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Requip, Take-Over, and Earth Dragon-Slaying

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Dragon-Slayers against Dragon-slayers. Natsu vs Link. Wendy vs Zelda. Gajeel vs Ganondorf.

Category: Super Smash Brothers - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Humor - Characters: Ganondorf,Link,Zelda - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2015-07-02 - 411 words

Yumi POV

A challenge. After everything that happened last night, Natsu wants the dragon-slayers to take on Team Triforce. Of course Gajeel ,being Gajeel, accepted. Then Ganondorf returned at the wrong fucking time and said yes. Zelda, Link and Wendy, being the kind-hearted people they are, agreed. So now Kumi and I are sitting here watching Link and Natsu's battle. Cana was sitting at the stands collecting bets for the battle. Link was twirling his sword in anticipation for the upcoming blows. Natsu was bouncing around on the balls of his feet. The blank went off and Natsu sped over to Link. He easily dodged the fists and requiped into an armor. The stands went silent. Wasn't Erza only able to do that?! But there Link was standing in a male version of the Black Wing Armor Erza had. He wore a black coat with black pants. Two dark x's ran across his bare chest (Link looked damn fine though). Link donned black boots and dark wings on either side of his shoulders. Black metal shoulder guards rested underneath his wings. Link flew into the air and requiped his bow and arrow. He shot at Natsu knocking him out of his shock. Natsu dodged and used Fire Dragon Roar. Link returned the attack with a roar of his own, much to the guild's surprise. Link dropped down and ran up to Natsu. He slashed but was blocked. Natsu kicked Link, then punched him. Link got up then turned into a wolf (hold up. a wolf?!). He dashed up to Natsu and pounced. Link hung onto Natsu and started biting. Natsu struggled to get Link off but he wouldn't budge. Link finally jumped off, not without getting a few more bites in. Natsu looked up to see Link charging at him. Link headbutted him, then hit Natsu with his tail. Link preformed a spin attack before turning back into his human form. Link trapped Natsu inside a diamond shaped force field while unleashing different attacks. Fire, wind, and ice beat Natsu inside the diamond mercilessly. Finally when Natsu was knocked out Link let the barrier down. He started to walk away when Natsu got back up. Link leaned to the side dodging a roar. Natsu staggered a bit before crumpling completely. Link walked over and gave him red potion. Link then requiped his usual clothes on. Natsu got up and mumbled, "Damn elf" then hobbled away. Next up was Gajeel and Ganondorf.
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