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Chapter 10

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"I'm a Malfoy, I always get what I want" She is a typical Gryffindor, and he is a typical Slytherin. But something about her makes him want more, he is obsessed with her but she is not and he is d...

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Reyna's P.O.V.

Everyone was waiting eagerly at the hall to see who would be elected as Champions by the Triwizard Cup. Oooo, this is so exciting! "Urgh, Reyna!" I heard Hermione whisper shout at me. She was a mess! Her hair was all over the place and she looked as if she just ran a 100m sprint race. I raise my eyebrows at her while she took her seat next to me. "You! Do you mind just talking to Nicholas for once?!" She whispered angrily at me. Oh no. Not this again! Ever since after that awkward encounter with Nicholas, I started avoiding him. I would take the longer route to my destination if I had to. But Nicholas seemed to want to talk to me so badly. If he caught me he would say, "Hey Reyna, can we please talk about-" "Look Nic, I'm in a rush to! Yes, Charms! I really have no time to-" "Reyna, you know very well that you have no lessons right now and you are very free to talk to-" "NO! PLEASE! LEAVE ME ALONE!" I would always end the conversation angrily. But deep down, I was just so disappointed in everything that happened between us and I refused to accept the embarrassment and awkwardness. How was I going to live with myself and the rest of my Hogwarts years if I embarrass myself any further? I was so positive he was going to tell me, "Look Reyna. I'm sorry if I gave you any funny ideas the other day. I never saw you in that way. I really hope you understand that my feelings for you are purely for friendship purposes. Most importantly, I don't want that incident to affect out friendship. So, still friends?" And that would leave me no choice but to say yes. I mean, what else can I say? Something like "Hey, did you know that I've loved you with all my heart for so many years and now you want to call it quits?!" Not like we were a thing in the first place, which makes things either less or more complicated. Urgh, I really hated this! "Hey! Are you listening to me?! YOU! Hey! Snap out of-" Hermione paused. "Um, Reyna...why are you looking at Malfoy?" Huh? Oh shit. I was so lost in my thoughts I never knew my gaze was fixed on Malfoy! My goodness! And to make matters worse...Malfoy was staring back at me! Oh my...! And I hate to admit it, but staring at Malfoy for so long, sent electricity through my veins, my heart was pumping so fast I was afraid it might just come out of my mouth! i was literally melting! Hermione just looked back and forth at us, trying to figure out what was going on between us. "Nothing. You were saying?" I asked, regaining my composure once again and turned away from Malfoy. Hermione said nothing and just stared at me like she just saw an alien and was trying to process the fact. "Just to Nicholas, hear what he has to say. Because of you, he has been pestering me all day long trying to ask me where are you, let you two meet up and settle things. Basically everything-URGH! Would you just STOP LOOKING AT MALFOY?!" Huh? Oh no. My gaze went back to him AGAIN! And Hermione kind of shouted the last part, making everyone in the Great Hall to stare at me. And I could have sworn Malfoy jumped out of his seat. I could feel my face turn red with embarrassment as everyone gave me the oddest looks. Now everyone knows I was staring at Malfoy. I hate you Hermione! I looked at Malfoy to see his reaction, smirking. Oh no. Oh no no no.
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