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Without Love

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What will happens when Ulrich and Yumi's parents make a decisions to get them marry?They becomes more stressed because don't know each others and more worse...Yumi gets pregnant by Ulrich on their ...

Category: Code Lyoko - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Published: 2015-08-02 - 173 words

"Hey,Yumi!There you are,and...why are you crying?"Aelita asked,approaching her bestfriend with a worried look."Ae-Lita...I-I'm...don't wanna to marriage..with the guy that I don't love!"Yumi half shouted.

Aelita looked at her with a corncern look."Don't worry,Yumi.Everything will run smoothly...I'm here,keep you accompany"Aelita smiled and rubbed her friend's back."'re right.I must be stronger than this...."

"That's my girl!"Aelita laughed,watching her friend laughed.


"Mum...please.Why do I need to wear this anyway!?"Yumi begged,looking at the dress."The dress is just perfect!Dear...."Mrs.Ishiyama said."But...don't you think it's too sexy?"

" just beautiful"


"C'mon,honey.You could do this!"

"Okay,okay.Anything for you,mum"Yumi made a fake smile.

She entred her rooms and tried out the dress....


Okay,okay.I know...this is the shortest chapter I've ever make!But don't worry,I'll make it more longer at the others chapter.Enjoy!,please.
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