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Peace Yet Passion

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I am not making any profit from this story, and I claim no ownership of Pokemon or Star Wars; owned by Nintendo and Disney respectively. A young Ash Ketchum stumbles upon crashed star ships sear...

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This story has both anthropomorphic AND regular Pokemon in it, so I am just letting everyone know now.

Also, I am a person who is a fan of BOTH the “Light” side AND “Dark” side.

The sun set over the Kanto region as a ten-year old Ash Ketchum sat sulking on a rock outside of his house. He was in a very foul mood, as very year he was to start his journey as a Pokemon Trainer, the league officially raised the starting age to 16. Apparently, the death toll of trainers starting at the age of ten had increased dramatically, and they wanted the trainers to have the six additional years to learn survival tactics and mature. However, to Ash it felt like they had offered him something great and then ripped it away at the last second. As he stood up, he stared in the direction of the lab.

"When I start my journey, I'll become the greatest Pokemon Master ever!" He declared, clenching his fist and raising it to his face before turning and heading back home.

At midnight, Ash was startled awake when a loud crash echoed from the forest outside of Pallet Town. Glancing out the window, he saw two billowing clouds of smoke rising from the forest. Ash paused for a minute before opening the door to his room and glancing out into the hallway. Seeing that his mother was not out of her room, he crept out of the room and down the stairs. Tip toeing to the front door, he slid some shoes on and quietly opened the door. Shutting it just as quietly, he ran out to Route 1 and towards the billowing smoke.

After about a half hour he came across the source of the smoke, his hands covered in small scratches from crawling through the brush. There were two large metal objects that were badly mangled and smoldering in some areas. One had a hold leading to the inside, but that is not what got Ash’s attention.

It was the two strange humanoid creatures battling with blades seemingly made out of light. The one in a brown cloak had a white blade that emitted a purple glow held in a dark grey handle the size of a flashlight. It was coated in shaggy brown fur. It had a profusely bleeding gash on its left arm.

The other being had orange and black skin with horns all over his head. He held an ornate silver and gold handle that had a white blade that emitted a red glow. His torso had multiple bleeding scratches across it. The blades clashed and the two jumped back before charging at each other once more.

“Whoa.” Ash whispered, watching the creatures with awe. The creature with the purple blade swung low as the one with the red blade swung high. Both blades missed each other and struck the other creature, leaving a cauterized slash across their bodies. Both creatures stared at each other before simultaneously falling to their knees and collapsing, dropping their weapons as the blades receded into the handle.

Crawling to the creatures, Ash pressed his hands on each being. Seeing that they were dead, he closed his eyes and sighed. Unbeknownst to him, small cells called Medichlorians that were adapted to drawing in a strange power known simply as “The Force” were flowing into his body through the scratches on his hands. The Medichlorians from the brown furred creatures felt like being out in the sun, and the ones from the orange and black creature felt like being out on the darkest night.

Without warning, these two forces clashed, and Ash hunched over. He screamed out, scaring the few Hoothoot and Noctowl left in the area. Soon, the pain became unbearable and he collapsed to his knees, grasping at the grass and dirt underneath it. However, just as Ash felt himself on the verge of blacking out, the pain stopped. Both Light and Dark had stopped fighting for control and instead had, for the lack of a better word, merged. Ash stood up and glanced forward. While his right eye remained unchanged, his left eye was a sinister yellow in color.

“What is this power?” Ash said, dark blue electricity dancing across the fingers of his right hand. He picked up the weapons dropped by the creatures and walked into the ship with a hole leading inside of it. Nearly everything was destroyed except for a small chest and a tablet. However, the tablet had the words “Data lost” across the screen. What Ash did see left, was a thing labeled “Lightsaber combat forms.” Opening them, he saw only three forms listed when there were multiple slots. The first one read “Form 1: Shi-Cho.” Another one read “Form 2: Makashi” and the other read “Form 3: Soresu.”

Grabbing the chest and tablet, Ash ran back to his house. Opening the door quietly, he rubbed his shoes on the welcome mat to wipe off the excess dirt and set them back where they were as he quietly shut the door.

Snaking up the stairs, Ash shut the door and set down the chest on the floor. Opening it, he saw multiple crystals in many colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple, Green, and Blue. He tapped the damaged tablet and began reading.

Six Years Later: Team Rocket Base between Viridian City and Pallet Town

“Would you look at those creatures?” A man in a black Team Rocket uniform said, looking at twelve anthropomorphic Pokemon trapped in a cage while chained to it. All of the Pokemon were female, and nine of those Pokemon were Eevee and its evolutions. The Eevee evolutions each had womanly curved hips and D cup breasts. However, only Vaporeon did not have fur growing from the back of her head acting like hair. The other three were an anthropomorphic Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Latias.

“The experiments sure made them look good.” Another said, “And imagine the Boss’s surprise when we found out from that Rattata that they could produce human or Pokemon offspring by breeding with humans.”

The first man leered at the Glaceon. “Do you think he’ll let me….tame…one of them. I’m sure she’ll learn her place soon enough.”

“And it’s too bad for both of you I hate rapists.” A voice called out from behind them and they turned to see a figure about sixteen years old clad in black with a bronze helmet over his face with a “T” shaped visor made of black glass. In his hand was a silver and gold metal handle that had a white blade of light coming from the top of it emitting a purple glow. His left hand was covered by a black glove with bronze claws on the tip of each finger.

“Who is he sister?” The Sylveon whispered to Leafeon.

“No idea.” Leafeon replied.

“Who do you think you are kid?” The first Rocket Grunt said, turning from leering at the Glaceon and turning to glare at the figure.

“I’m not going to tell you my real name. You can call me….Umbra Mortis.” The figure replied, waving his hand in front of the other grunt. “You are going to free the other experiments.”

“I am going to free the other experiments.” The man said with a glazed look in his eyes.

“After that, you are going to forget what happened and rethink your life.” The black-clad teen said, waving his hand in front of the man once again.

“I will forget what happened and rethink my life.” He said, before turning to walk out of the room into another one with the glazed look in his eyes.

“What did you do to Chris?” The grunt who was glaring at him said.

“Allowed him a second chance…that you gave up when you even suggested raping those…you know what, I’ll just call them Pokemorphs. I have a feeling anthropomorphic Pokemon would be really tedious to repeat to others.” The figure said, brandishing the purple lightsaber.

Just as the Rocket Grunt went to run and hit an alarm, he was knocked off of his feet by a blast of blue electricity from the fingertips of the figure’s gloved hand as he held the lightsaber in his right. The figure walked to the fallen grunt and without so much as flinching, stabbed the grunt through the heart.

After gazing at the body, the figure looked at the chained Pokemorphs. “I’d take off my helmet to calm all of you, but I have a feeling this place is under surveillance.” He said, walking towards them. With a couple of swings, he cut through the metal cage and watched the bars fall from their place, the places cut glowing red hot.

Nodding to himself, he deactivated his lightsaber and clipped it to his belt.

“All of you have suffered enough. Be free.” He said, waving his hand and to their amazement, the chains fell off of them.

Glaceon tentatively took a step forward and reached out, touching the left side of his helmet. “You…saved us?” She asked in a raspy voice, her throat dry.

“I sensed the distress all of you felt soon after I gained these powers; even those in other rooms. However, I needed six years of intense training to hone these skills before I could break into the base.” He said, holding his hand out to catch Eevee before she fell.

“Thanks.” The Eevee quietly said, not even glancing at him.

“Still….I think our hero deserves his award.” Lugia said, smirking mischievously at Ho-Oh.

“I did not come here for a reward.” Umbra Mortis said, turning away from them and heading back towards a hallway, “Oh. And you might want to grab some coats or something on the way out.”

As Umbra Mortis walked out of the base, having taken out the guards, he sensed the 12 Pokemorphs following him. Just outside of Pallet Town, Umbra Mortis sat down cross-legged and took off his helmet, turning to look at the tree line.

“I can still sense you.” He said, and they cautiously emerged, Umbreon scanning the area for threats.

“That’s….an interesting combination of eye colors.” Espeon said, tail twitching as she felt the wind ruffle her fur for the first time in a long time.

“This is what happens when you balance the powers of Light and Dark when using the Force.” Umbra Mortis said, “And by the way, my name is Ash.”

Of course, he could not hide his changed eye color and had to come clean with his mother…about gaining a new power that caused it. There was no way he was telling her he snuck out.

“Ash…” Glaceon said, testing the name, “It sounds nice…but I think we’ll…call you Master.”

The first "lemon" will be in the next chapter, it is just getting late where I am so I am ending it here.

Also, in case you are wondering, Umbra Mortis means "Shadow of Death"
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