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The story of my old man

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She was soaked to the bone shivering, with a fever.He carried her to the place he was calling home until they left for the next city.

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"He want's me to live with him." Jasmine thought as the warm water hit her. Right at that moment she still couldn't believe that the guys agreed to her staying with them. Sure Joel was a little reluctant but he still agreed. 'It felt great to be held by him.' Her more trouble some side said. 'That wasn't supposed to last all night though.' Her sensible side argued. She relaxed under the shower. "I'm going to live with Good Charlotte." she said. Benji listened to the running water. Flashes of last night played in his head. Her beauty, the fear in her eyes when she first woke up. Those big silver eyes. "I know what you're thinking about." Joel teased startling his brother. "Joel you ass! You shouldn't sneek up on people like that!" "Calm down Benj. You don't want your new girl friend to hear you." Joel smirked. He knew benji was falling for this girl. Whenever he falls in love with a girl he gets this look in his eyes and he spaces out alot. "She's not my girlfriend. I'm just worried about her." Benji argued. "Hey what's that?" Joel pointed to a piece of fabric folded on the bed. Benji held up the medium girl's My Chemical Romance shirt. "Oh God. This must be Jasmine's.She forgot to bring it in the bathroom with her." Just then they herd the door open with Jasmine wearing the shirt Benji lent her the night before, blushing perfusely. "Umm, here." Benji said handing her the shirt. "Thanks." She muttered staring at the floor. She walked back into the bathroom and fifteen minutes later she was ready to go. "We're gonna get breackfast first." Paul said getting into the tour bus. "Ok." Jasmine said shyly. "You're so shy and quiet." Billy said. "I'm not always." Jasmine said. "Come sit with us." Joel said in a corny regal voice. She sat next to Benji on the couch in the cozy little living space. They finally got to a diner. The guys got full hearty meatless breackfasts while all Jasmine had was a fruit bowl. "Jees is that all you're gonna have?" Benji asked. "I don't eat much." Jasmine said looking down. "So you're gonna be staying with us, why don't you tell us about yourself." Joel said. "Well I'm twenty-one, I'm emo, you know what I do for a living already, I like music, and I act." "What about your parents?" Paul asked. Her exspresion darkened. Hints of black stained her silvery eyes. Tears started welling in them. "My mom left when I was three. And my dad died last year." "I'm so sorry." Benji said taking her hand. "My pimp, Johnny, killed him. The cops say that he got caught in the cross fire of a gang fight but I know Johnny killed him." Her eyes turned cold. "I promised my Poppy that I would get revenge. One of these days I will get revenge. I won't break my promise to my Poppy." They left the diner that morning with mixed feelings of anger, saddness, and overall pity. Benji however felt love and a need to protect Jasmine from all her pain.
what a dark past. well you know what i'm gonna ask for so just oblige.
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