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Chapter 6

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The group is finally ready to leave the Leaf village.

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Kitsune's Seduction Chapter 6

AN: I'm back and got my Mojo back. It was just hard to write after the ending of the manga because of how much I disliked it. Not just the final pairings but how everything was tied up and where everyone was left at. Also I have been in a big superhero mood for a while and would focus on that when I could write. Now I need your help. It looks like this fic is turning into a monster fic. So I want you to suggest what monsters each girl should be and any future girls should be. There is one in this chapter that I am thinking of making a harpy or tengu.

Naruto waited at the front gates for everyone to arrive from packing up their things. He had already packed up most of the items and seals from his apartment turning it back into the small one room place it had been. All that was left was waiting on the girls while they removed all of their stuff from their homes. Tsunade had told everyone's parents that they had been personally selected for a six-month long training mission. This way no one would find it to strange that the girls were wanting to take most of their possessions with them.

Hearing the sound of talking Naruto turned back towards the village and smiled as he saw the girls walking towards him. Well all except Temari who appeared to be doing some weird kind of half walk half hobble motion. "Tenten, why is Temari walking like that?" Naruto asked worrying that it may have been a bad idea to put Temari under Tenten's care.

"Show your master why you are walking like that you sandy cunted whore." Said Tenten causing Naruto to sigh and decide that he may need to have a talk with the weapons mistress about letting it go. Temari opened her robes to reveal a remote controlled vibrating dildo in both her ass and pussy and an electrical buzzer tapped to her clit and both nipples. "I thought I would get my payback in before we returned her to the Sand master." Tenten said pressing the button on the remote causing Temari to jump in shock before moaning happily.

Naruto laughed before looking over at the other girls. "Ok so are we all ready? We won't be coming back here for a while." He said wanting to make sure they all had everything they needed, after a few nods in the affirmative; they all turned around and set off into the woods beyond the village.

"So why are we going to this fire temple first?" Sakura asked pulling up alongside of Naruto after a few minutes in the air.

"Because I learned that only half of the Kyuubi was sealed into me as a child. The other half had been sealed earlier into some fire monk." He said though he was still trying to work out when excatually the yin and yang parts were separated if the fox had been sealed when he was born.

"Ohh so we are going there so you can extract it and seal it in your own seal?" Sakura asked.

"Your half right my lovely little vixen." Naruto said smiling at her, "But remember what I said about a present?"

"You mean me? You want to seal the other half of the Kyuubi into me?" she asked sounding more excited and pleased than scared. To Sakura it was just one more thing that would make her more like her master and more valuable to him.

"When we stop tonight I am going to teach all of you how to draw out the tailed beasts and seal them. Part of my plan is to gift each of you with one of the Biju." Naruto said.

"So that's why Gaara was captured." Ino said coming up from behind them.

"That's right kitten. I already have your present waiting for us at the hideout where they're taking Gaara," Naruto said looking back at Ino as she pounced from tree limb to tree limb.

"So who gets what Biju?" Ino asked trying to remember what she could about the tailed beasts.

"That's a surprise kitten." Naruto said turning back to look in front of him as they all sped up through the trees.

The next day and a half was spent running thought the treetops and studying the seals for the Biju's. Naruto was happy with how fast his girls picked up the seals, especially Tenten and Hinata who both already had some minor experience with seals. As they neared, the outskirts of the temple Naruto called for a halt and everyone bunched together under one of the trees to go over the plans.

"Ok Sakura for you this is going to be a solo seduction and assassination mission. You need to get Sora alone and get close enough so you can touch him and begin the binding. My shadow clones have learned that he spends a few hours a day alone in an apple grove so that should be when you strike." Naruto said.

"What do the rest of us get to do master?" asked Tenten licking her lips at the idea of a fight.

"Nothing much right now, by the time they learn he is dead we should be long gone." He said earning a groan from Tenten who was looking forward to trying out her new powers on a live test subject.

"I'll be back in a few minutes Master." Sakura said leaning in to give Naruto a deep kiss. Jumping away Sakura quickly found the apple orchard where sora was supposed to be. Imagining her outfit Sakura opened the gates in her seal and quickly changed forms. Looking at herself in one of the small reflecting pools, she smiled at what she saw.

Her long pink hair fell in waves behind her as two large black horns curled backwards from above her ears. Her clothing had changed to a black skin-hugging piece of leather that wrapped around the top of her breasts and went all the way down to her legs leaving the center of her torso and chest visible but hiding all of the important parts. She also had on a pair of tall stiletto boots and a leather whip but her favorite part was the large bat like wings that grew on her back.

Puckering her large blood red lips together Sakura stepped out from the trees and onto the path where sora was meditating. "Mmm what do we have here?" she said swaying her hips as she walked.

Sora looked up at the noise and was instantly caught in a slight genjutsu when he gazed into Sakura's eyes. "Wha…what do you want foul demon." Sora said struggling to keep his eyes from wandering to the large amounts of visible skin. Especially the two orbs that seemed to bounce and sway with every step causing his knees begin to buckle as the woman pouted at him and continued to get closer.

"Ohh you hurt my feelings" Sakura cried coming to stand in front of him. "You must be so tired and stressed out from all of your training I just want to help you relax." She said placing one sharp blood red talon at the crook of his throat and bringing it down cutting his tunic in two and snapping the cloth belt that was holding up his pants.

"I..I am a little tired." He gulped as he felt the nail move over his skin. He shivered as she placed her lips beside his ear, her hot breath wafting over him as her hands started to massage his shoulders.

"Mmm look how muscular your arms and chest are, so strong and manly." Sakura cooed brushing her lips against his cheek as she ran her hands over his chest. Using one hand behind his neck to hold him in place, she slid the other one down his chest until coming to his cock. Sora jumped slightly as her silky hand wrapped around his shaft and started to slowly stroke it. "And so big too." She said pressing tight up against him so her breasts were squished against his chest. "And so hard, I bet you would just love to fuck my big fat cunt with that hard cock of yours." She whispered ensnaring Sora under layers of different genjutsu.

"Yes." Sora said, gulping for air as the hand continued to stroke him. He felt like he was going to burst just from the way the creature, no, woman was looking at him.

"Lay on the ground for me lover." Sakura cooed softly and chuckled as Sora quickly got down onto the ground, his modest sized cock standing at full mast. Sora watched as the pink haired woman started to slowly take off the constricting leather revealing her large perfect breasts and fat dripping pussy. The woman wore a dark smirk on her lips as she moved above him and lowered herself down. Sora moaned as he felt her dark red lips start to kiss at his neck as her hands traveled over his chest.

Sakura groaned in pleasure as she rubbed her self over the young monk. The power and energy she was feeling causing her let out a series of lewd moans. Grabbing onto his shaft with one hand she started to buck her hips as she stroked him off moaning into his ear as she pretended to ride him.

"Ohh yes lover your cock feels so good. Give me more lover; give me more of that hard cock." She moaned tossing her head and letting her long hair become disheveled. Still stroking him off she raked her other hand down his chest causing Sora to cry out in pain before placing that hand over the seal on his stomach and starting the sealing process.

"Ohh yes, ohh yes. Ohh lover give me more, give me more lover. Yesssss." She cried bucking her hips against him as she fed on the stream of energy moving from the seal on his stomach to the one of her breast. Sakura rocked back and forth in ecstasy as the energy flowed into her causing her to moan and cum over and over. When she was done, she looked down panting at Sora below her, his eyes wide open as he looked at her sitting on top of him with her wings full out and a smirk on her lips. Leaning down slowly Sakura gave Sora a long deep kiss drawing all of his chakra out though his mouth and devouring it.

"You taste so good lover give me more.," she said licking her lips. Sakura bent over again and continued to kiss him, sucking out his chakra until there was nothing left. Standing up she smiled down at the now dead body. Naruto had told her and Kuerani about the powers that would come from their new forms and at present Sakura was enjoying it.

Still smirking she quickly sealed the body up in a scroll so it could be disposed of later before she turned to walk back to the camp, the energy of the newly sealed biju burning in her left breast. Getting closer to camp, Sakura could feel the energy radiating from it. She felt her hunger come up again, the same hunger she had felt when she had seduced Sora.

She let her hunger lead her as she followed the energy into the center of the camp where Naruto was standing. Her mouth watered as she tasted the lust and energy pouring from him as he saw her.

"Did you enjoy yourself pet?" Naruto asked as Sakura walked up to him.

"Ohh yes lover. It felt so good to have him under me like that, to have him under my control like that." she said placing her hands on his chest and pressing up against him. Sakura took in a deep breath and moaned, as she tasted the pure energy coming from Naruto. Sakura slowly drug her hand down to stroke Naruto's shaft though his clothes as she lent up and started to kiss at his neck. "And you enjoyed it to didn't you lover? You enjoyed watching me fuck another man."

Naruto grunted as he felt her soft hands reach down into his pants and wrap around his aching cock. Looking down he could see her hazy lust filled eyes, her pupil's dilated like a druggie getting their high.

"Ohh lover I'm so horny. My pussy is so wet for you lover, won't you fuck me with your big hard cock. Don't you want to watch me orgasm on your cock, lover?" she begged trailing kissing up his chin neck to the bottom of his chin. Sakura was so hungry and horny she couldn't stand it, she just wanted to feed off her masters wonderful powers and get fucked by him until both her hungers were sated.

Sakura let out a loud yell as Naruto grabbed her long pink hair pulled her head back until she was looking up at him. "OH yes lover be rough with me. Do whatever you want to me lover." she cooed looking up at Naruto.

"I think I need to remind you who's in charge." Naruto growled as he started to nip and suck at her neck. He wasn't really mad at her but he knew from what he had read that he needed to establish dominance before her hunger got out of control. Kurnai's hunger hadn't manifested yet, or more likely it had but her training in the more sexual aspects of being a kunoichi had allowed her to control it.

Naruto continued his assault on her neck as his free hand started to massage her breasts though her leather outfit. Just as Sakura was getting into the feel of her lovers lips on her flesh she felt herself being pushed down to her knees. Opening her eyes, she came face to face with Naurto's cock.

Sakura started to drool at the sight of the large foot long member presented to her. However, before she could enjoy the sight she felt her head being pushed up against it and forced though her partly open mouth and down her throat. Caught by surprise Sakura started to gag and push back as Naruto held her head pressed against his stomach.

Enjoying the feel of her struggling against him and the sounds of her gagging Naruto started to thrust into her face forcing his cock down her throat repeatedly. Enjoying the way the pink haired girl struggled in his grip as he fucked her throat. Watching her eyes start to roll back in her head Naruto pulled his cock out of her throat causing her to caught and sputter for air. Gripping his cock Naruto continued to stoke it before covering Sakura's face and tits in his cum.

Pulling her back up to her feet Naruto clamped his lips around hers and pulled her in for a deep kiss."Mmm master." Sakura moaned as she started to kiss back. As she opened her eyes again Naruto could see the lust and hunger start to disappear. Pulling back, Sakura started to blush as she felt his cock rub up against her leg. "I'm..I'm sorry for trying to feed on you master. The hunger was just so bad, and you just tasted sooo good.," she said hugging up to him and running her tongue over the cum dripping off her chin.

"It's ok pet; it was your first time dealing with it. And you weren't in danger of hurting me, I was worried about you eating too much and harming yourself." He said pulling her closer and running his hand over her hair. "Now why don't we go set down and I can work on the seal."

Getting redressed Naruto led Sakura over to one of the logs set around the campfire. The other girls stopped what they were doing as they watched Naruto go to work on the seal, expanding it out to cover Sakura's breasts and adding new lines for the newly trapped Biju.

"Ok pet I want you to try drawing out some of the energy."

Sakura focused on the seal and started to imagine the spillway of a might dam opening. Instantly a torrent of power rushed through her body causing her to scream out as every muscle and nerve was lit up with energy. Naruto watched as chakra started to seep out of her body forming the fox cloak. Two large pinkish blue tails swayed behind her as she groaned as squirmed in her seat. Naruto watched as her teeth and nails grew into fangs and claws. When she opened her eyes Naruto could see her pupils turn into foxlike slits.

Looking at Naruto Sakura gave him a foxy grin before leaping and driving him down onto the ground. Naruto began to wonder if he should use her seal to knock her out until he felt her start to nip at his throat and make a mewling sound. Naruto let out a laugh at the idea that the first thing his pet wanted to do in her new form was mate. But the fox would be increasing her emotions and the little lesson had left each of them Horney and unsated.

Sakura mewled again clawing at his shirt before smirking at him and taking off into the woods. "So that's how she wants to play it. Ino you are in charge till we get back." He said before drawing his own chakra cloak around him and heading into the forest. Naruto ran though the forest on all fours, three long chakra tails flying out behind him as he followed Sakura's trail as it weaved and circled around.

Catching a glimpse of her dashing between some trees Naruto growled in excitement and sped up to catch her. Sakura yelped excitedly as she heard him approach and continued to run away leading Naruto away from camp and to a small clearing in the forest. Just as she landed in the clearing Naruto caught up to her, his chakra destroying both of their clothes as he landed behind her and grabbed her.

The fox part of their minds had taken control as they chased each other, their minds filling with only one idea, to mate. Sakura yipped and squirmed as she felt Naruto start to mount her from behind, his strong arms holding her down as she bucked against him. Before he could enter her Sakura managed to shake him off and tried to leap on him and push him down to the ground.

Instead, she found herself on her back with his sharp canines on her throat. A deep dark growl echoed from his throat causing Sakura to stop struggling as she felt him position himself above her. She started to mewl in pleasure as she felt his long nails rake over her breasts and stomach, her skin healing instantly thanks to the fox cloak. Feeling his mouth release her throat Sakura raised her head up and started to nip at his shoulder.

The two started to nip and lick at each other as they laid on the ground, their teeth and claws raking against the other skin as the clearing was filled with growls and mewls of approval. Rubbing his cock over her cunt Naruto growled appreciatively at how wet and slick his little vixens snatch was for him. Instead of struggling this time Sakura spread her legs and looked up at Naruto with a pleading look.

Smirking at having won Naruto thrust fully inside her in a single stroke. Her hot wet snatch happily accepting his cock as it spread her walls. Sakura mewled and started to buck her hips as Naruto rode her. The muscles of her cunt clamping down and holding tight as he thrust in and out of her. Their fox cloaks blazed around them before merging together as the two moaned and shook.

Sakura wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist pulling him tight against her as she moved slowly up and down causing Naurto's cock to slide against her walls. Naruto watched as she arched her back off the ground, her hips moving in mesmerizing circles as he fucked her. Naruto smiled as she rolled her head to the side revealing her tantalizing neck to him in silent submission. Bending down Naruto started to kiss and lick at her neck causing Sakura to mewl in pleasure as she felt his teeth run over her skin.

Sakura moaned as she felt him speed up, his cock slamming into her cunt over and over, as he came closer to the edge. Letting out a moan Sakura felt Naruto shudder, his cock twitching inside of her as he came, shooting rope after rope of cum into her womb. The two of them lay there dazed and happy as they caught their breath.

"Wha..what happened?" Sakura panted

"The more. Well animal parts of the fox took over." Naruto wrapped his arms around Sakura and pulled her close against him, his nose taking in the smell of sweat and shampoo as Sakura snuggled her head against his cheek. Sakura smiled as she remembered what it felt like to run though the forest and play with her mate.

"I enjoyed it" She yawned and curled up closer to Naurto's body. The two laid in the clearing for a few minutes, Sakura's tail swishing back and forth happily as Naruto ran his hand over the soft fur on her back.

By the time the monks noticed Sora was missing Naruto and his girls were past the border and into Suna. Naruto brought Temari to the front of the squad so that she could lead them through the treacherous desert and get them to their destination in the quickest time. The group stopped as the sun started to set to make camp for the night and raise a large Arabian style tent.

As the moon rose over the desert Naruto found himself in an enviable position as he laid on the pillows in the middle of the Suna style tent Temari had brought. Naruto watched the firelight play across Temari's features as she danced for him. Her stomach and limbs exposed as she danced in a slow and graceful way that surprised the leaf ninja.

Temari smiled as she continued her belly dance. Her arms moving in slow seductive movements as she spun on her feet creating a mesmerizing pattern in the air. Naruto watched as she bent and twirled, the flexible movements acting as an enticing promise of what she could do for him.

"Would you care for another piece master?" Hinata asked as she kneeled beside him holding a plate with some fruit in in. Naruto looked her at his beautiful cow, her large breasts barely hidden below her fishnet top. Reaching down Naruto took a piece of fruit off the plate and brought it to his face. Before he could eat it, Tenten sat down on his lap and grabbed his hand holding it in place.

Bending closer Tenten wrapped her lips around the piece of fruit and gently pulled it out of Naruto's fingers. Naruto held his hand still as Tenten leaned back down and started to lick the juice off his fingers. Naruto moaned as he felt her shift her hips and grind her ass cheeks against his cock.

Smiling Tenten reached behind her and grabbed onto his shaft causing him to jump a little bit. Sitting up Tenten slid the large rod between her cheeks and started to slowly move up and down. Tenten continued to jack him off with her ass as he watched Temari dance, her silk bra now discarded on the floor allowing her large breasts to bounce and sway as she danced closer to him.

A satisfied grin crossed Naurto's face as he watched Temari dance for him as his cock was massaged between the soft mounds of Tenten's ass. Leaning down Tenten kissed Naruto, her tongue fighting for his for the piece of fruit in his mouth. Groaning as Temari rubbed her ass over his cock Naruto opened her mouth allowing Tenten to lean back, grinning with the piece of fruit between her teeth. Naruto watched as she took her time swallowing the fruit before leaning down and kissing him.

As Tenten continued to ride his shaft he saw Ino walk over to his chair, her golden hair fallen around her arms and shoulders as she carried a large jug of wine. "Would you care for a drink master?" She asked coming to stand beside him.

"I would my love." he said and watched her tip the bottle up to her mouth and let the wine flow into it. Naruto watched as it continued to flow in until wine started to drip out of her mouth and run down her neck and breasts in rivulets. Pressing her breasts, together Ino allowed the wine to drip down her neck and pool above her breasts.

Kneeling down beside him, she offered up her breasts to him to drink from. Naruto took his time drinking from his makeshift cup. Standing up Ino walked over to where Temari was dancing and looking back at Naruto she took a big gulp of the wine before allowing the rest of the bottle to drip down her body. Naruto came hard, spraying Tenten's back and hair with his cum as he watched Temari start to lick at the rivulets of wine running down Ino's stomach. Temari was quick to suck up all of the sweet berry wine as it flowed down her stomach and over her breasts.

Temari took her time sucking Ino's sweet wine soaked nipples into her mouth, her tongue happily moving over the small pink tits. Naruto watched the two blonds as Temari licked and sucked at Ino's skin causing her to moan out loud. Her lips sucking at Ino's neck Temari eventually made it to Ino's lips where the last of the sweet wine hid. Holding the side of Ino's face Temari kissed her, their mouths opening allowing the wine to flow between them. The two girls took their time, sucking the wine off each other's lips as they danced in front of the fire.

Naruto instantly got hard again as he watched the two of them kiss and suck on each other's lips. Tenten gently got off Naruto as she noticed Temari walking over to them. She had forgiven Temari by the time they had gotten to the desert but she still did not move away from Naurto's side.

Temari stood in front of Naruto for a second before she slowly started to move her body. Naruto watched as she swayed her hips side to side hypnotically. Smiling at him, she slowly undone the stings holding her panties together and let them fall to the ground exposing the small patch of golden hair above her slit.

Naruto watched as she bent down in front of him and ran her hands over her breasts. Her long fingers playing with her wine stained tits. Running her hand down her stomach and another into her hair Temari slowly spun around until Naruto was staring at her back and her small ass. Bending over Temari used her bottom hand to spread herself, offering her pussy to her master.

Before Naruto could do anything Temari turned around and climbed up onto his chair. She started swaying side-to-side again, her hands raking through her hair giving it a tangled bedhead look. Playing her hands on Naurto's shoulders Temari pressed her breasts out and rocked slowly allowing them to sway enticingly in front of his face.

Before he could react, she sat back and started to play with her tits, her hips swaying over his lap just above his erection. Tenten was actually surprised at how hot the sandy cunted whore looked and how good she was at this. She was even more surprised when Temari sat down on Naurto's cock and managed to take it fully inside of her in one thrust. Temari threw her head back and moaned more for show as she started to bounce up and down on Naurto's cock and filling the tent with the sound of flesh impacting flesh.

It was not long before they turned into moans of please as Temari's cunt was repeatedly stretched by Naurto's shaft as she slid up and down the large pole. Naruto grabbed onto Temari's breasts and pulled the large swaying tits forward allowing him to suck on the wine stained tits as Temari massaged his cock with her cunt. Naruto hummed in pleasure as he licked the wine from her breasts as he slid in and out of her silk core.

Temari moaned again and clamped her legs together as she felt an orgasm build up and wash though her body. Bucking wildly she shook as pleasure filled every part of her body and caused the walls of her cunt to clamp down on Naruto's shaft, milking it for all it was worth. Groaning in pleasure at the soft vice around his cock Naruto slammed up into Temari again before cuming in her pussy, filling it to the brim with his hot seed.

"Master, that was so good. Thank you." Temari said laying against Naurto's chest as she recovered. Naruto just ran his hand though her dirty blond hair and closed his eyes as he listened to her heavy panting. For the rest of the night the desert air was filled with screams and moans as Naruto took his time fucking each of his harem girls into a coma before curling up between Sakura and Ino and falling asleep on the pillows.

The next day's trip was uneventful and the team made it to Akatsuki's hidden base a little after noon. All the girls stood at a ready behind Naruto as he walked up to the door and pressed his hand against it making seals appear on the boulder. They watched as the seals turned and shrunk into the seal tag under Naurto's hand. After all the seals were unlocked, the large boulder seemed to slide aside on its own revealing a large open main chamber with many tunnels running off in different directions.

As the group walked into the middle of the room they were quickly surrounded by four black cloaked figures. At the sight of the red clouds, the girls dropped into fighting stances around Naruto, their weapons of choice at the ready to defend him if necessary. Instead, Naruto just walked out from the between them and went to stand in front of one of the figures.

The four hooded figures dropped to their knees at the same time, their heads bowed to him. "Wha..What's going on master?" Sakura asked looking at the cloaks that belonged to the group Itachi belonged to.

"Eight months ago a member of Akatsuki made a move to kidnap me as part of their plan to steal the Bijuu. I managed to escape from them and left a small gift." He said, his voice filled with a smug pride. "A small repeating seal that eventually spread through every member of the once strong organization and bent them to my will."

The girls watched as the figure in front of Naruto removed their hood and revealed long raven black hair and scarlet eyes with three tomes in them.

"Itachi" Snarled Sakura as she saw the rouge ninja kneeling in front of Naruto. Instead of saying anything, Naruto placed his hands on Itachi's head and patted it lovingly before cupping the ninja's cheek. On a silent command, Itachi rose up in front of Naruto, the long cloak falling open revealing a pair long legs and firm C-cup breasts.

"Wait I thought Itachi was Sauske's brother?" Sakura said as she watched the other three ninja remove their hoods and stand up. Sakura's eyes widened at the sight of the three beautiful women surrounding them. The one across from Itachi had purple hair with a white origami rose in it while the one to the right of the group had her haircut where the golden strands fell over one side of her face. The final member on the left of the group had pale blue skin that looked more like fish scales and short spikey black hair.

"No, Itachi is his sister. In fact it turns out that all the Akatsuki members are females." Naruto said before feeling his head ache as Kurama yelled at him.


'Not yet Kurama. I will let you have the one who took you from my mother but now is not the time.' He said in his mind before turning his thoughts back outward. Reaching forward he placed his hand on the tall raven-haired woman's cheek and gently pulled her down for a long kiss. Sakura watched in slight jealousy as the raven haired woman enthustiaclly kissed him back, her arms engulfing him in her cloak as she hugged him.

"Have you found him?" Naruto asked as he pulled back from the kiss.

"Yes, I gave him a trail to follow. He should be at the temple in the next few days." She said causing Naruto to grin. "Also it appears he has a red headed girl with him. Possibly another Uzumaki." She said with genuine delight.

"You did very good my pretty little bird." Naruto said causing a sight which the others thought they would never see. The sight of Itachi blushing as Naruto called her by her pet name and kissed her again. "You, me, Sakura, and Ino will go out there day after tomorrow and deal with him. We will send the rest of the party to meet us at the Village." Naruto said before turning around and walking back over to the group.

Though Ino was excited to see her present Naruto was able to convince her to go off and get cleaned up first. As the purple haired ninja led, the girls out of the cavern Naruto grabbed onto Sakura and pulled her to him. Instead of saying anything, he pulled her over to where Itachi was before leading them both to a small room.

"I could feel your jealousy out there. I could see it sense it burning inside of you while I made out with Itachi." Naruto said in a deep voice that sent chills of arousal though Sakura's spine.

"Master I.." Sakura began.

"Be quiet." Naruto commanded before turning away to face Itachi." Take your clothes off Itachi and get on the bed." Sakura watched and Itachi slowly disrobed in front of them. The raven-haired woman taking her time revealing her tall slim body that was hidden under the robes.

Soft creamy skin was revealed as her top fell onto the floor. Her perky C-Cup breasts standing proudly above her toned stomach. The next to go was her tight leather pants revealing long beautiful legs and a small shaved snatch.

"Spread yourself for me. Let your master see his property." He said causing Itachi to use one had to support her as the other spread her lips giving both the ninja a good view of her hot wet core. Naruto dropped his pants on the floor releasing his large cock and slowly walked over to Itachi. Placing a hand on her cheek, he pulled her close for a long deep kiss, his hands winding their way through her hair.

Sakura watched as her master continued to kiss the raven-haired Uchiha, his hands playing with the woman's perky breasts as his tongue invaded her mouth. "Please my love. Fuck me, it's been so long since I have had you inside me." Itachi begged as Naurto's fingers teased her breasts.

Without needing to be asked twice, Naruto pressed her down onto the bed. Wrapping his hands in her hair he held on as he thrust his cock inside her tight core. Sakura grew increasingly jealous and horny as she watched her master fuck his raven-haired lover in front of her. She licked her lips as Naurto's cock came out glistening with Itachi's juices before sliding back into her cunt.

Getting close to cuming Itachi wrapped her long legs around Naurto's hips and pulled him in close, her cunt milking his cock for all it was worth. "Yes my love, fill me with your seed." She gasped before cuming around his cock. The sight of the raven-haired beauty below him caused Naruto to cum inside her. His seed filling up her womb until it spilt out and ran down her leg.

By the time it was over Sakura was shaking in anger and need. Half of her was super jealous of this new woman while the other half was as turned on as she always was when her master took a mate.

"Come over here slut." Naruto said looking at Sakura. Sakura slowly walked over to the bed. Each step an education in agony as two distinct feelings fought inside of her and drove her crazy with hunger. Once she got to Naruto she felt his strong arms wrap around her and pull her close before one hand went to her breast and her world went dark.

Sakura woke up slowly, her mind being pulled back to sleep by the sound of gentle breathing beside her and the comfortable pillow she was laying on. After fighting to come awake, she could see that she was laying in the crook of Naurto's arm, her head resting on his chest.

"Good, I'm glad you're awake pet." Naruto said sounding much less angry at her.

"Wha..what happened master?" She asked before looking over to the beautiful dark haired woman that was resting on his other side. However, this time instead of a feeling of jealousy she felt a sense of comfort and attraction like she did with Ino.

"We had a problem with your seal. I'm sorry I sounded mad at you but it was the only way I could control you in that situation." Naruto said and tilted her chin up so that he could give her a short kiss.

"What went wrong? All I remember is feeling really angry and turned on at the same time as I watched you have sex with Itachi." She said.

"The new introduction of the fox chakra caused your personalities to clash. After we mated in the forest we bonded on a deeper level. You could say our souls are connected now. And the combination of the fox seal and it interacting with your succubus seal caused you to get extremely jealous when you say me kissing Itachi."

"But why didn't I feel that way when I was watching you with the other girls in the tent last night?" Sakura questioned.

"Because they are already a part of our pack and you know where they stand. But your mind didn't know what to do with having a new rival for your masters intentions. Especially when you didn't know what their position was compared to yours." Itachi said raising her head from the other side of Naruto.

"So you got me riled up so you could sense the emotions and find out where the problem was coming from." Sakura stated looking back at Naruto.

"Partly, also I just really wanted to fuck Itachi and get back at you for your little show with Sora. In addition, I want you to know that you are now and will always be my second and my queen. But think of Itachi as being equal with Ino. While she isn't on your level she is still really important to me and my plans and is in charge of all things Akatsuki related." Naruto said and was happy to see the smile come on Sakura's face.

"Ok I think I can live with having a beautiful long legged slut under me." She said adding extra emphasis to under as she crawled on top of Itachi. "I think I need to apologize to Itachi on how I treated her don't you Naruto?" Leaning down Sakura kissed Itachi, the older woman letting the pinket lead the kiss. Naruto watched in happiness as Sakura and Itachi took their time kissing beside him.

"I think master is very happy to see his two favorite pets getting along." Itachi said glancing down at the large tent that had formed under the sheets.

"Then let's make him even happier" Sakura said leaning back down to slowly kiss Itachi. The two girls took the next half hour getting to know each other though touch, taste, and sight. A show that Naruto took his time enjoying before slipping into it and ridding his pink haired pet to climax as his tall raven haired lover moaned beside him, her snatch being eagerly devoured by one of his clones.

An hour later, the three ninja left the room with a new bond formed between them. The three traveled the cave on the lookout for Ino. The first person they found was Tenten, her lithe body encased in her armor as she clashed with the blue-skinned woman. Their swords sparking off of each other and lighting up the room. The next person was Hinata who was helping the purple haired woman water the flower, the two of them talking back and forth and seeming incredibly content in their work.

They finally found Ino laying on the floor in the middle of a large bathroom. The blond haired woman sitting over her letting the palms of her hands run over Ino's body. Ino jerked and moaned as the palm of the girls hand slid over her breast leaving a wet trail behind it.

"Deidara what are you doing?" Itachi asked as Deidara slid a palm down over Ino's cunt causing the girl to buck her hips and squirm as Deidara moved her hand slowly over the opening. Sakura gasped as Deidara pulled her hand away from Ino revealing a mouth on it, its long tongue still dripping with her best friend's juices.

"I was just playing with our new friend." Said Deidara trying to look innocent while sitting next to a naked and panting Ino.

"I knew it was a bad idea to let Ino go off with you. You just love trying to corrupt the innocent ones." Itachi said glancing down at the young girl.

"I don't know it looks like Ino was enjoying it." Laughed Naruto before walking over to Deidara and helping her up off the floor. Naruto moved the bangs away from Deidara's eye revealing a second beautiful blue orb. Deidara sighed as Naruto kissed her, his kiss kind but firm. "You did a good job getting Gaara out of the sand village." Naruto said praising the demolitions expert.

"Anything for you master. I am just glad I could please you." She said dropping her usual bravado in favor of sincere adoration for her master.

"Gaara isn't ready to be unsealed yet. Instead I heard you have another jinchuriki ready?"

"Yes, since you wanted this host to stay alive after the transfer it took a little longer. However, it will be ready as soon as Ino is. While you are doing that I could start the transfer of Shukaku into someone who ever you want." Itachi Said.

"Perfect, Itachi go get Tenten and Kisame and take them to where Gaara is and transfer the tailed beast into Tenten's seal. Sakura, Deidara, and I will escort Ino to the other chamber."
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