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Fairy Smash

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Fairy Tail but with a twist! The Smash Bros! Yay... right? Hell no.

Category: Super Smash Brothers - Rating: R - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Link - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2015-06-28 - Updated: 2015-06-28 - 206 words

Ahh Fairy Tail. The home to the most destructive mages in Magnolia if not world. Teams from the guild Smash came to Fairy Tail .Because um... reasons. Anyways the strongest (and weirdest) teams are here. Team Triforce includes a genderbending princess, a hero with wolf ears, and a gerudo(?) villain. There are more but I'm tired as hell so let's cut to the chase. Team Triforce are the strongest mages ever accounted for. I mean seriously. Bearers of the Triforce, dragon-slayers, requip, shadow, and take-over masters. Enough fangirling, back to the guild. Our guild is a family. A messed up family but a family nonetheless. It has strippers, hot-heads, semi-mutes, drunk PTSD, wolf ears (sometimes tails) and much more. I bet you're wondering "How do you know this?" and "Who are you?". I am Yumi and my twin sister Kumi and I will tell the tale of a guild. Not just a guild but a family. Oh! But with every family there is ince-romance. Love triangles. That's just what Link, Erza, and Ike are in. Also they're best friends sucks for them. That's why I'm only friend's with two people Kumi and Link. Link is the only who really understood us Anyway Kumi and Yumi out!
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