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Chapter 2

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What if Itachi had been different? What if Sasuke had been told what his brother was going to do? What if the Uchiha clan wasnt as perfect as everyone thought?

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Drastic Difference

Warnings: See chapter one.

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Chapter Two


It was late by the time Itachi had gotten to bed that night. The next day he woke up stiff, a large bruise on his left cheek smarting. A glance in the mirror revealed the green tinged monstrosity on his pale, usually unblemished, face. 'Damn.'

The door creaked open. Itachi stiffened and slid a kuni into his hand, then let out a sigh of relief when he met the jaded eyes of his five-year-old brother.

Then he noticed what he was carrying. In Sasuke's arms, he had an assortment of medical creams, painkillers, and make-up.

Despite being wounded himself, his little brother had taken the liberty of bringing all the things Itachi needed to him, just so he could avoid their father. Itachi smiled.


Sasuke looked up into his elder brothers face and was surprised when he noticed a small smile spread across Itachi's's face. But it didn't reach his eyes.

Sasuke had always been good at reading people's emotions by looking into their eyes. It had been his secret ever sense he could remember. And he loved it. There were so many emotions in a person's eyes at any given time. Some people thought they could blank their faces, wipe out all emotion, but whatever they did, a small flicker of something was always there.

And Sasuke knew it.

But what he saw in his brother's eyes, he found odd. Looking deep into the eyes of Itachi he saw things that made his shiver. Despair. Curiosity. Worry. Sadness. Fright. Nervousness. Malice. Hate.

Dropping the assortment, ignoring the pain in his ribs, Sasuke spoke. "What are you going to do."

Startled, Itachi blinked. "What are you talking about? Im not doing anything."

Saddened, Sasuke started to walk away. "You lie to me. You are tense. You are jumpy. Something is going on. I want to know what that something is."

But instead of talking, Itachi did something that puzzled Sasuke. He laughed.

His emotions must have shown on Sasuke's face, because Itachi explained, "Sometimes, your too grown up for your own good."

Then the elder son grew serious. "They are going to pay."

Sasuke looked deep into his brothers eyes as though he was trying to detect a lie or a terrifying untruth.

"Those people we call out clan. What they have done... They will pay for." Itachi paused, Sasuke could see that he was hesitant to say what he was attempting to explain. "Sasuke... Im going to kill then."


Itachi looked hard at the five year old in front of him. Sasuke had gone stock still, eyes wide. Itachi saw something he couldn't recognize in his baby brothers stance. Slightly startled by his reaction, the elder child turned to walk away, when small soft fingers grasped his sleeve. Looking down, Itachi say Sasuke's gaze boring into his.

"You can't kill mother."

For such a simple sentence, it worked wonder to infuriate Itachi. His face contorted with anger and his sharingan activated. He spat his next words as he would a disgusting curse. "And why not? Do you not see her grinning in the background while out pathetic father hurts you? Do you not hear her encouraging him when he slashes at your flesh like you're a piece of meat? What has she done to deserve life?"

During his small speech Sasuke had drawn back and tears onyx eyes. Softly he whispered "You can't harm a pregnant woman!"


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