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Lifestyles of the rich and famous

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She was soaked to the bone shivering, with a fever.He carried her to the place he was calling home until they left for the next city.

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"You're awake, finally." A boyish voice said. Jasmine squinted against the light that was in the room. She could here rain pounding on the windows outside. "Where am I?" she asked. She was lying on her back in a bed. She looked to be in a hotel room. "You're safe. You're in my hotel room. I should go tell the guys you're awake." He was tall and handsome. He had the kindest smile. A little to kind. 'Oh no' Jasmine thought. "No, no" she said out loud. "Hey, what's wrong?" Benji asked sounding worried. He went to see if it was her fever but she wouldn't let him touch her. "No. Don't come near me." She started hypoventilating. "Hey Benj everything ok in here?" Three more boys came into the room. Jasmine recognized all of them. They were Good Charlotte, her favorite band. It was obviouse that they paid for a night with her. She was so scared though. She hated having to do other guys she didn't even know. "Please just don't. I won't charge you guys anything, hell I don't even care if I get a beating for this, just please don't have sex with me." She was crying. "What are you talking about?" Billy asked. Benji came over to her. He leaned over to touch her. Jasmine shut her eyes and waited for the feel of a hand against her breast, but instead she felt a hand against her fully clothed shoulder. "Why would we pay to have sex with you?" he asked pulling her into a hug. "You aren't a hooker are you?" 'Oh boy. Should I answer him?' Jasmine thought. "Yes." She said quietly. "Please don't rat me out to the cops. I was trying to get away earlier so that I could leave my pimp but I blacked out." She started to calm down. She had never been held like this. Not even with her own boyfriends. Benji was warm and gentile. Just like his smile. "I found you in that card board box. Your stuff is in Joel's room. Your clothes are drying which is why you're in my t-shirt and sweat pants." Benji said not caring that she had her entire face in his chest. "You had a fever. Paul tried to call an ambulence." Joel said. "The roads are flooded so we took one of the extra thermometers we had and checked your temperature. It was high but it went down." Paul added. "What's your name?" Benji asked now stroking her raven black hair. 'This is nice.' Jasmine thought. "My name's Jasmine. Jasmine Crespo." "How old are you." The two didn't even notice that the others left the room. 'Her names beautiful like her.' Benji thought. "I'm 21." she replied. They both felt at peace. If one didn't know better they would've looked like the perfect couple even though they just met twenty minutes ago. They fell asleep still holding each other. Some where in the back of their minds they started to realize that they fell in love.

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