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Chapter 3

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Lela starts to like Brady.

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The next night when I have a dream, Lela's not in it. I sigh and walk out into the town.

"Falling for ya,
Falling for ya,
cant hold on any longer,
and now I'm falling for you!
" I hear Lela sing. I smile.

"Oh hi Tanner," Lela giggles kissing him.

"Lela!" Tanner yells. I then sneeze. DANG IT!

"Oh hey Brady," Lela giggles, "didn't see you there!".

"Why are you so sad?" Tanner asks. I shrug.


"Turn that frown...
U-U-Upside down!
Cause we're gonna have fun,
" Lela and Tanner sing.

Lela grabs the flower necklace and grabs my arm, chasing Tanner. Oh. My. God. Lela's touching me. Electricity. But I cant help but stare at her instead of keeping it cool.

"Uh where the heck are we going?" I ask. Lela turns to me.

"To see our movie selves. We have to make a sequel and Mack is already there. So we are ALL going.

Splash Splash

"Brady-pie!" Mack yells making out with me.

"I was so scared about you!" "AWwww".

Suddenly music goes on and Lela sings.

-2 minutes later-

"And now I"m fallin' for ya". Lela trips.

"WOAH!" I yell and Lela falls in my arms.

"cant hold on any longer ,and now I'm falling fo-o-or you," Lela touches me nose.

"Thank you, Brady" she smiles hugging me, "but wasn't Tanner supposed to catch me?".

I nod and see Tanner and Mack are canoodling. I sigh and go home, back to reality.

~3 Hours later~


"Mack, my heart is racing, and I feel sick." I explain, "Like I'm going to jump on the moon sick. And also, I keep blushing!".

"Oooohhhhhh," Mack says in a sing songy voice, "I know what your problem is!"


"You are in L-O-V-E, LOVE!" Mack squeals, "come come!" she orders, patting the seat next to her.

"Whats that?"

"When you think someones cute!"


"Who is it?" Mack asks.

"I don't know!" I honestly reply.

"Think for a minute".

Ok Lela think...who would you like. Tanner. -Hearts thumps quietly- Nope. Seacat? -thumps lower- Not even a chance. Brady..WAIT WHAT?! WHY IS HE EVEN A CHOICE?! -heart thumps really loud- oh no. What will Mack think?!

"Woah I can hear your heart thumping from over here!" Mack exclaims, "so whose the lucky fella?".

"Nobody! Well I got to go".

"See ypu tomorrow".



"Hahahaha. I mean, OkaythatsoundslikefunI'lltotallybethereBrady--IMEANMACKBYE!".
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