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Chapter 1

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What if Itachi had been different? What if Sasuke had been told what his brother was going to do? What if the Uchiha clan wasnt as perfect as everyone thought? Read the warnings.

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Drastic Difference

Summary: What if Itachi had been different? What if Sasuke had been told what his brother was going to do? What if the Uchiha clan wasn't as perfect as everyone thought?

Warnings: AU, Child Abuse/Neglect, Dark themes, OOC-ness, Possible rating change.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, and a few characters.




((Hand signs))


Uchiha Itachi sat on a large rock with the man he considered to be his best friend, Uchiha Shisui in front of a swiftly flowing river deep in the forest. His red gaze bored into his cousins as Shisui spoke.

"It is happening. To you. To me. To Sasuke. To all of us. You know what's going on. Our clan see's us as nothing. And treats us as so. While the rest of our humble village treat us as Gods, fear in their eyes and caution in their every action towards us. They do not understand. They are oblivious of the happenings of our twisted clan. They have no idea how human we really are. How cruel those with too much power are."

A sardonic smile marred Itachi's handsome face. "They have no idea the tremendous skeletons we hold in our over-sized closets."


Itachi hesitated then spoke, "When shall we act?"

Shisui barked out a laugh. "When it is time."

Itachi's eye twitched. "And when will it be time?"

Shisui looked deep into Itachi's eyes, then turned to leave. Before he was out of hearing range he turned and called back to his younger cousin, "Sasuke will know. Tell him. If you don't, our carefully constructed plan will backfire, and nothing but pain and suffering worse that we could ever imagine would befall your brother bond. Sasuke would be consumed with loathing, while you would be manipulated in your grief. Be sure that does not happen."

Itachi sat on his rock, beside a swiftly moving stream deep in the forest, watching the retreating back of the man he considered as his best friend. And as he watched, he contemplated every detail, every fibre of Shisui and his plan, and the departing words of the depressed Uchiha.

If only he knew how to explain everything to Sasuke.


Sasuke lay on his futon late that night, listening to the heated argument between his brother and father, which was steadily becoming more and more violent. He jumped as he heard a stray kuni embed itself with a solid thump into the floor beneath him. He shuddered when he imagined it's sharp end tearing through the floor and coming to rest firmly between his ribs.

'Just another night in the Uchiha household'

Sasuke's left hand wandered to the right side of his rib-cage and he massaged a massive bruise gently, hoping for the pain to lesson somewhat. It didn't.

He rolled over, holding down a wince, and attempted to block out the angry sounds coming from below. Yes, just another night in the Uchiha household


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