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Chapter 3

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Chapter Number 3...

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Itachi's next few days flew by in a haze. Sasuke's revelation about their mother had seriously hampered the plan. Not only would the plan be delayed until the child was born, the youngest Uchiha had insisted the child be old enough to comprehend the reasons behind the massacre-to-be. Sasuke had pressured Itachi and pouted cutely until the elder child had agreed to these terms.

Sasuke was abnormally pleased. Itachi wasn't.

Especially at the moment, as he sat calmly in front of Uchiha Fugaku, slender fingers folded in his lap, pretending to listen intently to his long tirade about 'holding to Uchiha standards' while his blood boiled under the surface.

Allowing his mind to wander for a moment, Itachi could barely suppress a wicked smirk as he imagined what Kohona's reaction would be if it ever became common knowledge what his fathers actions towards his sons - no, the elder half of the clans actions toward the younger half.

A stinging slap across his already injured cheek snapped Itachi out of his day dream. Blinking to regain his senses, he got an eye-full of furious mother standing over him.

He involuntarily flinched back as the woman screamed about how Itachi was an 'ungrateful, moronic brat that she should have drowned at birth' ans how his 'despicable behavior brought shame to their prestigious bloodline'. He suppressed a gale of insane laughter after the latter, instead opting to nod obediently and, to his own disgust, apologize meekly for his behavior.

As Itachi left the Uchiha compound headed toward the Hokage's office for a mission later that day, he couldn't help but ask himself how the hell he had let himself be manipulated by a five year old.


Uchiha Sasuke was scared. His father was towering over him in a drunken rage, gripping a leather belt tightly in his fist.

Sasuke tried to be strong, for the baby! But he couldn't stop himself.

He whimpered softly.

As though this was his cue to act, Fugaku brought his make-shift whip down upon Sasuke's back.

His scream ripped through the compound upon impact.

Fugaku stared down at Sasuke and spat, "Pathetic."

Once. Twice. Three more times did the man bring his belt down. Each eliciting a scream filled with pain and terror from Sasuke.

The five year old child lifted his tear-stained face and watched with morbid fascination the motion of the now bloody strip of leather as it whistled through unusually still air, only to come down hard onto his bare back. The skin beneath the tip split open. Blood from multiple wounds trickled down to pool slightly at his waistband, then slid down over the seat of his pants.

Again, Sasuke screamed.

It seemed like ages before his father had had enough fun and left, not without kicking Sasuke in the stomach for good measure, leaving the small child to sob brokenly on his knees, before dragging his warn and hurting body to the bathroom.

As he ran the hot water for a bath he noticed that the clock mounted on the wall above the toilet read 9 o'clock. Another hour before Itachi was expected to come home from his mission. 'Damn'

After stopping the water and lowering himself in the tub, Sasuke bit back more tears as the water surrounding him was stained red with his own blood.

Leaning back, Sasuke looked up at the fluorescent light above him and whispered hoarsely through dry cracked lips, "Hurry up and come home big brother." A single tear slid down his cheek. "I'm scared."


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