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Birthdays, PTSD, and Drunk Requip Battles

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Link never drinks alcohol. But what happens when a prank goes wrong? In this chapter watch as Erza almost dies because of Natsu.

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Kumi Pov

20. The big 2 0. It's Link's birthday today and he was spending it at the guild. Music played and people were dancing, having fun etc etc. Everyone except Link and Ike are drunk. Including me and Yumi. Link doesn't drink and for a good reason too after all his battles I'm surprised he hasn't gone insane. Ptsd. Post traumatic stress disorder. War flashbacks. Whatever you want to call it. When Link drinks he goes to sleep in the first few seconds. If someone wakes him up then he sleep fights (if that's a thing?) with "monsters" from his past. Once he drank when he was 16ish and Mira woke him. He said something about Lizalfos and Dinolfos. Levy knows something about Team Triforce but won't tell. If that says anything they're hiding something. Ike and Erza know too but they won't tell. Hell the whole Smash people know but they won't tell the rest of the guild members. Anyways back to the party. Erza was screaming but Ike tied his bandana on her mouth so she couldn't yell anymore. Makarov hired extra help for the party and the new barmaid was serving drinks. Link asked for a milk. She set it down but when Link wasn't looking, Natsu poured a teaspoon of vodka in.
Sadly a teaspoon was just enough to knock him out. Everybody and everything turned silent. Natsu being Natsu (and drunk) started teasing Gray about being a wimp and not talking. Gray looked like he was about to choke him but even the slightest movement or sound could wake the hylian. But oh yeah. Natsu. Link's ears twitched once then twice. His eyes fluttered open. They weren't the same determined, strikingly blue eyes. They were a faded blue that was glazed in something else. Anger? Jealousy? Vengeance. It was revenge. That was an emotion the guild had never seen. He finally spoke, "A camp of moblins huh? That'll be easy." The Master Sword unsheathed and Link sped towards Zelda and slashed. Before she could react Erza blocked the slice. She changed into her Black Wing Armor. Next to her Ike put on his strength bands and unsheathed Ragnell (for those who don't know, that's his sword). If anyone knew how to stop this it was them. Erza got him in a chokehold while Ike tried to wake Link up. He couldn't wake up. Link elbowed Erza in the gut and requipped the iron boots. He kicked Ike in the stomach. Ike went flying through the window. Ike drove Ragnell in the ground to avoid rolling. He dashed back inside to see Link walking over to Erza. She slashed at him but Link blocked without much effort. He slashed once. Zelda looked like someone died. The glow in his eyes wasn't just revenge it was Twilight Energy. Twilight Energy is like the smash ball. (so I've been told)"He's using the Triforce Slash!" She screamed. Teams Smash ran to Link trying to trap him. But he shook them off. He slashed again. Then again and again. 17 deadly blows damaged Erza brutally as the Triforce of Courage appeared. The guild was silent. Link was done. He turned to Ike. Ike looked at Erza's battered body, she was coughing up blood and was slowly dying. He then glanced at Zelda. She nodded. The next thing was so unexpected so crazy that when you see you're like "That DID happen". Ike kissed him.
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