar. It was a secondary sensation, that felt somewhat like wool being brushed over his skin, spreading and rubbing in the liquid over himself.

So he opened his eyes and instantly his pupils were bombarded with a bright light, one that had felt almost as painful as the blades that had pierced his skin, forcing him to raise his hand to the light and block it from his sight. Allowing his eyes to adapt, so that he could see what it was that he was feeling over his exposed skin. And slowly but surely, his vision corrected itself and the image of a beautiful woman standing over him revealed itself.

The woman, who clearly had noticed that the prisoner had awoken, chose instead to ignore this and continue to rub liquid Medi-gel onto his damaged body, bringing what felt like new found life to what had begun to look like a defeated husk. Quickstrike though recognised the woman who had shoulder length black hair as one of the two he had faced before being captured.

"If this is your version of good cop and bad cop, then I think I will pass." he replied weakly, earning the Femme's attention.

"What?" the Woman simply replied with an almost innocent tone to her voice as she looked down at him with a confused expression.

"So the other woman, the one that spent a good hour torturing me with both deep and shallow cuts. Then she also beat me into a bloody pulp with her fists as she tried to get me to talk, just up's and leaves. And now here you are to tend to my wounds and act nice to me, sorry but I have seen enough movies and TV to know what game your playing right now and it won't work." Quickstrike said with confident tone, which surprised the Femme considering the condition the bot was currently in.

"Because I won't tell you anything, not that I know anything of value anyway. So you might as well kill me now and stop wasting our time." he added, making the Woman look back down to the cut on his chest and rub more Medi-gel into it.

"I know you won't say anything, but I have my orders and they are to keep you from bleeding out and dying. I fear my Sister is taking an interest in you." she replied, making the bot tilt his head to the side and look at her.

"Your Sister?" Quickstrike said as he remembered back to the earlier torture and he did recall hearing that bitch call out to a 'Sister', but then it hit him what the Femme just said.

"…wait, what interest in me?"

"My sister has never failed to break someone's will through torture before, I mean you did not even give her your name..." the Femme replied with what sounded like an impressed tone while looking down at him.

"...And it was most impressive, but I believe that the next time Rip-Claw comes in here, that she will try even harder to get what she wants from you."

Quickstrike looked away from the Woman and towards one of the now empty cells that surrounded them, his face staying serious and firm as he dwelled on her words before looking back at her.

"Then I will just have to bite my lip and take it again, because I will not give her the satisfaction of seeing me falter. And if you think that this nice act is going to work on me, after all the lives you and your forces have killed here. Then you are a fool."

The Femme stared at him for a long moment, trying hard not to look taken aback by his words. But in this act she failed, as the bot suddenly recognised the expression on her face, as he had seen it before during the white hot pain he was suffering at the hands of the one she called Rip-Claw. Before another word could be said, the Femme's holo-tool activated and began beeping, making her suddenly stop what she was doing and step away from the prisoner.

"How do you feel physically?" she asked, as Quickstrike looked down at his body, the wounds he had suffered now nothing more than slightly red bruises.

"Better I guess." he replied, unsure of how to make his answer sound. Due to the fact that he did not know what to make of this Woman, but she did show that she had compassion which was more than he could say for the other one.

"Good, because you will need your strength. This means that my Sister is on her way back." the Femme replied as she held up her holo-tool and Quickstrike looked at the flashing light on it's interface.

"I wish you luck and if you survive, I will be here to patch you up."

The Woman then began to walk towards the door before stopping and looking back at the bot.

"My name is Ser-Ket by the way."

Quickstrike merely looked at her for a moment before slowly nodding in return, earning a slight smile from the Femme.

'I am not going to make it easy for her, even if she is kind of cute…for an enemy of course.' he thought as Ser-Ket walked out of the room, making the door shut behind her and leaving the bot on his own and strapped down to the berth.

So he tried to free himself, but found that his restraints were tightly wrapped around his ankles and wrists. Then suddenly the door opened and Rip-Claw walked back in and right up to his bedside, flashing an evil smile as she looked down at him.

"Well then…shall we start again…..or do you feel like talking?" she asked, but Quickstrike merely stayed quiet and looked away, which only made the Femme's smile grow wider.

"Very well then…" she replied as she then equipped some strange looking gloves before grasping her hands together, which made bolts of electricity erupt around them. Lighting up the room and making the bot look back at her with a wide-eyed and worried expression.

"…Tell me when it hurts." Rip-Claw added as her hands descended upon the Autobot's exposed chest.

Suddenly Quickstrike's screams could be heard echoing down the corridor, it even surprised the two Terrcons guarding the Brig's entrance. Even Ser-Ket who had been walking away, stopped and looked back towards it's source. A worried look appeared on her face, for she knew that her sister would only get worse and more imaginative in her obsession to break the Autobot, and there was nothing that she could do about it.
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