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pt 20 March 11th

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The Twins celebrate their 19th birthday.

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That weekend you and the guys travelled to Annapolis to view the apartments you liked.
The first one you viewed was awful it didn't look anything like the picture in the brochure. The second was better but had a funny smell and the bathroom in the third place looked like it belonged in a crack house. However the fourth apartment was perfect. It had a nice bathroom; three sizeable bedrooms and the kitchen and living room were decent. You talked it over with the guys and took it on the spot.

The next couple of weeks were manic. You and the guys spent most of the time packing boxes and writing lists for things we would need in Annapolis.
It was decide that you would take most of furniture from Billy's old apartment. You'd all take your beds, except Benji who was going to share your double bed.
The night before you moved to Annapolis, you stayed over at the Madden's, Robyn cooked an amazing dinner for your last meal at home. The next day Sarah and Robyn cried as you and the guys drove away.

The next two days you and the boys worked and shopped your butts off, cleaning the apartment and buying new stuff to put in it to make it feel like home.
Lil' Billy emptied the last box the night before the twins birthday. You had official moved in. You all celebrated with pizza and movies.

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY.' You scream in Benji's ear, before jumping up and down on the bed.
He groans and rolls over knocking you down.
'Reign, you have serious issues girl.' He moans.
'Wake up baby, its time to celebrate.' You say running over to the window and flinging open the curtains, letting the sunlight hit his face.
'OMG what the hell is wrong with you?' he cries pulling the covers over his head.
'Nothing is wrong with me, get your lazy arse up.' You say grabbing the covers and pulling them off him.
He grabs the covers and you begin a tug of war match. He moves to the edge of the bed and yanks the covers making you take a couple of steps forward. You loosen your grip so he thinks he's won before tugging the covers as hard as you can sending him crashing to the floor.
'Ha ha I win I win' you say skipping out the room; as you leave you hear him cursing under his breath.
You push Joel's bedroom door open and stand in the doorway listening to him snore. You can't help but giggle what your about to do is so mean. You bought an air horn yesterday from a joke shop you passed when you were grocery shopping. You tip toe up to Joel's bed and press the horn as hard as you can. He throws the covers off and sits bolt up right, eyes wide open, screaming like a girl. You fall to the floor laughing you've never seen him look so scared and you've never heard him scream.
'What the fuck is wrong with you?' He screams, his face is all scrunched up, he's clearly pissed off but you can't stop laughing.
'Happy birthday,' you manage to get out before lapsing into another laughing fit.
'That aint right Reign.' He says throwing off the covers.
'That aint right at all, there is something wrong with you.' He declares heading for the door.
You finish laughing and head back to your room. Joel is lying on your side of the bed face down.
You grab your dressing gown off the back of the chair and head for the kitchen. You turn the radio on and start to cook. You decide to make a big breakfast for the guys. You make a batch of Soya pancakes and bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and a tofu omelette especially for Lil' Billy.
'That smells good.' Benji says coming into the kitchen as you were laying the table.
'Of course it does I made it. Are the others up?' you ask putting the orange juice on the table.
'Yes we are.' Paul says coming into the kitchen followed by Joel and Billy.
'What do I get besides pancakes and bacon?' Billy asks sitting down.
'I made you a tofu omelette.' You say pulling a plate out from the microwave and placing it in front of him.
'So what is everyone doing today?' Paul asks through a mouthful of pancakes.
'Well me and Benj are gonna check out that club, you know the one where they let new bands play and see if we can get a slot for Monday night or something.' Joel replies
'I gonna look for a job. I saw a couple of places that were hiring, I'm gonna drop by and pick up some applications.' Billy says taking more bacon. 'I'll pick some up for you guys too.'
'Baby what are you doing today?' Benji asked you
'Shopping' you reply
'What' Paul said slightly outraged 'but you shopped yesterday'
'That I did but that was grocery shopping. Today's shopping is bed linen, towels, flannels, bathroom mats, underwear, socks etc.' You say counting the items off on your fingers.
'Hey you didn't say anything about presents.' Benji and Joel cry in unison.
'What time are you guys coming home?' You ask ignoring the twins.
'I'll be back about five-ish' Billy informs you.
'When we get here I guess.' Joel says pouting slightly.
When breakfast was over you stayed in the kitchen cleaning up, Lil' Billy offered to help but you declined. He left and joined the others, who were fighting over the bathroom.

You spent the all of the morning and half the afternoon shopping. You got home around seven you never intended to be so late. Benji met you at the door and helped you with the bags.
'Where have you been? I was starting to get worried.' He says taking the bags from you and heading for the living room.
'What is all this?' Joel asks seeing the bags you and Benji carry in to the living room.
'Stuff' you say setting the bags down and flopping into the armchair.
'I can see that but what kind of stuff. Oooh Reign are there presents in these bags.' He asks starting to get excited.
'Maybe,' you reply 'why don't you have a look?'
Joel and Benji start to rummage through the bags, dropping them on the floor when they didn't see what they want. After they scavenge through all the bags, they gave up.
'Reign there's no presents in here, you lied.' Joel pouts sticking his bottom lip put like a child.
'Your right but I'll make you a deal if you and Benji, put these bags in our room, I'll go get your presents.' You say grinning. You can't wait to see their faces when they get their gifts.

They gather up the bags and you grab your keys and go back to the car.
You peer through the window into the back seat the box is still there.
You open the door pick the box of the seat and carefully carry it back into the apartment. You stop in the hallway, placing the box on the floor.
'Okay are you ready.' You call from the hallway into the living room.
'Yeah we're ready, hurry up Reign I can't wait no more.' Benji calls back.
You open the box and take out the contents and walk to the living room door.
'Okay without further ado, I would like to introduce you the new edition to the family.' You say walking all the way into the living room.
'OMG IT'S A PUPPY.' Benji shouts running over to you and taking the dog.
'Wow, I wanna hold it.' Billy says following Benji and petting the puppy on the head.
'Look how tiny it is?' Paul and Joel say together.
'Reign this is the best present ever.' Joel says pulling you into a hug.
'I'm glad you like him but the dogs really for Benji, I got you something different.' You say pulling away and leading Joel into your bedroom. You open your wardrobe and pull out a large flat box, with a picture of a laptop on the side.
'Holy crap, you bought me a laptop.' he says ripping open the box and pulling out the computer.
'Its not brand new or anything, and the guy who sold it to me said you could make CD's on it. I thought you guys should send CD's to the record companies instead of tapes.' You say dismantling the box, you looked at him but he wasn't smiling anymore, in fact you couldn't read his expression or tell what he was thinking.
'Look Joel if you don't like it I ca...'
'No Reign its perfect, I'm just... you are amazing.' He finishes
'What? Joel I'm not amazing.' You reply blushing.
'Yes you are, you got us this apartment, you look after us really well, you buy us food and clothes, you buy Benji a dog and then, you give us a laptop so we can record CD's so we can get a break. If that's not amazing then I don't know what is. Thank you Reign for everything.' he says embracing you and squeezing you lightly.
'Well that's what best friends are for right, plus I like to help you, you're my favourite charity case.' You say laughing.
You follow him back into the living room and collapse in the armchair again. You watch the guys fuss over the new puppy and listen to Joel telling the others about the new laptop.
'Thank you baby for everything,' Benji says kneeling in front of you.
'Your welcome, I glad you're enjoying your birthday.' You reply.
'You know, I have a gift for you.' Benji says grinning
'Really what kind of gift?' You say playing along
'I can't tell you about this gift, I can only show you.' He says pulling you up and leading you into the bedroom.
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