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Chapter 6

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This part has sexual suggestion s and sayings but not condtent. If u r comfortable its pg if not be older

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[**I wont have gross scenxes like thus again

]Bradys POV

I wanna go all the way with Lela in my dreams tonight. She just makes me want to.

Brandy's dream

We start kissing when I lick her bottom lip for enterance. She gasps.

"Brady!" She gasps.

"Lela, I wanna go farther."

I pinch her and when she gasps, I stick my toungue in. We start toungue kissing and go farther...

We had sex after kissing. It wad amazing.

"Lela," I moaned, "I love you".

"I love you too and one day I will in real life too"
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