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Red Potion, Sexual Tension, and Mouth Feeding

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Mouth to mouth feeding. This is why people shouldn't spike drinks.

Category: Super Smash Brothers - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Published: 2015-06-29 - 308 words

Yumi POV

Link's eyes snapped back to his usual electric blue color. He mumbled something. "Dammit Ike did you have to kiss me again?" Link asked still oblivious to the situation. Zelda snuck over to Erza and pulled out a red potion. "Yeah I did how'd you know?" Ike asked. "Cherries". Link looked around at the damage then gasped. Zelda was kneeling with Erza laying on her lap trying to feed her red potion. "Did I hurt Erza again?" He asked looking around. This time his eyes had fear dancing in them. Erza wasn't swallowing it. The potion kept trickling to the side. Ike sighed and went over to Erza. Zelda handed him the bottle and stepped back. Ike put some in his mouth and opened Erza's mouth. He fed her the potion through kissing! Erza gasped and got up. "Ike did you have to kiss me again?" Erza inquired. "Yeah. Was it the taste?" He replied. "Yep. Cherries." The guild members were all standing in shock on the second floor. Erza and Ike stepped back as Link played the Song of Time on his ocarina. The guild rebuilt itself and was spotless by the time he finished. Natsu was slinking away just Ike picked him up. "I found who caused this." Ike said. Zelda walked over. Her golden blonde flowing as she stomped over to him. Her eyes were burning with fury. Natsu gulped. Team Triforce were some of the few people he was afraid of. "Try something like that one more time. You will pay." Zelda threatened with her cold, harsh voice. She turned away and walked over to Link. Doting on him, Erza, and Ike like a big sister she bandaged their wounds. The party resumed like nothing happened. Although the sexual tension between Link and Erza was hard to miss. Ike felt it too.
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