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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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Drastic Difference

Warnings: See chapter one.

Disclaimer: See chapter one.

((Hand Signals))

Chapter Three


The Academy the next day was hell. Sasuke had made sure to stay away from the Inuzuka and his dog and anyone else that may detect the scent of blood clinging to the bandages wrapped around his back. He also make sure that he wore one of his longer shirts, in fear that someone would catch a glimpse of the blood-stained bandages wrapped around his torso if he reached above his head.

Taking a seat in the vary back row to avoid Haruno and Yamanaka, he felt himself wince as he lent back on the chair. He grimaced. 'Note to self - avoid touching injured back on foreign objects. It hurts. A lot.'

Sasuke scowled darkly. His was just not his day. First, he woke late, earning a slap on the face, and a boot to the back from his father, then when he managed to get to school, that pink haired Haruno girl and cornered him, and tried to get him to walk with her, then that Yamanaka girl squealed in his ear and latched onto his arm. Just now he was positive that Iruka-sensei had watched him wince. 'Lovely'

"Do you mind if I sit here?"

The soft spoken question snapped the youngest Uchiha from his sulking.

He raised his onyx eyes upward to study the one questioning him. A girl stood in front of him, glossy raven colored hair fell in a boyish cut, a pale pink staining round features. She was of average height, and seemingly very meek.

But it was her eyes that intrigued him. It wasn't the pale violet color that he found fascinating - not really. It was what he found behind them. The loneliness embarrassment, and sadness - so like his own - was displayed so plain he felt his heart ache. But there was also a caring in those eyes, a love for all that he found so unbelievable, maybe because it was something he had never seen in a living beings eye before.

Sasuke smiled.

Very quickly he cleared an area for her next to him - but not so quick to do any more damage to his already mutilated back.. "Sure"

Sasuke observed this new girl as she went about setting her things for the lesson in front of her. He took in her mannerisms, shifting everything from her left hand to her right, the way she blew her hair away from her pale eyes.

He turned his attention back to the front. Obviously this girl wasn't about to start fawning over him like some rabid fangirl That automatically made hr ok in his book... so long as she didn't try to kill him. Then Itachi could have her.

The few minutes went by, filled with sounds of the lecture, scraping pencils, and the frantic sounds of rustling papers next to him. Sasuke snuck a glance to him immediate right and saw - to his own amusement - the girl checking and rechecking her bag and papers for a pencil.

Plucking another pencil from the small pile in front of him, Sasuke held the pencil he had just been using out to her.

Amusement sparkled in his eyes as he whispered, "Looking for one of these?"

The seemingly permanent blush across the bridge of her nose darkened slightly. "Y-Yes thank you." She seemed to study his face for a moment before speaking again. "Im Hyuuga Hinata."

"Uchiha Sasuke"

They both smiled.


Uchiha Itachi and Shisui both sat together on a large rock next to a swiftly flowing river deep in the forest. Both were deep in thought, and unwilling to disturb the other until...

"You took my advice and spoke to Sasuke, didn't you?"

It was a statement - not a question.

Itachi sighed. "He wishes to wait until the baby is born. But I still think we should do it now and get it over with..."

Shisui looked at the younger teen and said, "If you wish for nothing but suffering - go right ahead. But think of this - do you really think you and your brother would be enough to re-populate a clan? You need a woman."

Shisui stood up and began to walk away.

Itachi blinked before calling out, "Wait! What do you know about needing a little sister?" he paused, "What do you know that I don't? Tell me!"

Shisui just laughed . It wasn't everyday you caused the your genius cousin to freak out. "Go home Itachi. Aren't you supposed to be back before sunset?"

The only reply was a string of colorful cursing and a blur rushing passed him.


Sasuke lay on his futon that night, his face blanked of all emotion. He wasn't allowed to be happy here, and right now - he wasn't sure he could be.

He sighed. Itachi had come home late.

Sounds of a brutal beating was being carried through the walls. But Itachi didn't scream.

Sasuke was tired. Sasuke was tired of beatings. Tired of being an outcast in his own family. Tired of having no one his own age to lean on. Tired of being in pain. Tired of being put down, and treated like dirt. Sasuke was... tired of being tired.

A scream.

Sasuke hung his head. Itachi had passed his tolerance for pain.

The five year old curled up and tried to block out all sounds of the beating going on in the next room, and tried to sleep. It was going to be a long night.


A/N: Hello all! I'm not very happy with this chapter... and I tried to put Itachi's beating in Sasuke's perspective so you can imagine what happened to him. How do you like my Hinata?

Thanks to everyone who reviewed!!!

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