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Chapter 5

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She was going to do the sequel.

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"I can't believe she would say that," Lela gasps, "after I have to go!".

"Go?" I ask, "go where?!".

"Back to the movie world to make a sequel. And you two are coming with me!" Lela chirps.She leaves and I go to bed. Well, after dragging Mack into her house and explaining it to her parents.I sleep good knowing Mack finally got the hint that I am done with her.\


"Brady!" Lela yells. I run to her.

"Lela!" I yell, "you're okay now!".

"Are you okay?!" Lela asks, "Mack was scary!".

"Yes," I reply, "I'm just peachy!".


"Wake up, Brady!" Mom yells.

"Mom," I whine, "its six in the morning--what do you want?!".

"Mack's here. She wants to talk to you," Mom smiles. I sigh and walk out, rubbing my eyes.

"Mack, its 6 am. Tell me why you are here or I will kill you!" I yell.

"I want to say..." Mack sighs, "...I am totally not sorry about what happened last night. That slut deserved it!".

"Get out," I growl, "before last night happens again!".

"Fine!" Mack cries, and opens the door.


"Yes Brady?"

"We have to film a sequel, lets go act!".


Days later


"Bu du du dum dum ding da de dang dang,
I gotta be,
gotta be,
gotta be me!
" we all sing.

This is the scene where I fall into Mack's arms and look into her eyes. I do so, but quickly avert them.

"I can't do this," I sigh, "it feels so wrong, I don't know why!".

Oh, I know why!




I run home, and sleep.
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