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Glaceon's feelings

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For the readers, more Pokemorphs will appear later in the journey.

Also, this is the first time writing a “lemon”, so please tell me how I can improve! All I can say is that it took a long time to write this and I got a newfound respect for "lemon" writers!

One month later

Twelve Poke balls sat on a bookshelf as the Pokemorphs Ash rescued looked around the room. Each one had put on a gray bikini, as per Ash’s orders to be clothed in public. That was their way around having multiple layers of clothing around him. Ash had sensed that many of them were still nervous, so he tried to avoid pushing them too far except for working on harnessing their Pokemon attacks. Eevee bounced on Ash’s bed while others were reading some books around the area and Glaceon was inspecting something on his desk. Ho-Oh gazed upon a framed piece of paper. Upon the paper were five lines written in pen.

Emotion, yet Peace.

Ignorance, yet Knowledge.

Passion, yet Serenity.

Chaos, yet Harmony.

Death, yet the Force.

“The Force….is that what you call your powers?” Ho-Oh asked, having finished reading the lines.

“The Force. I am the only one I know of on this planet to have this power. The power of the universe.” Ash said, watching Glaceon inspect the handle of his lightsaber. The Fresh Snow Pokemon turned to smile at him, winking at him as she stretched out when he looked at her. She raised her arms made sure her breasts were pointing at him.

“If it wasn’t for the lightning ability you demonstrated, I would believe to be nothing more that psychic powers.” Lugia said, “But it was nice for that old man to register us to you.”

“Professor Oak.” Ash corrected, “And it was because you girls wouldn’t leave me. I’m just glad I’m still getting a starter Pokemon in a week.”

Ash stood up and looked at the armor next to his desk. There were rib-shaped bronze plates that connected in the front going upwards in a triangular form. They were attached at the back by flat, rectangular bars shaped and positioned similar to a human spine. Over the side that would go over his right shoulder, there was a flat piece of bronze that curved up to protect where the right side of his neck would be. His helmet had changed very little, the only real change being the gray rectangular voice altering breathing vents over where his mouth would be. (1)

Placing Ash’s lightsaber on the table, Glaceon walked over to Ash, swaying her hips.

“And you’ll take us with you…right Master?” She asked, placing her hand on his chest and leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Of course. Because of your……unique condition, none of you technically count towards the six Pokemon limit.” Ash said, frowning at that though. The only reason Poke balls still worked on them was because of the Pokemon DNA they still had. The only reason Ash had used the Poke balls were to prevent those with less than honorable intentions from stealing them.

“Don’t worry about us Master.” Glaceon said, tightening her grip on him, “It has worked out for the best. You saved us from slavery and we will do our best to repay you.” The other Pokemorphs in the room quietly nodded to themselves, agreeing with her words.

“I told you that I don’t need a reward. It took me six years of experimenting and practicing with my powers before I could come to rescue all of you, otherwise I could have gotten you out before you were changed. Even now, I feel like there are many more secrets of the Force to discover.” Ash said, waving her off. Glaceon frowned and snuggled into him.

‘If I have my way….you’ll have at least twelve to inherit your powers and all of us will have your children.’ Glaceon thought.

“Even now my Force powers are limited.” Ash said, “Force Lightning, Force Push, Force Choke, leaping large distances, lifting objects, sensing the distress of others who need help, understanding any spoken language, and the Jedi Mind Trick. Even now I feel as though I am merely scratching the surface of my potential. I greatly feel as though my blade work with Form 2 and Form 3 can be improved.” (2)

Ash moved to the bookshelf and picked up the Poke balls while Glaceon followed him.

“Master, could I stay out tonight? I want to gaze at the stars again.” She said, widening her eyes with a pleading expression on her face. While this fooled Ash, the other girls knew what she was planning to do tonight.

Ash looked at her for a few minutes before shrugging and saying “alright”. Picking up different Poke balls one at a time, he recalled the other Pokemorphs one at a time. After the last one, Latias, had been recalled, Ash stood up held out his hand, the lightsaber handle flying into his hand before he walked out of his room and down the stairs, still in his black jeans and shirt. Glaceon followed her master as he left the house and headed into the forest behind Pallet Town.

Saying nothing, Glaceon just took to gazing upon her surroundings. After a while, they came to two large metal objects broken beyond repair. In front of them there were two sections of upturned dirt. One had, carved into a rock, the words Knight of the Jedi. The other, also etched on the rock, had the words Warrior of the Sith.

“This, Glaceon, is where I came into my powers. Where I practiced my lightsaber combat without worrying about accidentally hitting others.” He said, kneeling down as he gazed upon the two rocks. “I watched two beings fighting. One a Jedi; Knight of the Light side. The other a Sith; Warrior of the Dark Side. I was exposed to their power and gained it. I am the light of the Dark Side and the darkness of the Light side.”

“And we are your faithful followers, Master.” Glaceon said, falling to her knee with her Master, “And where are the beings?”

“I buried them myself, both of them striking each other down. Looking back, it was…symbolic if you will.” Ash said, “Darkness and Light not overcoming each other, but being equal in strength.”

Glaceon gazed upon the rocks, reading each word. “How do you know who was Jedi and who was Sith? Or even what they were called?” She asked.

“Their spirits. They were strong enough to appear before me. They…taught me about their order, each seeking to one-up the other.” Ash said, “That teaching ended a mere day before I rescued all of you.”

She nodded, and gazed upon her Master. “And one day your children will follow in your footsteps.” She whispered. Glaceon could feel a tingling on her skin, a strange presence in the very air of this place. Ash started to meditate in the clearing as she sat down and just watched him.

Six years ago, she was taken from her home and experimented upon. Her friends and siblings captured. She had no clue where her brothers were, but she was kept with other female Eevees and forced to evolve with eight of the nine female Eevees. Soon after they evolved; Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Latias were captured and stored with them. The Lugia and Ho-oh were daughters of the Guardian of the Sea and Sky respectively. Latias was taken from Hoenn and sold on the black market to Rocket Scientists.

More experiments occurred, and they turned into what Ash and Professor Oak called Pokemorphs. Team Rocket believed the more humanoid form would be easier to control and forced into submission.

She and the others would watch as some lucky Grunts and admins would have sex with some Pokemorphs, taking pleasure in the Pokemorphs bodies. Some Pokemorphs became obsessively loyal to their “mates” after that. Grunts would threaten that they would meet the same fate.

Then, their shadowy knight arrived. He, for the lack of a better term, hypnotized a grunt into freeing the still “wild” Pokemorphs and killed the one who would get reinforcements. Then, without any request for a reward, freed them.

It was decided then and there, he would be their Master.

They were all relatively young; about their late teens in human years. Seeing that their master was about the same age was a relief. Yet it lit a burning fire within them. They could breed with their Master. While others were still nervous about giving themselves completely to him, Glaceon decided that tonight she would give him her body, and bring him pleasure.

Glaceon could almost see an older Ash showing a blue haired human boy how to wield a lightsaber. The boy had one brown eye and one eye a sinister yellow as the boy called him father.

“Glaceon. Earth to Glaceon. You there?” Her Master’s voice broke her from her thoughts. She glanced up to see Ash looking down at her.

“Sorry Master, I got lost in thought.” She said, blushing slightly.

“It is alright. I just had a short meditation today to help strengthen my connection to the Force.” He said, holding out a hand to help her to her feet. She kept his hand in hers as they walked back.

Professor Oak was still confused about these new Pokemorphs as he went over books in his lab, looking out the window to gaze at the Pokemon peacefully living in the field of his lab where he studied Pokemon and Human interactions. These Pokemorphs were something he had not expected in his wildest dreams.

As he shook his head, sighing in relief that a large number of them were freed when Ash foolishly broke into a Team Rocket hideout. Still, he wondered how many were still under Team Rocket’s control. His gaze finally went from his window to a gray handle on his desk.

A lightsaber.

Ash had taken the handle of the Sith warrior’s lightsaber, and the color crystal of the Jedi knight. However, Ash was afraid of those close to him being hurt; regardless of him hiding his identity. Thus, he asked Professor Oak to help him develop more lightsabers.

It was not an easy process, and it was one that pushed the limits of technology, but he successfully created more lightsaber handles. All that was missing were colored blades.

That was where Ash stepped in, asking if Professor Oak could use already formed crystals to create synthetic ones for the lightsabers. He provided one red, blue, turquoise, blue, green, orange, purple, and yellow crystal for Oak’s process. The new synthetic crystals worked perfectly in giving making the blade emit color; and they helped strengthen the blade.

In thanks, Ash gave him the Jedi’s lightsaber handle after placing a yellow crystal in it. Picking up the flashlight-sized handle, the aged professor pressed a button and in a snap-hiss, a white blade extended emitting a yellow glow. The blade softly hummed with energy, only giving a hint about how powerful it truly was. (3)

As for the first newly created lightsaber, it ended up in the hands of Ash’s mother and had a blue crystal within it.

That night, Glaceon peeked in from the hallway as Ash started changing into his pajamas. She pushed the bottoms of her bikini to the side and placed her index and middle fingers inside her entrance. She bit her lower lip to keep from moaning out as she started pumping in and out when she saw Ash without a shirt; pumping faster as he took off his pants. Ash paused as he sensed powerful emotions, but waved it off as he did not feel any aggressiveness, anger, fear, or hatred. Just as he grabbed his pajama bottoms, Glaceon stepped into his room after pulling her fingers out of her entrance.

Ash paused as he spotted Glaceon saunter over to him, bikini bottoms still askew as a clear liquid trickled down her thigh.

“Master…” She said, taking her bikini top off and placing her hands on his shoulders.

Ash took in the sight of the Glaceon Pokemorph. She had the parka-like fur on her forehead trailing to rhombus shaped endings on each side of her face, and her blue eyes stood out brightly from the whites of her eyes. She had scraggily fur the same color as the fur on her main body that had elongated and acted like hair and fell down to her shoulders. Her face had a slight muzzle shape to it and she had a small black nose. Her D-cup breasts were tipped with perky pink nipples and farther below he could see her clit peeking out from within her vagina.

“You’ve treated us so well, Master. Tonight, you will be rewarded.” She finished saying, before she captured Ash’s lips with her own. Ash’s hands started roaming the Pokemorph’s body, pausing under her breasts. Glaceon just rubbed her body upon Ash’s harder, encouraging him before his hands came up and started squeezing her breasts. She moaned into his mouth as his left hand trailed down to her bikini bottom and started pushing it down below her hips.

Glaceon wiggled her hips to assist him and once it was down to her thighs, she pulled up her right leg up and wiggled it through the hole for her leg. One she got that leg through her bikini bottoms, she simply let the bottoms fall to the floor and stepped out of them. Pulling her lips away from Ash’s she moaned as his right hand tugged at her left nipple.

“Not fair. You still have clothes on.” She said, gently pushing him down onto his bed before kneeling down in front of him.

“While I do love the fact that you are being so kind in working on pleasuring me, tonight’s supposed to be about you.” She said with a grin, seeing the tent in Ash’s boxers. She pulled them down to his feet before tugging them off; her grin widening as she saw his erect six inch long dick in front of her.

Licking her lips, she raised her head and kissed the tip of his dick before lowering her head and taking it within her mouth. She had an inch outside of her mouth so she had her tongue trail out of her mouth and lick the places she couldn’t fit in her mouth. Ash moaned out as he felt her wet mouth surround his dick, before looking down and seeing Glaceon intently staring at him. Glaceon felt this act become even more erotic as brown and yellow met blue eyes. With a small wink she started sucking, slowly moved her head up and down making Ash moan louder.

She sped up her movements and Ash clutched the sheets and started bucking his hips in time with her sucking. The bucking of Ash’s hips forced more of his dick into her mouth and Glaceon pulled her tongue back into her mouth and placed her hands on Ash’s legs as she continued her bobbing.

“I’m close.” He grunted out, and Glaceon pulled her head back and let the dick slide out of her mouth with a wet pop and placed her right hand on it.

“This is your first time?” Glaceon asked, slowly stoking it.

“Yes.” Ash grunted out.

“I am honored to be your first, Master. It is my first time too.” Glaceon said, stopping her hand movement and leaning her upper body upon his crotch and using her hands to squeeze her breasts around his dick. Ash moaned out as he felt the soft, pillow-like pressure around his organ. Glaceon took this as a good sign and started moving her breasts up and down in a piston-like movement. Ash started panting as he bucked his hips in time of Glaceon’s titjob. Her breasts would pull up as he pulled back, and then slammed down as he thrust forward. She watched as Ash grit his teeth and stopped moving her breasts, pushing them together as tightly as she could as Ash continued to thrust his dick between them.

“Come for me, Master.” She moaned out as his thrusts became frantic and he slammed his hips into the underside of her breasts as his dick twitched, releasing spurts of white cum across her face and the top of her breasts.

“That was amazing, Glaceon.” Ash panted out, pulling out of her breasts looking at her. He gulped as he watched her wipe the cum off of her face onto her left hand, before licking it off of her hand and swallowing it. She hummed thoughtfully at the strange taste, before standing up climbing onto Ash’s bed.

“We’re not done yet, Master.” She said, pressing her hands on either side of his pillow and getting onto her knees upon his bed, moving her tail up and exposing her dripping entrance.

He moved behind her, grasping her hips. “Are you sure you want me to be your first? What if you get pregnant?” He asked, holding back.

“Today’s a safe day…also, don’t worry about harming me Master. We Pokemorphs do not have a hymen, which is something that we kept from once being a Pokemon.” She said, wagging her tail up over her back as Ash’s grip tightened on her hips. With that, he thrust forward and buried his length into her. Both moaned at the feeling, as Glaceon clutched the sheets and lowered her breasts onto the bed while keeping her hips up high.

Ash started out with slow, strong thrusts that made Glaceon mewl in pleasure; enjoying the wet tightness of her vagina. He kept going as she raised her head and looked back at him. “Faster please, Master.” She pleaded.

Ash wordlessly nodded and started pumping his hips faster, pulling her hips back as he thrust forward. She moaned out as he continued rocking her hips with short, powerful impacts. Too soon for both of their liking, they felt their climax approaching; their inexperience showing through. Ash was still sensitive from the blowjob and titjob from earlier, while Glaceon had never had sex before. She only knew what she was doing because of some interesting books she came across looking up facts about humans in order to learn about her Master’s species.

“Master! I’m cumming!” She panted out, “Cum with me!”

Ash let out a grunt and hilted himself in her panting out as he felt his dick throb and release the remaining sperm he had. He pulled out, a trickle of sperm coming out of her vagina as his wet dick softened and he fell onto his back. Sitting up, he saw Glaceon still in that position, her tail dropped down to cover her entrance. He crawled over and moved her legs, making her hips drop so she was in a laying position. He then lay on his back as he turned her onto her side to keep her face out of the pillows.

She had a dazed look in her eyes before blinking a few times as her gaze came into focus. Ash felt his eyes drooping as their gazes met. She shifted; resting her head on his left shoulder as she raised her left leg over his own and threw her arm across his chest. Slowly, both of them closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter End.

Things of interest:

1)The armor is based off the metal sections of the Sith Stalker armor from the video game “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” without the metal limbs or leather clothing. Instead it will go over his own clothes without needing to be grafted onto him.

2)While these may seem like a lot of Force Powers; according to the official Star Wars Wiki it is barely tapping the Force’s true strength. Others I know that will be included later on are: Detoxify Poison, Force Healing, Force Stealth, Force Speed, Breath Control, Force Empathy, Force Pull, and Saber Throw. These are just a few things on a much longer list on the Star Wars wiki on the section “Force power” and are the most essential for survival in the Pokemon world. I feel that other powers are impossible to learn without teachings from a more experienced teacher; which Ash doesn’t have.

As for Form 2 and Form 3; Form 2 is based off of fencing and requires a lot of discipline to use and has a focus on jabs and light cuts instead of heavy blows. Form 3 is Pure Defense. Plain and simple. It would take a while to master them.

3)The lightsaber has been called a “blade of plasma” and very few things can resist it. To see the handles I often look at when writing this chapter, go to this site:

Ash’s lightsaber handle is based off of “Apprentice LE V4”; while Professor Oak’s is based off of “Initiate V4”. While I haven’t shown Delia Ketchum’s yet, I’m thinking of one based off of “The Dark Monarch” since it is an elegant design. As for synthetic lightsaber crystals, as long as they are imbued with the Force, anything (even glass) can be used as a lightsaber crystal. Even Luke Skywalker’s green crystal is Synthetic.

As for why Professor Oak got a yellow crystal, yellow crystals were generally wielded be the Sentinel class. Sentinels balance their combat training with scholarly persuits. As a Pokemon Professor, I felt that was the best choice for him.

On another note, I am not planning on including any more Star Wars technology besides lightsabers. So no star ships (the only ones shown are crashed and permanently out of commission), no droids outside of the ones that already exist in the world, no Storm troopers, and no laser blasters…well, if people want them I might have them created.

As for lightsabers, yes I am thinking of having bad guys get their hands on them. After all, if the trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth can isolate Professor Oak’s lab (although in a giant circus tent), it can be assumed that more….competent agents could successfully break in and take some while stealing research data.
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