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pt19 Moving On

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You agree to move to Annapolis with the guys.

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'You want me to move where with you?' you ask Benji.
You were sitting in your room, swinging on your desk chair.
'To Annapolis, with me and the guys.' He answers watching your face for a reaction.
'Why there, what's so special about Annapolis and why do I have to go with you?' You ask moving to sit next to him on the bed.
'Well the music scene is a lot bigger over there so it will be easier for us to get noticed. Also your looking for a place to live so why not there and last but not least I love you and would be heartbroken if you didn't come with me.' He replies, his big puppy dog staring intently at you.

It was March 1999. Things changed dramatically after prom, last July. You had all graduated and started college that was until you all dropped out 3 months after it began. The guys decided to drop out to focus on their music careers.
You and Benji had been dating for 8 months and it was just coming up to the twins 19th birthday.

Your mum decided it was time to part ways and she left you about a month ago. She sold the house and left you £5000 to get you started, she also bought you a car. You only had 3 weeks before a new family moved in. You had a farewell dinner with your mum, it was pleasant and she wished you all the best. She didn't tell you where she was going, but to tell the truth you didn't want to know. You had a new family with the guys, Robyn and Sarah.

Kelly went back to New Jersey; you speak to her all the time that is when Billy isn't hogging the phone. Paul and Lisa are still dating and unfortunately Joel's still dating vile Kara. Kara introduced a new girl called Missy to the group she's really quiet, but nice all the same you just think she's shy.

Now here you are in your room with Benji, hearing yourself agreeing to move to Annapolis.
'So you'll come with us.' Benji cries jumping up and down before kissing you.
'Yes I'll come because I love you. And I know your music means everything to you, so whatever we have to do to make it happen, then I'm all for it.' You say standing up to hug him.
'Did I ever tell you, you're the best girlfriend in the world?' he asks brushing a strand of hair from your face.
'No you haven't, but my other boyfriends tell me all time.' You tease poking your tongue out.
'Really do you other boyfriends do this?' he says picking you up bridal style and kissing you.
'Nope they don't.' you admit 'you're the only one who does that,' you say as he carries you down stairs to your car.

You drive over to Billy's, where the others are. The guys had practice and plus they wanted to discuss the move.
When you got there as usual the Play Station was on, and the competition was in full swing.
'Hey guys wassup.' Benji greeted the boys, before joining Joel at the dining table Billy had in the corner or his living room.
'Not your IQ.' Kara called from the kitchen doorway.
'Hey Kara,' you call out to her 'because you're here does that mean that there's a street corner that's unattended.'
'Fuck you Reign.' She says coming in the living room and sitting on Joel's lap.
'Are you gonna let her talk you me like that?' She asks Joel hoping he'll defend her.
'You started that one baby.' He says shrugging his shoulders and turning his attention back to what he was doing.
'What you looking at bro?' Benji asks leaning forward on his chair to see across the table.
'I'm looking at apartment prices in Annapolis.' Joel replies turning the page. 'There not that expensive, since there's four of us going.'
'Five' Benji says winking at you. 'Reign said she'd come along.'
'Are you serious?' he asks studying his brother's face.
'Reign your really coming with us?' he says getting up and throwing Kara off his lap.
'Argh!! Joel what is wrong with you.' she cries steadying herself.
Joel jumps on you knocking you to the floor and you both start to wrestle.
'For a minute there we thought we might have to tie you up and shove you in the boot.' You hear Paul say.
'See Lisa' He continues 'Reign's coming with us, I don't see why you won't come.'
'Because baby, I have to finish college, not only that but my parents won't let me go yet, you know that already.' She replies moving closer to him on the couch and leaning her head on his shoulder.
'So Reign have you heard from Kelly.' Billy asks pausing the computer game.
'Yeah I spoke to her last night. She's got her own flat, she's settling in and wants me to visit soon.' You reply pinning Joel to the floor.
'Really that's great, have you decided when your gonna go?' He asks
'Na, I'm not gonna go till after we move, I want to get settled in Annapolis first... OUCH JOEL.' You cry. He had flipped you over and accidentally crushed your arm under his knee.
'Oops I'm sorry my bad. But ha ha I win' He says getting off of you and going back to his seat at the table.
'Do you want to come with me, when I go and visit?' You ask Billy brushing your clothes off.
'Yeah, I'd like that.' He replies with a big smile, he looked so sweet when he smiled.

You spent the rest of the evening there. Joel had found three flats that were within your budget. The guys were going to travel down there on the weekend to view them.
'The only problem is they're only two bedroom apartments.' Joel sighs.
'Well how much are the 3 bedroom ones?' You ask
'A lot.' He responds
'Well look I already told you guys, I can stay here and visit...'
A collective 'No' cuts you off.
'Baby you promised me you'd come, you can't back out now.' Benji states
'Well what are we supposed to do? Sleep on top each other just so we can live together.' you say exasperated.
A collective 'Yeah' sounded around the room.
'Joel how much are the three bedroom flats?' you ask again
'There about a grand upwards for the month.' He says looking up from the game he was playing.
'Well that's not so bad, that's like $200 per person, for the month.' you say getting up and getting the brochure off the table where Joel had left it.
'Its not that simple London, we have to get jobs first.' Paul explains 'we've got enough cash to last us our first month and that's all.'
'Duh St. Paul, have you not forgotten that I happen to have a decent amount of cash, stashed away.' You answer.
'Na uh no way Reign' Benji and Joel say in unison 'we're not gonna use your money.' Joel continues.
'Why not? What's wrong with using my money?' You say sitting up straight.
'Nothing it's just we wan...' Benji starts before you cut him off.
'Now you listen to me Benjamin Levi Madden. And this goes for the rest of you. I agreed to come and live with you in Annapolis. But I'll be damned if I have to live in a dirty rundown apartment just because you guys are too proud to accept my help. Now I'm going to look for a nice three-bedroom apartment and we're going to live there, we're going to use my cash till we all find work, and you WILL like it, is that clear?' You say staring at each of them. You open the brochure and begin looking at the apartments.
'Dude, I think we should leave Reign here she's scaring me.' Billy leans over and whispers to Paul.
'I heard that William.' You say tossing a cushion at him.
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