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Chapter 9

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"I'm a Malfoy, I always get what I want" She is a typical Gryffindor, and he is a typical Slytherin. But something about her makes him want more, he is obsessed with her but she is not and he is d...

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Draco's P.O.V.

"OI! Get a room will ya'?" Those words kept ringing in my head even though the incident happened so long ago.

"Who's that?" Pansy stopped trying to pull off my shirt and started glancing around. I was so so thankful towards my savior. But who could it be? I was curious, so I decided to use the ancient magical power that all the heirs of the Malfoys would have-the ability to freeze time. But of course, such good things always have a bad side to it. The power would fade once the young Malfoy turned 15. That would mean by the time I reached fifth year which was next year, my ability to freeze time will no longer exist. It starts when the young Malfoy is in third year, but it always ends in their fifth year. Some ability that is. I mean, if there's this magical ability that all Malfoys are born with, there shouldn't be an age limit to it! We could rule the world, just think about all the goodness that would come along with it...jut like how my father always says! Malfoy pride! But my mother would always say, "No matter, that's not happening. So we should stop thinking about it and complain. Cherish and appreciate!" My dear mother...if only she thought like my dad and I... Oh well, at least like the new me and my dad. I've changed so much since young, I am absolutely unrecognizable. Then the sound of ice freezing at a rapid speed snapped me out of my thoughts. Everything or everyone near me has frozen. Good. Now to see who my savior is. And there the person was, back facing me obviously in a running away position, whoever he or she was. Hmmm, long hair...has got to be a girl. But that brownish red familiar! And that was when reality stuck me...Chase. That was the only word going through my mind. Chase. My savior is Chase. Reyna Chase...What on earth is happening?! First, the apparation then having been forced to have what-high tea with her?! Meeting her in the great hall and got insulted by her in front of everyone...there goes my Malfoy Pride. Father won't be proud. I can't keep helping but see some fate in us this year. Well, at least for now. Maybe it's just today and no more such nonsense. I won't be seeing or bumping into her coincidentally anymore. Like the usual, she crosses my path occasionally, I insult her. And then I unfreezed the time. And rushed far away from Chase, just in case fate decides to play tricks on us again. I cannot afford any more of my Malfoy Pride to be gone.

I cannot believe I actually THANKED Chase! My Malfoy Pride...Urgh! All gone! Should Father hear a word about me thanking a blood traitor, I'm really really dead, regardless of the fact that Chase's parents and my parents are very very close friends. Mmmm, interesting huh? Our parents are friends but Chase and I aren't on good terms. Well, everything changes once there is a blood traitor in the family. And my parents and Chase's have lost contact until Chase and I were in our first years at Hogwarts. Disappointment, really it was for me. I could have known her since we were young, hang out, and become best friends. She wouldn't have chose to say those words she said to me on the train. She would love and want to be in Slytherin and not waste her time being a Gryffindork. So many things could have been possible... Wait, why on earth am I thinking about her and about US?! This is really starting to creep me out...I can't stop thinking about Chase, about what if this an that happened...I'm really insane...
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