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Chapter 22

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Oh, right. This thing.

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I stuttered for a good minute, looking between the two with a panicked expression on my face.

"Y-y-you expect me to- to just choose?! Right here, right now?!" I spluttered.

Gerard and Mikey glanced at each other, then both back to me.


My panic was fading, being replaced with a rather insistent anger and irritation.

"How the fuck am I supposed to choose?! You think you can just fucking waltz right in and demand that I choose between you?! You're brothers, for fuck's sake! No matter what I do I'm going to end up the bad guy! You think I fucking want that?!" I spat at them, glaring.

They both glanced down. Mikey spoke first. "Frankie, we want to know. We need to settle our dispute over who gets you. It's just-"

"Oh, so now I'm a prize?! A fucking trophy for you to show off?!" I snarled, rage pulsating off of me. "Is that all I am to you?! Is that all I'm worth?!"

Gerard shook his head, looking at me. "No! We just want to know who you love!"

"And what is the answer is neither of you?" I hissed. They both gained uneasy looks. It satisfied me.

"But Frankie, I love-"

"Oh, cut the crap Gerard." I snapped. "You left me for a bimbo bitch in a heartbeat and humiliated me in front of the school. Who the fuck does that?! Even if you are an ass, that's just cruel!"

"Frankie, I would never-"

"Don't you start, Mikey. Don't even start. I hardly fucking know you. I don't even know your goddamn favourite animal. With Gerard at least I know things about him! His favourite animal is a gazelle! Sure he's a complete dick, but we know each other!"

"...Unicorns." Mikey mumbled, looking down.

"What?" I looked over at him suspiciously.

"My favourite animal. Unicorns."

I stared at him and huffed. "Doesn't change anything." I muttered. "I can't choose either of you. I still don't even know what I feel about everything. I can't give you an answer."

Mikey and Gerard looked at each other again, seeming to silently communicate with one another. Gerard bit his lip, Mikey scratching his head.

"What... What can we do?" Gerard asked slowly.

I thought for a while, squinting up at the ceiling. Finally I turned to them.

"You can prove yourselves to me."

They both appeared confused.

"Prove ourselves?"

I nodded firmly. "I will allow any form of interaction from the both of you with me for the next week. If one of you can win me over in that much time, I will date them. If not, I will leave both of you and neither of you are to speak to me ever again."

"But that's not fair." Mikey frowned. "Gerard has an advantage..." He gestured to my arms.

"Hmph. No he doesn't. I may have some kind of twisted feelings for him, but he has a thick wall of despise to get through to reach them." I looked over the two coldly. "There are only a few simple rules. One: no fighting each other. You will both be civil with each other throughout this. Two: If I tell you to leave me alone, you leave me alone. Three: If you do something I don't like and I tell you to stop, you stop. Also in this rule- don't think you can buy my affection. If you really want to get me something, fine. But showering me with gifts will just make me mad. Got it? No exceptions to any of these rules. This is my offer. You can take it, or you can walk right out of this room and never bother me again." I looked between the two of them, my eyes narrowed.

They looked to each other, nodding after a moment.

"We'll do it."
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