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She was soaked to the bone shivering, with a fever.He carried her to the place he was calling home until they left for the next city.

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A/N: I would like to thank thestartinglinechica for the reveiws. I appreciate them. For anyone else reading this fic then thanks for reading my sappy plot line.
Ok with no further adou I give you chapter three: wondering

It was a really hard night for Billy, Joel, and Paul. When Benji knocked on his brother's door with a soaking wet girl, skimpily dressed in his arms he could've freaked. Joel couldn't believe what his brother was about to ask.

flash back

"Joel we can't just put her back on the street so can we keep her here?" "What? Benji are you crazy?" "But she has a fever and she's wet and shaking." "So we get her to a hospital." "Paul already tried that he said the roads are too flooded. Joel, please." "Fine."


Billy went into the conjoined room he was supposed to have shared with Benji later that night to find the girl cowering on the bed, scared to death. Paul went in twenty minutes after that to see Benji holding the girl now known as Jasmine in his arms sleeping. "Well I hope they have a good night." Billy said "Atleast I get to keep my bed." "I knew that girl had to be whore, I mean did you see what she was wearing when Benji brought her here." Paul could tell Joel was pissed. But he did have a point. The soaking wet mini skirt, leather tank top, and fish nets she was wearing made her look like a prostitute." She said she wanted to run away from that life though." Paul said trying to calm his friend." But what if she tries something with Benji?" Jasmine had woken up and heard the conversation that went on
in the next room.'I knew they weren't gonna trust me.' She thought. She was gonna get up but
she still felt Benji's arms around her.'I don't wanna wake him.'she thought. Jasmine stared at the man holding her. She couldn't help but feel a little excited. He was her favorite member of her favorite band. She idolized him and it made her happy to know that he had saved her from possibly being found by her pimp and beaten bloody. Not only that but he was drop dead gorgeous."Hmmm, Good morning." He said sleepily."It's not daylight yet. It's two o'clock." She said shyly. Benji got up and stretched."It felt good holding you. You're comfortable." He said jokingly."Mr. Madden" "You can call me Benji." Jasmine slightly blushed." Umm... Benji... don't you care that I'm a prostitute?" Benji thought for
a minute." No." He finally said."Why would I?"
"Well it's just that I over heard the guys talking in the other room and well I don't think they like me." She looked down onto the bed. Benji noticed tears in her eyes."Hey it's ok."He hugged her again." No what. We should let them get some sleep and in the morning I'll talk to them about letting you stay with us permenently."


so tired but must keep writing for fans. tis a labor of love.

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