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The League Council and the Journey

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I loved a scene from Rogue one, so I added a reference to it. Ash meets the Elite 4 and Champions to talk before his journey begins.

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The next morning Ash awoke with Espeon on his right and a letter on his desk with the stamp of the Kanto Pokemon League on it (The symbol in SoulSilver and HeartGold next to the Kanto badges). In it, he saw a badge with the same logo and a letter G one a poke ball on it. He grabbed his black pants and pulled them on and put on black boots with metallic guards over the shins and putting on his armored shirt. He glanced at the glove, which now extended up to below his elbow (thing Vader's gloves in Rogue one with the Sith Stalker armor claws) and placed his helmet in his bag.

"Today is the day" He said, his yellow eye giving off a glow as an excited grin spread across his face. Without another word, he ran out the door and headed to Professor Oak's lab. Stopping in front of it, he stood next to Gary Oak who was tapping his foot impatiently. Two other teens walked out of the labs, each holding a single poke ball. The girl with brown hair held the one with a leaf symbol, and the blonde boy held one with a flame symbol.

"Ash, Gary. Nice to see you." Professor Oak said as he ushered the teenagers inside. Before either of them could react, Gary ran ahead and grabbed the poke ball with a water symbol.

"With this Squirtle, I will become the greatest Pokemon Master!" He boasted, "Looks like there isn't one left for you Ashy-boy. Better go home and let the real trainers do their work."

"Actually, there IS another Pokemon." Professor Oak said, pulling a lever and a poke ball with a lightning bolt symbol was raised up. Ash touched it and a Pikachu popped out, shaking in distaste.

Gary scoffed and headed out of the building and Ash bent down and reached out with the Force, connecting with Pikachu's mind. They saw each others memories and felt each other's emotions. The electric mouse Pokemon stared at Ash's eyes after he broke the connection.

"I'll take him." Ash said, grabbing the poke ball and connecting it to his belt.

"Before you go, the regional Leagues would like to speak with you." Professor Oak said, pulling down a screen as he walked over to a computer and pressing a few buttons before four groups of five people and one group of nine people appeared.

"This is the person who found them, and has that new inheritable ability, the Force." Professor Oak said, "Ash, these are the regional Elite 4 and champions. As you can see, Lance is the champion of both Kanto and Johto."

"Greetings." Ash said as he bowed slightly, Pikachu jumping onto his shoulder.

"So is split into Light and Dark?" Sinnoh Champion Cynthia asked.

"Historically, there have been very few wielders who used both sides." Ash explained, "as the order that followed the light side were in constant war with the order that followed the dark side....and the dark side made horrendous weapons..." He shivered as an image flashed into his mind.

"How horrendous are we talking about?" Hoenn champion Steven Stone asked as murmurs echoed from the others.

"There was a planet-killer." Ash said, making all noise stop.

"A planet killer?" Malva of the Kalos Elite 4 asked, "Is there any way to replicate it on a less destructive scale? Just think of it, we could wipe out any criminal organization instantly! Bring peace to the world, a new era! We...." Her rant was cut short as words stopped forming and her hands grasped at her throat. The others gasped in surprise as their gaze turned to Ash, holding up his left hand with his thumb and index finger in a clamp shape.

"Be careful not to choke on your ambition." Ash said, before releasing the Force Choke, "There will NEVER be such a weapon built again. If it fell into the wrong hands, the death toll could be catastrophic."

"I agree with him." Lance said, "Such weapons have no purpose, Malva. Be thankful that we are even getting those lightsabers. We have our Pokemon, and we have our skills as champions and Elites. It is our job to keep peace within our regions."

Ash knelt down and bowed his head in Lance's direction, "I agree Champion Lance". He said, before standing up and adjusting his glove and taking his helmet out of the bag and placing it on his head. He stretched out his hand and the door opened on its own as he walked out with Pikachu on his shoulder.

"That power is strange" Will of the Johto Elite 4 said, "My psychic powers tapped into him, and yet that power does not stem within him, but surrounds everything."

Ash recalled Espeon and placed his Pokemorph's poke balls onto the back of his belt, behind his lightsaber. Delia gazed at her son with a sad smile, knowing that he was leaving.

"Be sure to call everyday."

He stepped out the door and gazed at Route one....With a deep breath, he took his first step onto Route one, and officially started his journey.
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