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Chapter 4

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Brady was moaning Lelas name. Mack hurt them/

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Bradys Dream

"Lela!" I yell, "you came back". Lela turns into Mack.

"Brady think of what boyfriend you're being!" Mack says, "no! Think of what kind of HUMAN you're being".

Lela pops up behind Mack. "Don't listen to her, its a trick".

"Mack! Mack! Mack! Mack! Mack! Mack!"

"No. Me, Lela! Lela! Lela! Lela! Lela! Mack or Lela?

"I choose.............

"Yay!" Lela yells running up to me and kissing me. I stop for a seconnd.

"Um...why are you here, again?" I ask.

"Mack has been laying off me. But, Lela actually likes you in real life now!" Lela screams.

"Yeah right," I sigh.

"Fine. You'll just have to find it out yourself!".

"In the meantime," I say flirtatiously.


I go into Bradys window to say sorry that I flirted with Tanner. I go near him on his bead when hes whispering stuff.

"Oh Lela," he in a low voice, "I love you."



"Why were you saying 'Oh, Lela, I love you!'" I ask.

"I didn't!" Brady yells, "how did she know?" he whispers.

"Don't freaking lie!" I yell, "I came in here and then you were dreaming about that slut!".

"What did you just call Lela?" Brady asks angrily.

"S-L-U-T--A SLUT!" I yell laughing.

"You need to leave before I hurt you." Brady growls.

"Hurt me, babe" I purr, "I took karate!".

I try to punch him, but he blocks it and puts my arm around my back.

"Why are you hurting a girl?" I ask, doing a fake pouty lip.

"Because you called Lela a slut!" Brady yelled.

I heard giggles and Lela singing coming closer to the room. I smirked. I pushed him on the bed so he is on top of me.

"Mack what the he-"

"Brady, your mom said I could come in to get the bracelet Mack said she'd return to me since she texted me she was here. OH NO! LELA IS LOOKING THE OTHER WAY!

"L+Uh--Lela!" I laugh, "here". I smirk at Brady.

"Oh-no" he giggles.



"Yes, you were." I smile.

Lela blushed and I could hear heart beating.

"Sorry," she whispered walking off.

"WAIT LELA!" Brady yelled.

"Yes?" Lela asked.

"Uh Brady?" I say bitterly, "What are you doing?" I say laughing nervously.

"Lela, help me."


"Mack called you a slut so I got angry and things got out of hand."

"Mack, you called me a slut?" Lela asks.

" Hes a freaking liar!" I lie.

"I trust him!" Lela yells, "what I am confused about is why I ever...TRUSTED YOU!". Lela runs up to me and beats me until I'm knocked out.
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