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We have you now

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Ash finds out his Pokemorphs' plan.

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Feelings of intense pleasure shaking through his body brought Ash out of his slumber early in the morning; before the sun even rose. Opening his eyes, he expected to see Glaceon bobbing her mouth around his dick. He saw her, but not in the way he was expecting.

Instead of giving him a blowjob, she was sitting to his right and using her hands to help Latias bob her head up and down; the dragon/psychic type’s C-cup breasts jigging each time she descended. Like Vaporeon, Ho-Oh, and Lugia, she did not have any extensions of fur or feathers acting like hair; so her head resembled that of a regular Latias’. She even had the same wings, both of them growing out of her shoulders and her hands were tipped with sharp claws and had a large, rounded red section protecting them down to her upper forearms.

“Morning, Master.” Glaceon said cheerfully, removing her hands from Latias’ head to place them on Ash’s chest as Latias bobbed harder, trying to milk him of his seed.

“Glaceon? Latias?” Ash asked, looking back and forth between Latias and Glaceon.

“Really Master.” Latias said after pulling her mouth off of his dick, “You expect to treat all of us like, well, Princesses and only have one of us reward you?” With that said she lowered her head and took his dick back into her mouth and resumed bobbing.

“But according to the law I am only allowed one wife.” Ash said, utterly confused while Glaceon gave a small grin.

“Espeon found a loophole.” Glaceon said, laying down and resting her head on his chest, “Aura users are so rare that they are allowed multiple wives provided that they are males and can provide for the wives and children. Now….imagine if a new strange power appeared in only one person since there has to be at least ten humans with that power to be restricted to one wife…” She idly traced circles on his chest as she said this.

Ash locked eyes with Latias after Glaceon said this and she gave a particularly powerful suck around his dick, making him buck his hips as he came.

“Hey Latias! Don’t forget to share that!” Glaceon said, quickly sitting up as Latias pulled her mouth off his dick and smiling at Ash. The Ice-type quickly locked lips with Latias and thrust her tongue in mouth. Latias pushed her tongue into Glaceon’s mouth as they shared his cum. Pulling back, they both opened their mouths to show off his cum before closing their mouths and swallowing it.

Ash stood up and gazed upon both Pokemorphs. Both of them stared back with smiles on his face. “I guess it has been decided for me. I’ll have at least twelve wives, huh?” He said, walking over to his drawer and pulling on a new pair of boxers.

“Yes, Master.” They said at the same time, and Ash rubbed his head.

“What did I say about calling me Master?” Ash said, pulling on dark gray jeans and a black t shirt before picking up his bronze armor, minus his helmet, and slid it on over his shirt; the “ribs” of the armor coming together over his chest in a triangular fashion pointing upwards towards his head.

“But you are our Master.” Glaceon said, “You are our teacher, caretaker, and mate…wait, the human term is lover or husband…” She started tapping a finger on her chin in thought.

“Well. We might as well prepare to start the application to have my powers shown to get that permission to marry multiple wives.” Ash said, placing his helmet and clawed glove into his travel backpack and grabbing a pair of socks. Latias and Glaceon started looking incredibly guilty, which got his attention.

“What did you do now?” He said, letting out a large sigh.

“We…all of us….sent in an application. They…they’ll be here in two days.” Latias said, looking away to avoid making eye contact.

“You will tell me next time you plan on doing something like this.” He said sternly.

“Yes Master.” They said in unison as Ash grabbed the other Pokemorph’s Poke balls and headed downstairs allowing them to get dressed.

“Latias?” Glaceon said, looking at the dragon as she put her swimsuit back on.

"Yes Glaceon?” The Eon dragoness responded, also putting on a swimsuit.

“Totally worth it.” She said, smiling at the door and getting a high five from Latias.

“So you are Ash Ketchum? The one that had been applied to the Inheritable Ability Survival Act?” Kanto and Johto champion Lance asked, gazing upon the armored 16 year old boy.

“I am…” He said, gazing upon the League officials and G-Men agents, doing his best to steady his nerves.

“I heard from Professor Oak you were the one to release the beings called Pokemorphs from their...prison. Judging by your reaction and signature, they are the ones who filled out the form.” Lance said, placing his hands on the desk with a small smirk at the last fact.

“I do not deny that…But I failed. Not all of them are free…” Ash said clenching his fists, “There were some already brainwashed and taken elsewhere and others might be elsewhere in Kanto.”

“Noted.” Lance nodded, “Now, what is your ability?”

“I have a connection to the Force, an ability that flows throughout the galaxies.” Ash said, “It is a pathway to abilities some consider….unnatural.” He said, lifting a glass of water up with a small gesture of his hand.

“There are plenty of psychics.” Lance said, frowning at the display.

“Then release a Dark-type.” Ash said, and Lance hummed thoughtfully. It was a known fact that Dark-types were immune to Psychic-type attacks. He nodded to a G-men agent and the man released a Mightyena. Ash extended his hand and the Dark-type was lifted into the air and floated back to his trainer as it struggled in shock.

“What?” The trainer said, recalling his Pokemon in shock.

“Also….I can do this!” Ash calmly said, pointing his right hand towards the wall behind him and blasting it with dark blue lightning surging from his fingertips, leaving dark scorch marks.

“Lightning?!” Lt. Surge exclaimed in shock; being the Kanto League’s expert in Electric-type Pokemon.

Gazing upon the G-men agent who had the Mightyena, Ash kept his middle and index fingers on his right hand extended as he waved the hand in front of that trainer’s face.

“You will run around the room.” Ash suggested.

“I will run around the room.” The trainer droned out before starting to run around the room.

“There are many abilities that even I do not know of yet. One of the most useful that I do have from it is the ability to understand any spoken language.” Ash said to the shock of the others, “but I do have to make a donation to the G-men. A new weapon for close range situations. It is easily concealed. In fact, I’ll show you my own.” With that, Ash placed his own lightsaber on the table.

The handle was nine inches long and mostly silver, with two gold bands surrounding the emitter, with rectangular gold-lined openings around the emitter between them. The grip had many thin gold rings engraved around the handle and the silver activation button was surrounded by a circular black guard that could be turned to adjust the blade length.

"What is that?” Lance asked, gazing at that.

“My lightsaber.” Ash said, picking it up and igniting the blade.

“A blade of light?” Lance asked skeptically.

“Plasma.” Ash corrected, swinging the blade around lightly before having the blade recede into the handle. “Expels no energy unless it comes in contact with something, and then recharges on its own when deactivated.”

He then placed his lightsaber on his belt and pulled out another one. This handle was silver and 9.5 inches long with the button and black button guard in a middle extension between the emitter and handle(1). Ash floated the lightsaber over to Lance who grabbed it and pressed the button, igniting a white blade that gave off a blazing red glow.

After that, Lance deactivated the lightsaber blade and went out of the room with some other members of the Pokemon League to discuss his abilities; while others such as Lt. Surge stayed behind. Ash closed his eyes and let his mind go blank; relishing in the feeling of the Force around him. After what felt like hours, Lance and the others returned.

“I am here to let you know that your request for enlistment in the Inheritable Ability Survival Act is….accepted…under a certain condition.” Lance said, gaining Ash’s attention.

“Explain.” He said, becoming deadly serious.

“It is clear to me that the fact Team Rocket turned Pokemon into Pokemorphs means that Kanto is woefully weak when it comes to being defended. In response to that, I am making a division of the G-men in Kanto. Ash, I want you to become an agent.” Lance said, placing some papers in front of him.

“My abilities…now I have a way to use them and possibly discover some new ones.” Ash said, reading over the legal contract. “You have been planning this, haven’t you?”

“When I first heard about a kid in Pallet Town displaying psychic-like powers when there have not been really any history of such powers, something had to have been unearthed.” Lance said, “Those Pokemorphs were an eye-opening experience; Pokemon being experimented upon under the government and League’s noses. We need people to find and stop that.”

“I see.” Ash said, placing the contract on the paper and nodded his agreement to Lance, “Then count me in. I saved mine without being a government agent. This will just give me government permission to do so.” Lance handed him a pen and Ash signed his name and officials hand him stand in front of the wall as they took a picture for an identification card.

“You should get your government ID in the mail the day you get your starting Pokemon.” Lance said, placing his hands in front of him and interlocking his fingers. “Now, about those lightsabers…”

“I can’t believe my boy is now a government agent.” Delia said after her son explained his situation.

“Still, it gives me an opportunity to help Pokemon and get paid for it; a double win in my books.” He said, standing up and stretching. “I never thought my journey would end up so complicated before it even began.”

“Oh your father will be so proud when he hears this.” Delia said as Ash started dismantling his lightsaber, the parts floating in the air as he held the purple crystal and meditated with it.

“He was so worried when he heard you developed these strange abilities that you would end up being taken by criminals or people with bad intentions and forced to serve them.” She said, knowing he could still hear her.

“Master wouldn’t let that happen.” Espeon said while she walked down from the stairway. “He follows the morals and lessons you taught him growing up, which is why he is so determined to protect others.”

“I know, but he’s my baby boy. I can’t help but worry about him. I know he’s 16 and will be going on his journey soon, but still…I gave birth to him, nursed him, cared for him, and watched him grow up into the young man he is right now. There are times I look at him and I can help but think back of when he was starting to walk, or of his first words.” Delia said, as Espeon’s expression softened and she walked over and sat next to him.

“I understand. It must be hard seeing your child grow up to become independent after spending so much time nurturing him. Yet…the fact that he is ready means that you were successful in raising him.” Espeon said, her gaze turning to the meditating Ash.

“Just be sure to let me visit the grandkids regularly when you and the others have them.” Delia said; and Espeon sputtered and stammered out sounds, not really able to form words at that request. Her cheeks darkened as she blushed and closed her mouth.

“What makes you say that?” She quietly said, poking her index fingers together.

“I’m a mother. I’m supposed to know these things. I’ve seen the look you girls give my boy; it’s the same I give his father.” She said before standing up.

“We will.” Espeon said, her tail swinging from side to side as she gazed upon the meditating Ash, the purple jewel shining the same color as her irises.

1: From Ultrasabers, Lance’s lightsaber handle is the Initiate v3.
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